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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 1st 2016

We flew home from London yesterday after spending a few days of low-key touring. We revisited favourite spots like the British Museum (where we heard a great talk on the Parthenon sculptures), the National Gallery and the quirky collection at the Sir John Soane Museum. Soane was an architect who lived in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He collected all sorts of curious objects and built a house designed to display them. We also visited a couple of places that were new to us, like a community garden in Islington and the Wallace Collection, a beautiful mansion that houses an amazing set of paintings and objets d'art collected by several marquesses of Hereford. Actually, come to think of it, we packed a lot into 3 days! We were relieved to find that the house ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 22nd 2016

We arrived in Dijon today after four days of hiking in the Vosges mountains, along the Route des Crêtes (or Route of the Ridges). After an easy first day we had a huge climb on the second day from the valley of the Rhine (at about 400 m) to the height of the ridge (about 1300 m), but for the next two days the path stayed relatively level, with a couple of notable exceptions. At the end of the third day we met a very friendly couple who live near Strasbourg. We got to know each other over dinner and the next day we walked with them. Lynn and I had planned to stay at a refuge-hotel run by the local hiking club that night, but Frédéric and Claudia invited us to stay with them at ... read more
A couple of locals sharing a drink

Europe » France » Alsace » Kaysersberg July 17th 2016

We came to Alsace yesterday after a few days in Paris. Our stay there coincided with the full flowering of a cold I caught in Norway, so I was rather inactive, although I did manage to see Monet's huge, magnificent paintings of the lily ponds in his gardens at Giverny, which are hung in specially-designed rooms at the Orangerie. The building was being renovated for decades and, of the many times I've visited Paris, this is the first chance I had to see them. They probably helped me banish the cold! Today we started our hike into the Vosges. It was a comparatively easy day: about 11 km, through vineyards and then up one side of a forested hill and down the other. Tomorrow the real fun starts: the guide book says we'll be ascending 1250 ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 12th 2016

I'm writing this in the Oslo airport - we got here ridiculously early for our flight to Paris because I've contracted a cold and so wasn't up to sightseeing in town today. Anyway, this gives me a chance to catch up a bit on the blog. After the challenging but hugely rewarding hike on our first day at Gjendesheim, the next day we walked a low-level nature trail. A complete contrast, and our legs welcomed the break. Then back at it the following day: we intended to do a 5.5-hour loop in a mountain valley, but the hike ended up taking more like 8 hours. We were by another long, narrow lake with rounded, snow-covered mountains around it. This time we saw a herd of about 100 reindeer - and they saw us. At first they ... read more
A whole pack o' reindeer

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Vågåmo July 7th 2016

Lynn, Rose, Alan and I are staying at a lodge run by the Norwegian Hiking Association. The accommodation is pretty simple but the food and drink are great! Norwegians know where to put their priorities. Today we went for a fantastic hike in the alpine area near the lodge. We took a boat up the lake for 35 minutes, then spent about six and a half hours walking back. We climbed up from the lake to a ridge that led, after more climbing, to the peak at 1754 m, a gain of 763 m. There were great views of the snow-spotted peaks around and several lakes trapped between the mountains. I was just starting to wonder whether we'd see any wildlife (apart from gulls) when we happened upon a little herd of reindeer hanging out on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 5th 2016

Lynn, Rose and I have just arrived in Oslo. Yesterday we went to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, half an hour by train from Copenhagen. They have a great exhibit of five ships that were sunk in the harbour around 1050 to block the entrance of attacking fleets. Some are smaller trading ships but one is a raiding ship over 30 metres long. We had a whirlwind tour of Copenhagen this morning on city bikes. Big, heavy ones with power assist and a built-in tablet with navigation software. A great way to get around a flat city like Copenhagen. Tomorrow we're off to Jotunheim National Park to do some hiking in the mountains.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 30th 2016

Yes, you can surf in Munich, and I don't mean on the WWW. There's a point where one channel of the Isar comes running out of a tunnel and creates a standing wave. When I stumbled on it today there were 6 or 7 people in wetsuits taking turns surfing on it. The best ones were able to stay up for several passes back and forth across the wave before bailing. This welcome break came in the middle of a day devoted to museums. Man, does Munich have a lot of great museums! It helps that the city was the capital of a large, wealthy kingdom for several hundred years. The Wittelsbachs, the royal family, loved to build huge buildings to house all the goodies they bought or were "given". I'm back on my own for ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Freising June 27th 2016

The predicted thunderstorm that led us to take the train to Regensburg did finally arrive at dinner time and it was amazing to see how quickly the outdoor cafes cleared out. The next day (yesterday) the air was much fresher and cooler, so we got in a good 80 km ride from the Danube valley across rolling hills to the valley of the Isar. On the way we met a German named Robert who was out for a day ride and had just had a flat tire. He'd broken his only tire iron so was glad to see us roll up. Today was a much easier ride - 50 km up the gently-sloped Isar valley. Along the way Dave got interested in the local wildlife and snapped some great photos of snails and slugs. Myself, I ... read more
Happy residents of the Isar valley

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg June 25th 2016

Since we left Dillingen we've had another pleasant couple of days cycling beside the Danube. The route changes between following the bank of the river and passing through woods and fields. There are many picturesque villages along the way, and we stayed in one (Marxheim) two nights ago, then, last night, in a larger town (Ingoldstadt) full of 18th century buildings. All week the forecast has predicted sun until Friday, then furious thunderstorms on Saturday. Based on this we decided to take the train from Ingolstadt to Regensburg today. Well, there was a bit of rain overnight but when we woke up the sun was shining! We took the train anyway - having paid for it already - so that would have lots of time to explore the town, which has lots of amazing churches and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dillingen an der Donau June 22nd 2016

We're three days into the cycling trip now. The first day was relatively easy - about 40 km from the edge of Munich (we took the S-Bahn to get out of the centre) to Augsburg. Yesterday was a killer, though: around 85 km from Augsburg to Ulm. The landscape was beautiful: rolling hills and a lovely mix of farmland and forest. Our rental bikes are rather heavy and I find it hard to get used to the flat handlebars. I was trying to retrace the route Lynn and I took in '87 (though in the opposite direction) for sentimental reasons. Dave and I went through Zusmarshausen, which rings a bell from 'way back then - but I have to admit it didn't look familiar. When we got to Ulm Dave had a nap while I roamed ... read more
Dave in the woods

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