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3rd October 2021

Well done! You made it to Nice in good time. That was a very long ride for your last day, and the scenery was spectacular. So - next stop - Paris?
3rd October 2021

Next stages
Thanks, Teresa. We're moving on to Alsace on Tuesday, then Paris on Sunday. I'm not planning to blog about those parts because of the distinct lack of cycling; but if anything exciting happens, I'll write a note.
20th September 2021

You seem to be moving quite fast. Are you ahead of schedule?
20th September 2021

Hi, Richard - we did collapse a couple of stages early in the trip, but right now we're travelling one stage per day, and we plan to continue that to Nice. That pace gets us to Nice in good time to do the rest of our trip (3 nights in Alsace, then 3 more in Paris).
12th September 2021

Yay, Vitre!
That’s better - it’s tough with us fans eh? ;) Sounds like you are having a fabulous time, and we wish we were also back on those roads. Thanks for the update; hi to Lynn, who also looks pretty happy as a new retiree.
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12th September 2021

Love the salty sheep and did you hurt your typing hand?
Hey Rick and Lynn - glad you made it over safely and got on your way, though there’s not much to indicate you haven’t holed up in some boulangerie somewhere. Is everything ok? Whereabouts are you? All is well here now that the bulk of the smoke has cleared out.
12th September 2021

Sorry for the sparse postings, Shelley! Between spending our time riding and recuperating, and lately eating, drinking & chatting with our friends here, I've been hard-pressed to make time for blogging. I'll post a brief update imminently.
11th September 2021

Map showing your progress
Thanks, Rick! Looks like you are making good progress! Nice to be able to eat at your accommodations without having to go out again to find a restaurant when you are tired after a long day of riding.
7th September 2021

Map showing your progress
I guess you decided to give Mont St Michel a miss. It takes a day, really, with the tides and all. I tried to look at the Google Map attached to your posts, but it hasn't been enabled. Are you able to do that? It would be fun to chart your progress on a map of France! Did you get your pass sanitaire, or whatever they call it? All the best - Teresa
11th September 2021

Hi, Teresa - I just created a map, and will try to keep it up to date. It's at http://www.travelblog.org/gmaps/map_jix.html. Mont St Michel was completely invisible in the mist the day we rode by it! No news on the pass sanitaire yet. Fortunately we've been able to get a couple of dinners at our accommodations - it seems you don't need the pass for that.
4th September 2021

Good to hear that things came together for you after a few tense hours at Charles DeGaulle. Travel during COVID times is extra challenging and subject to delays, from what I have heard. Hope you can get a rest before starting on your bike trip. Bon Voyage! - Teresa
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17th September 2018

Hi Richard, I am looking for a Richard Cameron I traveled with in the late 70s from England to Nepal. I would like to get in contact with him. If you know of such a person, please let me know.
He grew up in Adelaide, Australia. He is approximately age 65 to 67 at the moment. My address is 2507 Athlone Ct. Ames Iowa 50010. The last time I knew about where he was living it was in Cheltenham England. That was 30 years ago. I would like to make re-contact and discuss our travels and also discuss the people that traveled with us. Thanks for any help, Amy Deibert
25th August 2021

Sorry, it's not me
I just looked at my blog after a long period, and noticed your message. Sorry, I'm not the Richard Cameron you refer to. Good luck!
1st July 2016

reminds me of the standing wave on the St. Lawrence in Montreal
PS I just subscribed to receive notifications to your posts so I'm looking forward to becoming a regular reader.
1st July 2016

Surfers in Montreal?
Were there any surfers on that wave, Willy?
7th June 2016

Funny but true.
Enjoyed your notes about dogs of Istanbul. Haven't encountered any aggressive one during my many visits. perhaps I was not as adventurous and did not climb city walls. Visits to old churches are inspiring.
22nd May 2016

I certainly hope that my skeleton is mostly human!
13th May 2016

Danish language
Hope you are having fun, Rick. I remember the road signs there. The language looks so much like old English. Like something from Beowulf or the Anglo-Saxon poets! The old town of Copenhagen is fun to wander around - also the docks there.
From Blog: To Copenhagen

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