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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 29th 2004

The Vatican, Umbrella feuds, Trains, crazy drivers, dug up cities, more trains, cabins, drunken girls and sleepless nights... that basically summs up the past few days.... They have certainly been interesting... So, last we left off was in Rome, ah beautiful Roma. The day following the tour of the Ancient City started off with a trip to the Vatican. We got there quite early in the hopes of avoiding a crowd... well, were we ever off... we hadnt realised that it was the last sunday of the month, and on the last sunday of the month the Vatican museum is free... so, towering in front of uss was the longest line up in my career of standing in lines.... we decided that we would ignore the line for the present time, and instead explore the beauty ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 23rd 2004

I'm surrounded by water, gondolas, and striped poles. Venice is quite the rarity. I enjoyed one full day in Venice to explore and take in the sights and sounds. Since I've already been here, I wanted to return to my favorite spot. Murano. I took boat number 5 out to Murano to walk around. It's quieter than S. Marco piazza which was packed when I wandered through in the morning. As soon as I stepped off the boat, I attended a free glass blowing exhibition. I was amazed by the skill this old weathered man exhibited. How can one so rustic produce such fragile, beautiful works of art? I guess you can never really judge. ... read more
Quiet Murano

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 29th 2004

We took a water taxis to the center of the city in the morning. This is probably one of the most interesting cities I have ever been to. It is just so different with no cars. We spent most of the day wandering the streets and then taking a gondola ride. Then, we ended the day at Piazza del San Marco and the cathedral.... read more
Piazza del San Marco

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 15th 2004

(entry added Jan. 28, 2006) Since we were living only one hour from Venice, it was nothing at all to drive in for the day. And boy were we unprepared! After wandering around in the maze of walkways.. and constantly finding ourselves in deadends with no place to go but into the canal.., we finally broke down and bought a map. We didn't really have any goal or places we definately had to see, which was fine. Venice is amazing in itself to just stroll around. We had dinner in a little place and I quickly learned that ordering fish abroad isn't the same as fish at home - but I toughed it out and ignored the fact it was looking back at me. lol! ... read more
Me in the city

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 13th 2004

Well today we had to be be up early and the bus left at 7:30 sharp. But the plus side of this was we had 12 hours in Venice.  I found my favorite times of Venice was before and after the Day Trippers left.  We were there by 8:30 and did not have to meet back till 10:30. So much time was left to explore.  The pictures are fabulous.  So I will get some up here when I can.  I found two bracelets and a ring made from the Murano Glass factory.  Did not go over and tour the island, but did have fun shopping.  You can tell when you have left the main toursit roads because the kiosks are all gone.  But it is fun to watch the parade of tourist buying the cheesey gifts.  ... read more
While resting my feet
Do you recognize this
Another Pic

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice August 25th 2003

Venezia é um sonho!!! Tem tanto pra contar que eu acabaria escrevendo uma novela, por isso faço uma pequena “photo guide”: Foto 1) Nosso hotel. Ca’ Dogaressa. Recomendamos! Tudo em estilo “settecentesco” (ano 700), inteiro restaurado, uma graça! Fica numa parte residencial de Venezia atras do chamado “Ghetto” (colonia judaica) cheio de restaurantes maravilhosos que me lembraram o Z Deli da Al. Lorena; e em frente ao "Canale di Cannaregio". Dali era possivel cruzar a cidade inteira a pé em uma tarde. Foto 2) Vista da janela do nosso apartamento. Embaixo dos “ombreloni”, tomavamos o cafè-da-manha antes de começar a andar. E so se pode mesmo caminhar em Venezia, gente! Se nao é todo mundo que sabe, Venezia é uma ilha e dentro da cidade nao tem ruas para circulaçao de carros, mas canais de ... read more
Vista do hotel
Canal Grande

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 26th 2003

we spent three days traveling on the way out of Greece. Our Last Day in Crete was awesome the samarian Gorge was one of the coolest things we saw in Greece. I took so many pictures. it was a very long day though 5am to 11:30pm. The next morning we got up super early to hop on the boat to santorini. Caren, I think you would have survived the other boats becaus they were big and they didn't really rock but we took a high sped one to santorini and wow! It was fast and felt like a roller coaster ride. I wish we had gotten more time in Santorini. I didn't realize it was the same place as Thera, the volcano island, or we would have planned more time. It was really beautiful but we ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 8th 2003

God is in the details - Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), architect Finally, we are in Venice, Italy! Jason, Ryan and I left Tiburtina in Rome last night at 10.52pm, for a six hour train ride to Venice. We met a Mexican guy who was extremely excited to see other people from North America. So he shared a train compartment with us to Venice, while Ryan was practicing his Spanish with our new buddy. We arrived in Santa Lucia train station in Venice at 5.55 am, which to our dismay, was way too early, so we decided to take a morning stroll along the canals, trying to get to Piazza San Marco. Venice is very different from Rome, and all you see are major streets and roads made out of greenish water of canals, and Smart ... read more
Cement Truck
Street direction signs

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice March 15th 2003

then we passed through the alps into northern italy. we saw where andrea bocelli lives. we also passed through verona, the setting of many spakespearian plays. funny thing is, shakespeare never came to verona! so we can say that we're more cultured than he is. then we took the ferry to the island of venice. the weather was perfect! similar to a sunny day in teh bay area. the surrounding city was so amazing... cathedrals, town halls, museums, etc all on an island surrounded by still waters. fresh... we went on a gondola ride... i know, i know...touristy, but it was fun! all of the former streets in venice are now canals. we even saw a boat that was fixed up! a bunch of italian gansters had put racing stripes on thier boat a sound system! ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 11th 2002

My trip to Venice was short, but wonderful! I was working in Oberaudorf, Germany and we had a few days off, so we travelled to Italy. Our first stop was Verona to see an opera and then off to Venice. We only had one day to experience Venice, but what a day this was! I was with my dear friend Daniel and we spent the day walking around Venice. We saw the sights and enjoyed some beautiful weather. Not much money to do anything, I did splurge on a Gondola ride. It was worth every penney! In the evening, we had to get back to our transportation, and got caught in a massive rain storm, it was so big! We got wet, but had a wonderful time running through the Piazza in the rain. I hope ... read more
Here I am in Venice!
The Crowded Streets of Venice, her is my travel buddy in them.
Piazza San Marco

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