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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 1st 2005

Ahh... Venice is beautiful! We were met by a beautiful Italian travel professional holding up our name the minute we cleared security in Venice. What a great reception. Then it was off to a private water taxi just a few hundred yards away and we were in the canal (or whatever it is). A nice British couple on their 40th anniversary took the picture you see from their seat on the boat. Kelly and I are both struck by the beauty of the city and the unusual nature of a town that seems to be floating in the sea and is only accessible by boat. We got off our taxi and walked a few blocks to our hotel. The Kette is beautiful and typical of nice European hotels. I will try to take a picture for ... read more
Kelly doing her thing
A View of a Canal
Chuck & the Pigeons in Piazza San Marco

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 1st 2005

Ciao everyone! So I guess it's not just Iowa and Indiana that have tempermental weather. After a scorching weekend, it has been cooler and a little damp here in Asolo. It's actually sort of refreshing... and it's good study weather. I have two midterms on Friday even though I just started classes last week. Crazy! I will definitely be ready for the weekend once it arrives. I have a hotel booked for Venice, and I am also planning to do a walking tour and boat tour of the Grand Canal. I'm going to return earlier on Monday so that I can have day to explore Asolo. I haven't had enough free time here to look in the shops, visit the church, etc. I'm looking forward to it! We had our wine tasting here last night. Dad, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 30th 2005

Hello all! Yes, I survived my first-ever completely "winged" journey -- it was a blast! Ten of us headed off to Cinque Terre on Friday. We arrived at our hotel in Manarola around 11 PM and managed to sneak ten people into a quadruple room (don't tell! We were desperate and it was late!). The first item on the agenda Saturday was finding lodging for that night. We lucked out - us girls got to stay at the Nazi hostel (long story!) and the guys found an apartment down the street. Then we were off to enoy the beach of Monterosso al Mare and to make the trek from Monterosso to Vernazza. In other words, we hiked what I have termed the "Hike of Death". 90 minutes of pure torture (aka: steps, steps, hills, and steps. ... read more
Looking down on Vernazza
Duomo Piazzo
Inside the Castle Gate

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 27th 2005

Ciao! Well, I survived my group presentation yesterday. This was a NEW experience for my Type A personality. Laura and I were actually printing the paper off at 1:59 with our presentation beginning at 2. Scary!! The presentation was absolutely, positively off the cuff. Thank goodness it's over! We have class this morn and then it's off to another "first" for me -- my first completely, totally unplanned trip. We are hoping to make our way to Cinque Terre, perhaps with a stopover in Milan on the way back. We will get back later on Monday evening. We have no train tickets, no hotels booked, etc. Wish us luck! Last night was AWESOME. We had our restaurant excursion. I can't remember the technical name, but the restaurant was a special type of place combining agriculture and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 25th 2005

Ciao! Yesterday was a beautiful day because I got the afternoon off! The weather was absolutely perfect so we hiked up the huge hill behind the Castle. Many, many steps lead to the "Rocca" (Castle -- another one!). It was closed when we reached the top though. Those Italians and their siestas! :) Speaking of Italians, I am learning more about their culture by having two Italian students as my teammates for a group project. We have a paper and presentation due tomorrow and we've hardly started! Now you all know me, so you know that I've been trying to light a fire under them! But they are so relaxed and laid back --and, of couse, completely nice. Looks like I will have a long night. But the weekend is right around the corner! Our dinner ... read more
A street in Asolo
A View from the Castle

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 24th 2005

Ciao! I got a dose of reality yesterday when I started classes. Since we only have four weeks, the assignments move very quickly! It will be intense, but I know this is such a fabulous learning experience. Of course, I'm learning more outside of class than I could ever hope to learn inside the classroom. Last night they bussed us to the mall at Castlefranco (a town about 25 minutes from Asolo). Ordering our food was a experience as well as navigating the grocery store (more like a Wal-Mart actually -- thank God it really isn't a Wal-Mart though!). My roommates and I also managed to get hit on by more than one Italian man. They look us up and down and start yelling "Ciao". That was interesting. :) The best part of it all was ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 23rd 2005

Just a quick note since I start class this morning. Booo! :) They had an Italian BBQ here last night and some of us followed up with gelatto. My first REAL gelatto experience -- and it will definitely not be the last! I can't get over how beautiful this place is. The Castle is on top of a hill so we're pretty isolated. However, one walk down a VERY, VERY steep hill leads us right into town. Last night we came across three ristorantes with people sitting on the terrraces. It's just like I imagined ... only better. I can tell that this adventure will be a whirlwind! Amidst all this beauty, I need to earn six credits. :) We already had homework last night. I've decided that this is the most beautiful place in the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 22nd 2005

Holy crap, taking night trains that only last about 4 or 5 hours is not a very good idea. We could't reserve a direct train to Venice from Munich, so we had to change trains in Verona at 5 am, and got into Venice at 8 or so. The hostel we are staying it is very nice: we each get our own bed (no bunks), we have a private bathroom and its very close to the train station and in a square with some small vendors and good restaurants. Originally when I called about it, they said I had to email them my credit card number along with the rest of the details of the reservation, but I refused and hoped we would still get the room despite not sending that email to them, and it ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 22nd 2005

Ciao from Italy! I arrived at our "Castle" in Asolo this afternoon. This country is absolutely breathtaking! I can't even describe its beauty in words (English ones anyway ;) I will try to post some pictures so you have an idea. It's absolutely amazing! And the weather is sooooo much better than London. Good bye raincoat, hello Italy!! I just picked up my books. :( I am taking Cross Cultural Management and Service Marketing. There were four books for four weeks. Yikes! Somehow I think I'll manage if I can study in this beautiful town though. :) I've met one roommate and she's great. The other is yet to arrive. We have a BBQ tonight and classes start already tomorrow. I'm so excited to finally be here! The red tape and paperwork are a thing of ... read more
Bedroom View
The Castle
Another Amazing View

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 20th 2005

Hi-It's me, Michael. Today if Friday, 5/20 and we are leaving for our trip next week on Thursday, 5/26. We are flying into Venice, Italy via US Airways. The trip takes over 12 hrs. and that is a long time for me to sit. I will be taking my DVD player and my iPod and hopefully they will help the time go by faster. We board our plane 4:43p and fly overnight. We are stopping in Philadelphia, PA to change planes. It will be 8:20a, Friday in Italy when we land. We will be in Venice for 2 days. This is my 2nd trip to Venice. I was there 2 years ago for 1 week and I really enjoyed it. It is very beautiful there. I'm looking forward to going on a gondola ride and going ... read more

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