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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen September 15th 2018

Well, today marks the end of our Romantic Road, or "Ende der romantischen Strasse" as the sign reads, portion of our vacation. We went to sleep last night, pleased that we were the only ones in our 6-bed dorm room, but were awaken sometime after 11pm by someone trying to open the door, that we'd locked from the inside. Apparently, a couple had either just checked in, that late, or left nothing in the room earlier and finally came back. We wanted to be up and at the ticket center for the castles by 7:30am, so we had to be very quiet, and imaginative getting ready to leave. We arrived with our car at the parking area near the ticket center just before 7:30, being only the second car to enter the lot. There were however ... read more
Castles Ticket Center
Manoli at the edge of the Alps, on path to Hohenschwangau
Approaching Hohenschwangau Castle

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen September 14th 2018

We ate our last breakfast in the Donauworth Hostel, then packed up and hit the road. We'd decided to make one stop on our way to Fussen, at the world famous Weiskirche. It lies between Steingaden and Wildsteig, about 30 kilometers from Fussen. Most of the trip there was on 4-lane roads or at least occasional 3-laned, so it didn't take us long to get there, even with the occasional tractor on the road. Yes, quite often you will see a farm tractor ambling along a busy highway in Germany. The Weiskirche was built in the 1740s to house a statue of the scourged Savior that had reportedly shed tears. Since then, millions of pilgrims have visited this church, supposedly a million or more a year recently. The church was very impressive both outside and inside. ... read more
Green meadows behind Weiskirche
Main altar inside Weiskirche
Our first view of Neuschwanstein Castle, with Hohenschwangau below right

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen July 31st 2017

Our hotel even encouraged us to take a couple of rolls and even provided some lunch bags. So it was out the door and down to the bus station with half our breakfast tucked under our arms. And that was 7:15 in the morning! Some of you probably didn't realize there is a 7:15 am as well as a 7:15 pm. So we arrive at the castles, do the quick sprint in order to queue along with 50 or so others that somehow managed to get there before us. But we managed tickets at reasonable times. Neuschwanstein at 9:50 and Hohenschwangau at 12:50. Doesn't sound reasonable but with the distance between castles and lunch that isn't too bad and I wasn't paying for a horse to pull me up in a wagon (not at €4.50 up ... read more
That's where we walked. Right down the middle.
The hottest tickets in town!
That's just me (cause everyone likes selfies!).

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen July 30th 2017

If you're an avid photo follower don't get too excited as most of the photos are of a big Bavarian parade that passed through the town. Seemed like a mixture of Moomba and the Sydney Mardi Gras, with all the leather and feathers and braces and ... But really the lederhosen come up pretty well and some of guys you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. There were bands and horses and bands and wagons and bands and the mayor and bands and did I mention bands, well there were lots of them. There was even a cow bells group, sounded just like the real thing. Random yelled sort of yodels accompanied the music and the marchers were having fun which was a bit of a surprise as you usually see lederhosen guys with ... read more
Just what we need. Information about long distance walks in Gdrmany!
Millers corner, Fussen.
Seats but.... sacks of grain in recognition of Millers Corner.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen July 30th 2017

Julie and I have 3 nights here in the Hotel Sonne. Very comfortable with a fantastic breakfast buffet that is comprehensive and indeed as complete as we have encountered anywhere. The service is terrific from desk to wait staff in the hotel (pretty good outside in the beer garden) but the place is quirky. A couple of the photos show period costume mannequins and to put it bluntly they are a little spooky. They lurk around corners in the passage and really all over the place. There's one that guards our door! The hotel is known for its art and its idiosyncratic decorating styles and well it probably should be. There's a paper wedding dress in the 'romantic' dining room, there's grass carpet on the walls of the lift, there are very non German paintings all ... read more
Part of a large collection of period costuming that exists in the hotel.
Only one is a dummy!
Entrance to the breakfast dining room.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen July 29th 2017

We're here. But really nobody wants to know that because around here it's all about Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. We walked to the castles, through the car park and ticket centre and past the castles. We left about 1000 people behind and will rejoin the throng on Monday where we will have to be up early to get in front of at least the majority of them. Booking is so heavy that we could not book on the internet despite trying a week or so ago. Tours operate from 8 till 5 seven days a week so it will give you some idea of how many people go through these castles. walking to and from them is a good introduction to them as they seem to magically appear, disappear and reappear as our walking track ... read more
What a difference some good weather makes. The colours are better, there's the alps in the background, it's just good.
An early glimpse.
No idea. We just walk in a state of blissful ignorance.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen June 17th 2017

Dag 5 – vrijdag 16 juni 2017 – Füssen Deze nacht regen, donder en bliksem. Het regent tot in de late voormiddag en het blijft zwaarbewolkt. We durven geen lange rit aan. Dus trekken we 's namiddags naar de Altstadt van Füssen voor een terrasje. Deze Altstadt met autovrije straatjes en prachtige typische Middeleeuwse gebouwen is een echte meevaller. Mooie winkeltjes en de straten zijn bezet met terrasjes. Met de flanerende toeristen en een capucino in de zon kan men zich al in Italië wanen. Het voelt al zuiders aan. Tegelijk doen de diverse kleuren van de gevels ons ook aan steden in Scandinavië denken. Dag 6 – zaterdag 17 juni 2017 – Füssen Bewolkt, en afwisselend felle zon zodat we toch de luifel opendraaien in de voormiddag. s' Namiddags riskeren we opnieuw een gedownloade gps-fietsroute. ... read more
Füssen - Altstadt
Rieden am Forggensee

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen June 15th 2017

Dag 4 – donderdag 15 juni 2017 – Füssen Vandaag verplaatsing naar Füssen, zuidelijk eindpunt van de Romantische Strasse. Volgens de toeristische brochures de hoogstgelegen Stad van Beieren (830m), gelegen aan de Lech en een groot stuwmeer, de Forggensee vlakbij de Oostenrijkse grens. Wat we niet wisten is dat het vandaag hier een feestdag is, Corpus Dei of Sacramentsdag voor onze katholieken. We zagen het gisteravond al aankomen aan de vollopende camperplaats in Nesselwang. Warm en een lang week-end in Z-Duitsland. De Duitse Campers komen buiten. Ook hier in Füssen werd al in de vroege namiddag de toegang tot de Camperplaats afgesloten. Voll. Wij waren vroeg genoeg en konden dus nog kiezen. 's Namiddags maakten we een korte fietsrit naar dé bezienswaardigheid van de streek. De burcht kastelen Slot Neuschwanstein en Slot Hohenschwangau. ... read more
Schloss Hohenschwangau

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen October 16th 2016

I found myself in a little bit of a rush as usual. Salzburg is great for cyclists - but this time I had no bike and had a forty minute walk to the bus stop with my luggage instead. At least all the pavements were smooth! Unlike the ones in Chisinau. Gee whizz. Anyway, I made the bus easily and was on my way to Munich although I wasn't staying for long - it's somewhere I been before. But I was going to be in town just long enough to visit Yao - a friend I made in Mancora, Peru, just under ten months ago. Yao was also kind enough to to put me up for the night. I always enjoy coming back to Germany - it is a very culturally incl... read more
Down By The Alpsee
Throne Room
Hohenschwangau Castle

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen May 2nd 2016

The Neuschwanstein Castle tour. Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. Wikipedia Construction started: September 5, 1869 Opened: 1886 Height: 65 m Architects: Ludwig II of Bavaria, Christian Jank, Eduard Riedel, Georg von Dollmann, Julius Hofmann, Leo von Klenze Function: Castle, Museum Other designers: Ludwig II of Bavaria, Christian Jank Wieskirche Pilgramage Church of the Scourged Saviour. Another great day. Wifi is limited here it's very difficult to upload pictures. We're packing up today and travelling to Austria and Slovenia. After 2 days of rain and cloud the forecast is looking brighter. ... read more

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