Eagle 46


Eagle 46

Our final day in Costa Rica found us once again on the bus traveling to San Jose. We returned to the same hotel we have been to twice before, the Studio Hotel. After getting to our room and freshening up we walked to the nearby Italian restaurant for lunch. After lunch we returned to the hotel to join the City Tour. After being dropped off by the National Theater we had a look inside the theater and walked some nearby streets. We spent some time in the Gold Museum which contains artifacts from the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica. It included pottery and clay artifacts as well as many of the items made from gold. The gold items range from very small gold pieces to larger plate sized pieces. From the museum we walked past older ... read more
Inside the theater
Inside the theater
Street Vendors

After breakfast this morning, we had a short ride to the Manuel Antonio National Park. This is a very small park along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We did a walking tour of the park walking in to the beach where we had several hours to enjoy the beach if we desired. The walk yielded very little new to our wildlife list with the exception of a few bugs. The larger animals consisted of monkeys and sloths. The White-faced Monkeys here are very bold and will steal items right off the beach if you do not watch your belongings. Raccoons will do the same as we watched one check out some backpacks. After walking into the beach, we spent a short while sitting at a table near the beach before deciding to walk out of ... read more
Capuchin Monkey eating from the tree
Black Iguana
Sleeping Sloth

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 5th 2020

Breakfast at the hotel proved entertaining as the Howler Monkeys join us by breakfasting in the trees nearby. One never knew when they would show up. Once again we choose to take the optional tour hoping for some wildlife sightings. It was a short ride to the marina in Quepos. We boarded the nice Catamaran complete with water slides and bar. There were drinks and snacks available. The day was beautiful and the ocean calm, but wildlife was at a minimum. We saw just a few different birds including Magnificent Frigatebirds, Brown Boobys and Brown Pelicans. Before lunch we anchored in a cove where we could snorkel or enjoy the water slides. I chose to snorkel and armed with my camera got a few murky fish photos. After snorkeling, lunch was provided on the boat. We ... read more
Climbing up
Quite a pose
Sitting and thinking

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos February 4th 2020

We headed out today on the last leg of our journey across Costa Rica. This time to the west coast and the Pacific Ocean. We were traveling to the area of Manuel Antonio National Park staying just outside the park at the Shanna by the Beach Hotel. Our first stop as we left Monteverde was to allow 13 of our fellow travelers to switch to another bus as they were ending their time in Costa Rica and returning to San Jose. That left 25 of us to continue on to Manuel Antonio. This stop was a cafe and convenience store along the Pan-American Highway. The store had beautiful carved decorations. Our next stop was a Jaco Beach where we had time to get lunch, to walk on the beach and to sit along a little stream ... read more
Iguana Planter
Fred and the Macaw planter
Crocodiles from the bus

We had decided that it would be in our best interest to not go zip lining or hike to cross the Hanging Bridges, so after breakfast at the hotel we hopped on a shuttle that runs within the hotel to go up to the canopy. Up at the canopy we hoped to see some different birds as there are birds that only live in the high elevations. Upon arriving at the canopy, the young man working there noticed our cameras and set about refilling the hummingbird feeder. As soon as he replaced the feeder, a variety of hummingbirds appeared. Sometimes as many a five at a time. Christian then came out and started looking with us to find other birds in the trees. After a time, he suggested that he might know where we could find ... read more
DSC03806 green hummingbird
Violet Sabrewing
Green Violetear

We awoke again to overcast skies and the volcano was not visible. At breakfast we again looked for birds at the feeder. There were not as many as yesterday and no new species. Today was a travel day with a hike into Arenal Lake before moving on to Monteverde and the cloud forest. The "hike" was along a paved trail through the rain forest. We had a brief glimpse at a peccary that did not stay around long enough for a photo. Leafcutter ants were in abundance, but birds were scarce. I had one quick look at a woodcreeper. The lake hosted a couple of Muscovy Ducks. As we returned to our bus, the rain forest lived up to its name with a cloud burst of rain as we hustled up the trail. Back on the ... read more
Scarlet-rumped Tanager
Female Scarlet-rumped Tanager
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal February 1st 2020

The day started with breakfast at the hotel where they provided great bird photo ops by feeding the birds just outside the dining room. Guans, tanagers, woodpeckers and honeycreepers came to eat. We were hoping that the day would be clear and the volcano fully visible, but clouds quickly covered the top allowing only a brief glimpse at the top. The day was scheduled to be a free day with an optional boat tour in the Cano Negro National Park near the border with Nicaragua. We chose to do the optional tour for the chance at more wildlife photography. We first had about an hour and a half bus ride to reach the park. After arriving we boarded a nice catamaran with plenty of room to walk about and get photos of the wildlife along the ... read more
Arenal Volcano

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal January 31st 2020

We were now traveling from San Jose to the area of the Arenal Volcano that erupted suddenly in 1968 after being dormant for hundreds of years. Its last activity was in 2010. On our way we stopped at Sarchi, an artisan shop, where we had a chance to see the art work created and buy some locally made crafts. From there we continued on to Zarceri where we stopped at the San Rafael Church and its Topiary Garden. The church was simple inside and the topiaries were interesting. Around noon we stopped at Cuidad Quesada for lunch at Pizza Hut. After eating we walked into the Cathedral while we were here. Again the church was very simple compared to other cathedrals we have visited. Our final stop was in La Fortuna, a village that was spared ... read more
Grasshopper from the bus window
Largest Ox Cart
Inside the San Rafael Church

As I mentioned earlier there was no glass in the windows of our room only screen, so when the Howler Monkeys became vocal in the morning, the noise was not muffled. They started in at 5 am which ended my sleep for the night. As it got lighter outside, I got dressed and decided to look for the monkeys. At the next building there were several people with cameras pointed to the trees. In the trees were monkeys, but they were Spider Monkeys not Howlers. I have no idea where the noisy ones went, but the Spider Monkeys were putting on a show as they ate on the fruit of the tree. In addition to the monkeys, birds were flying into the trees to eat as well. I was pleased to see Montezuma Oropendulas and Collared ... read more
Collared Aricari
Sharing Breakfast
Spider Monkey

After breakfast in the Monkey Dining Room, we once again boarded a boat to explore the waterways of the Tortuguero National Park. Because of the diverse wildlife in Costa Rica, that tends to be the primary focus of any excursion. As we made our way along the waterway we watched for birds, monkeys, lizards, iguanas, and other animals that may be within sight. Toucans were high on the list of birds to see and we found three perched in a tree for our viewing. Other birds found on the trip were Tiger Herons, Green Herons, Egrets, Sungrebes and Anhingas. Larger animals included Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys and White-faced Monkeys. Iguanas and lizards were also along the river. We returned to the hotel for lunch and found a little White-faced Monkey playing in the tree right outside ... read more
Tropical Flower
Female Emerald Lizard or Jesus Christ Lizard
Keel-billed Toucan

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