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Another trip of a lifetime! How many ‘trips of a lifetime’ can I have?
I'm walking the Pennine Way in England and Scotland, driving from Edinburgh down to London then training through France and Spain through Northern Morocco to Marrakech before heading back to Madrid. From there a few days in Doha on the way home.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 16th 2019

It’s Thursday 16 May and no it’s not time travel time or anything bizarre or weird. I’m home and in fact it’s 3 months before ‘real blogs’ begin but I’m experimenting with blog sites hoping to find one similar to the site I’ve used before. They closed, something to do with me being their only user! The site was good as it provided maps, excellent provision for photos, easy access for readers, means for feedback and the ability to drop text and photos into a hard copy book at a very reasonable price. If I have to explain ‘hard copy book at a reasonable price’ you better stop reading now as it’s going to be really tough for both of us. What follows, in text and photos, is one of my daily walks from home, around ... read more
Almost English.
Janus before he became ‘the dog’.
The dog!.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Yarra Valley March 3rd 2019

I’m back walking. That’s not walking backwards although there are a few who think I’m crazy enough! Really it’s another experiment, hoping to find an app that I can navigate through and have some control over.... read more
Falkirk ponies.
Ben Macdui.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 26th 2017

Back on the real bus now that the 2 day ticket for the hop on hop off bus has expired. Back on the bus and for me it's off to Macs Adventures, the company that organised my TMB walk. Simply called in because I could and to say thanks for their efforts. Very trendy workplace, very open, bikes hanging on the wall, table tennis, open plan...but good atmosphere and lively work place. But really today is about the Willows Tea Rooms. Big build up in the Scotland guide book and various websites and with the reputation of Charles Renee Mackintosh to uphold there was quite a bit riding on the Willows. sadly doesn't really deliver. The architecture is OK but it is only 2 rooms and they are not that special. All the figures and fittings ... read more
It's no Belfast Goliath but...
Peacock design, modern but good.
Willows Tea Room.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 25th 2017

Just about to go to the local brewery for evening meal and drinks. Almost enough to engender a belief in something or someone divine when the closest decent place to eat is a brewery! The pubs here are best described as 'atmospheric' or 'with character' otherwise they would be credited as pretty downmarket, dingy or disgusting! They look like they missed out on being condemned by some council oversight! Sure they have cheap beer but... One of the major pubs in town did not allow women in until the late 70’s and there are a few around here I wouldn't take a woman into! We may have seen them initially at their worst as they were full of Celtic fans after they had seen their team thrashed again (and as usual) by their arch rivals. They ... read more
Spray can graffiti for Comm Games.
'Squinty' or not straight bridge.
The 'armadillo'.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow September 24th 2017

Day spent driving around on the hop on hop off bus just orientating ourselves around what for us is a new city. Some parts of Glasgow are as I anticipated, that is, pretty tough looking and fairly brutal (in their architectur!) but there are some charming sections for sure. It's not as old as Edinburgh and most buildings have been bombed, burnt or just bashed down under the banner of urban renewal so the city sprawls out in a manner that 'old Edinburgh' does not. Additionally the M8 motorway cuts through the city like some ugly scar meaning that in some areas the constant noise of traffic is the background to any conversation. Apparently the Clyde Bridge on the M8 has the greatest traffic flow, or traffic density, of any river bridge in Europe. I'll listen ... read more
Airbnb kitchen at breakfast time.
From our Glasgow Airbnb.
On the hop on hop off bus.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh September 22nd 2017

Sorry, absolutely no chance of any blogging last night due to extreme intoxication. The photos were downloaded prior to me going on a 'pub crawl' so here they are.... read more
Us at Hollyroodhouse, no queen.
No it wasn't raining.
I'll just go in here and see if she home!

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh September 20th 2017

It's not a castle, fortress, battlement, cathedral, church, abbey, tomb, cemetery, crypt or even a golf course! In fact I'd be surprised if you've ever seen anything like this. It's one of only two (pretty sure) boat lifting wheels in the world. And it is amazing! And it is big. Spectacular yet very, very effective and efficient. It consumes the equivalent amount of electricity as 8 electric kettles when lifting 250 tons! It's an engineering marvel (and possibly a work of art?) that lifts vessels almost 30 m into the air and deposits them back in the canal ready to continue up or down stream. The photos tell the story but I was particularly impressed and certainly glad we took the time to visit. Next big thing. The Antonine Wall. Well pretty big. It's the poor ... read more
The Falkirk Wheel. It lifts boats 27 m!
The Falkirk Wheel.
On the boat at The Falkirk Wheel.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Stirling September 19th 2017

Spoiler alert. I'm not dead or dying. Some how my 'life saving' medication ran out this morning and whereas I though I had another box I didn't. The box was simply aspirin and not the real thing. So here I am in a strange city (well Stirling isn't that strange really) without my medication. Pleading my innocent tourist story failed miserably at 2 pharmacies and I thought I would need to make an appointment with a GP (is my life worth that much?) or go spend the next eternity at the local A and E hospital. Neither option appealed. I ended up at a clinic in the city and the receptio and doctor treated me as an emergency case, prescribed medication as required and did not charge anything. Moreover even the script is free in Scotland ... read more
Stirling Castle, through the garden to the 'ladies tower'.
From Stirling Castle to William Wallace Monument.
The great ceiling of the Great Hall, Stirling Castle. (no nails or screws!)

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Stirling September 18th 2017

Another win with Airbnb. Terrific Edwardian period house in what is obviously quite a prestigious neighbourhood and a room with the biggest king size bed I've ever seen. The fittings are lovely, the ceilings at least 12 feet high and the house is resplendent with all the facilities we could possibly need or want. The host is charming and even her dogs are delightful. She has an Airdale that is really good, he's big but not wiry like you usually see them. The only rule here that the dogs are not allowed in our room because they would be straight onto the bed. The bed would easily accommodate us and dogs but the white linen sheets may not look as pristine as they do now! It was golf course day today. We drove to the Carnoustie ... read more
Same without me in the window.
Carnoustie Golf Club (surprisingly boring shot!).
Carnoustie's 18th.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee September 17th 2017

Walk around Dundee day. Through the pedestrian mall, past the statues, to the Science Centre, around to the Discovery and Discovery Centre, along the waterfront to the Unicorn and finally to a cafe for hot chocolate. The centres were a bit expensive and Lee a bit tired, not a great combination! So it's to the cafe whilst I have a little sight seeing walk but really it's just a day for looking around the city centre. Our turreted bedroom accommodation is quite a dominant feature of the cityscape here, really the dominant feature if the church spires are discounted, which makes navigating through the town rather easy. The buildings are a combination of old and new that sit quite comfortably with each other. Along the waterfront buildings are springing up aimed at that same market niche ... read more
Us and the dragon (say nothing!).
Desperate Dan (local icon but I can't find the storyline).
Desperate Dan, Mini the Minx and Lee.

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