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MBA in Germany

I have been considering getting my MBA in Germany. Need tips and suggestions.
13 years ago, May 31st 2010 No: 1 Msg: #112168  
Hi. I just graduated in Tennessee with a Bachelor of Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing. I have traveled to Germany twice and the most recent time I was there, I did not want to leave. Now I want to get my MBA there. The school I am considering is Schiller International University in Heidelberg. I have never been to Heidelberg, but of course I have heard it is spectacular. I have a German friend who lives in Mainz and goes to school in Mannheim, so both cities are very close to Heidelberg, one of the main reasons I am considering this school. From what I have seen, the school looks pretty good. I just graduated, so I needed to look for a school that does not require post graduate work experience, as I do not have that. In the USA it is not out of the ordinary for a student to get their bachelors and go straight to work on their masters, but I know this is not the same in Germany, so it was hard finding a university that did not have this requirement. I want to work in international business one day and I figure, what better way to get started on this than going to school abroad. Has any ever done this? I am sure it will be an amazing experience, but I am still wary about making the right decisions. I am also looking for a school that would cost approximately the same as a school in the USA (where I live this would be approx. $35,000 for the whole degree). Also, I am not fluent in German yet, although I am confident that I can pick up on it very quickly, I want to take classes in English so I am more likely to understand the education I am receiving.

If anyone has any tips on accommodation, schools, work, etc. Any information would be very appreciated. Reply to this

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