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Who needs Dbahn coupon (voucher)?

I have 2 vouchers as a compensation of broken train. I don't need them
13 years ago, February 5th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #102656  
N Posts: 9

I have 2 vouchers as a compensation of broken train. I don't need it, because I'm now far from Germany and do not intend to use trains in Germany next few mounth.

Does someone need these coupons? I can sell it very cheap (via paypal) or change for some cool thing, that you don't need (I like all about travelling and theatre).

First vopucher is 20euro, expires 7.02.2010 (TOMOROW, but I can simply tell you the voucher number so you could use it at dbahn.de tomorrow). I can simply give you this voucher as a gift.

Second voucher is 31 euro, expires 10.03.2010. I can send it to you by post or tell you the voucher number.

Good luck!
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