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North America » United States » California June 7th 2011

Geo: 38.6262, -121.325Well, we are all packed up and set to go. The Supershuttle picks us up at 3:45AM and we are off to Chicago and then to Montreal. Hopefully we can sleep on the plane for a while. Thursday we will go to the track to pick up our tickets and Friday thru Sunday its racing, racing, racing. ... read more

North America » United States » California October 8th 2010

Geo: 38.6252, -121.328Lets see, our last blog had us in Geneva. We got Tuesday morning and took the train to downtown. We walked around in the park by the lake for a while. We found a museum to attend, but when we got there, it was closed. We decided to go back to St. Peter's Cathedral to see the archeological display under the church. WOW, they have dug up under the entire church. There are walls from Roman times and about 4 church foundations from about 2000 years ago. It was really great. On Wednesday, we went back into town and headed for Carouge, which is a suburb of Geneva. It was supposed to be an older section with lots of shops. It turned out to be a bust. We walked there and then took the ... read more
Geneva police car
ancient wall under church

Europe » Switzerland October 4th 2010

Geo: 46.2038, 6.13996We got up this morning and left for Geneva. It was only a fifty mile drive, but we took the road that follows the lake and it took about 1 1/2 hours. It was a cloudy day, but warm. We arrived in Geneva and went to our hotel and checked in. We unloaded everything from the car and then went to lunch. At about 2:30PM we drove to Prevessin- Moens, France to return the car. We got ther about 15 minutes early and waited for the guy from Eurodrive. I checked the car again for anything we might have left. He showed up and checked the car out. One minor ding and a bunch of cow crap on the side from our encounter with the cows. He drove us back to our hotel and ... read more
Stacy by a statue
face on the tower of the church
The castle in Lausanne

Europe » Switzerland October 2nd 2010

Geo: 46.5196, 6.63212We got up on Thursday and it was a pretty clear day. We decided to take the cog wheel train up to Rochers-De-Naye, which is at almost 7,000 feet, for a view of Montreaux and the surrounding mountains. By the time we got to the top, we were higher than the clouds. We walked around for a while in about 3 inches of snow. It must have snowed in the last couple of nights. We saw some great views between clouds blocking our view. After we got back to lake level, we got on a boat and did a 2 hour tour of Lake Geneva. This only covered about 10% of the lake. This is the largest lake in Europe. We walked back to our hotel and took a short nap, then out to ... read more
At the top of the mountain
and again
Me at the top

Europe » Switzerland September 30th 2010

Geo: 46.4313, 6.91061We arrived in Montreux on Wednesday morning about 11:30 AM after an hour drive in the French Swiss countryside. It was supposed to be a sunny day, but it was overcast and very hazy. We checked in to our hotel. They have limited parking in their parking garage, 5 spaces. We parked acroos the street at first, unloaded our luggage and then headed over to the Chateau Chillon, which is an 11th century castle. This is the most visited and photographed site in all of Switzerland. It is an excellently preserved castle. We stayed there for about 2 hours. We then headed back to our hotel. The garage door was open and it took me 2 turns to get the car into the entrance. Then there is a steep ramp that you must immediately ... read more
Stacy at Chillon Castle
Door at the castle
Chillon Castle

Europe » Switzerland September 28th 2010

Geo: 46.9588, 7.52331On Monday, we took the train back into Bern to do a walking tour of the old town. It was a very cool day. Actually it was cool, about 45 degrees when we left Stettlen. There was a 20% chance of rain, so we took our umbrellas with us. Luckily we didn't need them as it didn't rain at all. It did get warmer too, maybe up to 65 degrees. Why did I bring 3 pair of shorts with me? There are about a dozen really old fountains around old town. We took some pics, but because it was so dark because it was cloudy and we were between tall buildings, they didn't come out too good. We saw the old clock that was built in 1530 and still works. We went to the ... read more
The largest church in Bern
The top of one of the fountains
Bern and the river Aare

Europe » Switzerland September 26th 2010

Geo: 46.6855, 7.8559Well, it started raining on Friday afternoon. We got up on Saturday, and it was cold and raining.. We could see snow on the hills behind our hotel. It was 44 degrees out. We decided to have an off day. We went out and did some souvenior shopping, had a small lunch and came back and took a nap. Oh, and we did all of the dirty laundry we had, so we would leave Sunday with all clean clothes. Hooray!! We got up on Sunday morning and it was still raining. It ws 44 degress again. As we packed the car to leave, 2 bikers were loading up their bikes, putting on their rain gear and preparing to leave. I gave them the nod and they returned it. I was glad to have a ... read more
Saturday also
View of Bern from bridge over the river

Europe » Switzerland September 24th 2010

Geo: 46.6855, 7.8559We got up early on Thursday and drove to Lauterbrunnen. It looks a little bit like Yosemite, with vertical granite walls on each side of a flat valley. We took a cable car up to Gimmelwald. And I do mean up, almost straight up 2500 feet up the vertical granite wall. Gimmelwald is a small hamlet at the top of the cable car. Very cute. We walked around the hamlet for a while and then headed to the cable car for the second leg to Murren. This is a larger village right on the edge of the cliff. We walked around there and then took a funicular to Allmendhubel about 1300 feet higher up. What views!! Snow-capped peaks everywhere, small villages in the valley, absolutely gorgeous! We stopped at a waterfall that has worn ... read more
Storage hut in Gimmelwald
Someones front yard
Stacy at Gimmelwald

Europe » Switzerland September 22nd 2010

Geo: 46.6855, 7.8559 This blog might have some misspellings, due to the fact that we jus finished dinner and had a liter of wine. We arrived in Interlaken after a beautiful drive of about 60 miles. Wow, there are snow capped peaks everywhere! We checked into our hotel. We are on the 4th floor, they call the attic. The roof is angled on one side, which makes it a bit of a challenge to navigate, but it is clean and cute. After unpacking, we went down to the lobby to se about laundry, and guess what, they have a washer and drier that we can use for free! We put in a load and waited for it to finish and then put it in the drier. I told Stacy that we should do the other load ... read more
On the road to Interlaken
Lake on the road to Interlaken
Interlaken from above

Europe » Switzerland September 20th 2010

Geo: 47.0457, 8.30824We left Sunday morning and headed out to Luzern. It is only about 50 miles from Zurich. We got here in about an hour. We had a last second e-mail from a place we had hoped to get a room and they had one. We drove there and arrived about 11:30AM. We went in to tell them that we would come by later to check in, but the room was ready. We took in our luggage and found the place to be very quaint. It is more like a B&B than a hotel. We walked to downtown, crossed the old bridges, and looked for a laundry that the person at the B&B told us about. Since it was Sunday, it was closed, but it was not a coin op laundry. We have just enough ... read more
view from the top of the castle
Stacy at the Chapel Bridge, 1400
Mansion on the lake

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