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Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 9th 2012

Geo: 40.6263, 14.3757 Well, I figured out how to make the internet faster. Move out into the hallway and away from the 2 foot thick walls of our room! We got up on Saturday morning and walked down to the boat docksto go to Capri. The people at the hotel said that it was a 10 minute walk. Oh right! It was 1.4 miles mostly downhill. Anyway, we got tickets and boarded the high speed jet boat. It took about 20 minutes to get there. Just us and about a million of our friends. The place was a zoo! We got in line to buy tickets for the funicular. We got in line to take the funicular up to the village of Capri. We got in line to get bus tickets to Anacapri. We got in ... read more
the chairlift
View from the top!
Us taking a break

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 7th 2012

Geo: 40.6263, 14.3757 The flight from SF to Toronto was smooth. We had a three hour layover in Toronto. So we headed to the bar for a couple of beers and some dinner. Our itinerary for the next flight said that we would only get breakfast on the flight, so we ate a big meal. After we boarded the plane, they said that dinner would be served in about an hour. Oh well, we were already full. We tried to sleep on the flight, but only got about an hours sleep. Its hard to sleep when your all cramped up in economy class! We landed on time and went to get our bags. I was getting quite concerned about our luggage. They finally showed up right at the end. Thank goodness! We called the car company ... read more
one of the fountains in the gardens
waterfall at the end of the gardens
looking back toward the palace

North America » United States » California September 4th 2012

Geo: 38.6262, -121.325 We leave tomorrow, after we pick up our rental car. We drive to S.F., check into our hotel and drop the car off at the airport. Get some Euros, check our flights and take the shuttle back to the hotel. Wednesday we take the shuttle to the airport. Our flight leaves at 8:00AM for Toronto. We have a 3 hour layover and then we head for Rome. We get into Rome at 9:45AM on Thursday. We pick up the car near the airport and we are on our way. How far we get depends on how much sleep we got on the plane. We might visit a large castle on our way to Sorrento or we might find the nearest hotel to crash in. I'm sure we will be wide awake when we ... read more

North America » United States » California June 15th 2012

Geo: 38.6252, -121.328 We left Steamboat Springs early in the morning and headed toward Heber City on US40. We stopped at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah for a look see. They have a building that covers the side of a hill with all kinds of dinosaur fossil bones sticking out. It said that they removed over 300 fossils before they stopped removing them and just excavated around the remaining ones so the public could see them. It was very interesting. We arrived in Heber City, spent the night and left the next day. We didn't want to drive thru Salt Lake City, so I found a way around it on highway 189 and then a shortcut to the freeway on route 92. That way we didn't have to go into Provo either. Big mistake! The road ... read more
the building at the park
me and dino bones
being attacked by a dino

Geo: 40.4879, -106.836 We got up this morning and headed out to Rocky Mountain NP. This time we drove thru the entire park. What beautiful scenery! Similar, but different than the Sierras. Stacy really wanted to see a moose during this trip and low and behold we saw a bunch of cars on the side of the road near a wetland and we stopped. There was a female moose about 100 feet from where we stood. She was feeding. She hung around for around five minutes and then headed away into the field. While we were watching her a huge male appeared by her side. What luck! A little while later we saw a marmot being harassed by a bird. It must have been near the birds nest. Later we saw an elk out in a ... read more
Stacy near the top of the pass
The machine at the top

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park June 10th 2012

Geo: 40.3761, -105.524 We left Colorado Springs and headed to toward Estes Park. The road was pretty twisty, but fun. We arrived in Estes and checked into our hotel. It is a small hotel and looked kind of plain on the outside. But the room was great! Its large, clean and comfortable. We grabbed some lunch and headed for the arial tram. It goes up to the top of the nearest mountain, 8700 feet. The view is great. Its a beautiful, sunny day, about 85 degrees. We also could see the smoke cloud from the fire here in Colorado. Luckily, it is about 25 miles northeast of us. After that we headed over to the Stanley Hotel to take a tour. The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Steven King's novel "The Shining". He stayed here ... read more
The arial tram
Estes Park from the top of the mountain
This is the cloud from the fire

Geo: 38.8331, -104.822 We got up this morning and had breakfast. There are 3 other couples staying at this b&b. It is nice to talk with other people from other states and countries. Our hosts are a blast. The man is 79 and still doing all of the maintainence at the house, including climbing a 25 foot ladder to replace a window. I hope that I am still that mobile at 79! We headed for Garden of the Gods. It is still really interesting. I was there in around 1966, and climbed all over the rocks. Now, you can't climb on them unless you get a permit. After that, we headed to the Pikes Peak highway and took it to the top of Pikes Peak. The altitude is 14,110 feet. The tempurature dropped 20 degrees during ... read more
Deer at Garden of the Gods
The balancing rock
Stacy on top(of Pikes Peak)

Geo: 38.8331, -104.822 We left Leadville and headed toward Salida. Our next stop was the Royal Gorge Bridge. IT is off of the main road because it was built as an experiment to see if they could actually build it across the 2000 foot gorge over the Arkansas River. We took the gondola over the gorge and then rode the trolley car over the bridge to get back to our car. The floor of the bridge is made of wood. Its only 18 feet wide. We got the car and headed across the bridge. There are people walking on the bridge, but they know something heavy is coming their way because the boards creak and groan all the way across! We then headed toward Colorado Springs and our b&b. It is actually in Old Colorado City. ... read more
Us at the lookout
Mama buffalo and her newborn calf
The church at the Academy

North America » United States » Colorado » Leadville June 5th 2012

Geo: 39.2508, -106.293 We started Thursday with a little medical emergency. I was having a large floater in my right eye for the last 2 days. Also I could see thousands of tiny dots when I looked at something light colored. We drove to Salida and found an eye doctor. They took pics of my retina and he told me that it was part of the aging process, that all people usually get this between 60 and 70. Its called macular degeneration. He said the floater would probably sink out of sight in about 2 to 6 months. How fun. Getting old is hell! So we left Salida and headed to Leadville. We went over the 11,900 foot pass. It wasn't very dramatic as all of the area went up gradually and you couldn't really tell. ... read more
Stacy panning for gold
The opera house from the stage
The entrance to the Matchless Mine

North America » United States » Colorado » Gunnison June 3rd 2012

Geo: 38.5449, -106.927 The reason that you are getting all of these now is that we didn't have internet access at the other locations. Sunday morning we left Durango and drove and headed up highway 550 and I mean up! The pass at the top was at 11,018 feet. I think we lost about a hundred horsepower up there. We stopped in the town of Silverton, which almost all of its buildings are original from the 1860's. We then headed for The Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It is like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. Its 2700 feet deep and 1100 feet wide at the top and as narrow as 40 feet wide at the bottom. We drove 23 miles along the south rim. We also drove to the bottom and saw the Gunnison ... read more
View at the top
Falls on the road down
The Black Canyon

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