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29th August 2019

Oh my.....I guess that's a reminder to take a change of clothes (or at least unders) in a carry-on. How was the duck boat? I always thought that would be fun! Happy Trails!
29th August 2019

Glad you made it safely and one time! Good think you're in such good shape!
29th August 2019

Good to hear from you
Hi Bob, dirty unders on your first day? Holy cow. Sounds like you had a fun first day anyway. Where is the picture of Stacy on the titanic???? It didn't come through.
26th August 2019

Off again!
Got your departure notice. That bodes well for getting updates about your travels. Stay safe and enjoy!!
26th August 2019

Eastern Canada
Have a great trip! Will see you two when you get back for The Big Crush.
26th August 2019

Cant wait
Look forward to all the photos.
7th December 2018

Finally got to read everything and look at the pictures
Everything was beautiful. This is my dream trip. Holding the Koala would be the highlight of my trip and seeing the Amphitheater. I too would climb the bridge. What an exciting trip. Loved seeing all the pictures. You guys looked great. Sorry you didn't feel good for some of it. But you toughed through it. You almost have to for a once in a lifetime trip. Suck it up buttercup and sleep later. LOL Thanks for sharing.
28th November 2018
Us men getting ready to dance warrior style

Glad to see your feeling better.
28th November 2018
all suited up

What's up with the full suit? Was it that cold. You really look good in it though.
22nd November 2018

You are missing the start of the winter rainy season in sunny Calif. 11/2 inch of rain in the 24 hours. WOW a lot to see in Australia. Is a tour of the Australian Space port at Woomera on your itinerary??
22nd November 2018

I don't know about crocodile meat, but alligator sausage is good. Have you tried the crocodile?
21st November 2018
Holding a Koala

Which one is Bob?
At first I wasn't sure where you were in this picture! Looks like another great adventure for you two. I wasn't getting any emails, but I'm now able to follow your adventures. Be safe, looking forward to more of your excursions.
16th November 2018

Took awhile to get the email
I just got the email today for the 10th. Weird. Then it said it was a dangerous site and wouldn't load the photos. . LOL so I got on my phone and voila, I can see it all. Love the Kangaroos. My dream is to hold the Koala bear. Can't wait to see more.
7th November 2018

Australia/New Zealand trip
Have a great trip you guys, have very fond memories of my travels down under.
4th November 2018

I can't wait
I am going to live vicariously through you both. My dream vacation.
4th November 2018

Remember to "go on walkabout" in the plane!
11th September 2017

Hello from Madison...
i Bob and Stacy, Tobasco museum, huh? That sounds really "hot" (tee hee). I can't believe Rob and Sam and fam still went to Orlando. I would think they would have allowed them to postpone their tickets with the hurricane coming through. I hope they didn't spend the entire weekend in a shelter.
14th October 2016

Now that is a pool table!!!Love the photos in the room.
From Blog: Traveling days
8th October 2016

Fabulous! Looks like you had great weather for your birthday Staci!
8th October 2016

Nice reflection...
8th October 2016

welcome home to a few big loads of laundry!!!!
8th October 2016

Love this picture!
8th October 2016

Omg! I am so jealous! This place looks fabulous!
8th October 2016

Too bad you couldn't spend a day in Iceland. Safe travels. Loved all the stories and pictures.

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