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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 14th 2008

Geo: 55.8656, -4.25722On July 11th we got up and drove back to Stirling to get our Historic Scotland membership cards. We had them sent to Stirling Castle because we didn't have the address of Tullycross Cottage with us. The address is Tullycross Cottage, Croftamie, Drymen, Stirlingshire,Scotland, G63 0HG. They don't have street addresses in the villages. Our TomTom can't find Tullycross, so we just had it take us to Drymen. While in Stirling we went to the Church of the Holy Rude. It has the original wooden oak ceiling from when it was first built in the 15th century. It is held together with wooden dowels, not a single nail in it. We also went to the old Stirling Jail. The tour was very informative and quite funny. They had an actor play about 6 different ... read more
Robert the Red!
Churh of the Holyrude
old Stirling jail

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 11th 2008

Geo: 55.8656, -4.25722On Monday, July 7th(we keep forgeting the dates) we returned to Stirling to see the Wallace Monument and the old Stirling bridge. The Wallace Monument is a tall tower on a rocky outcrop with fantastic views of the entire Stirling area. From there we did a drive around the Stirling area. We stopped and visited Castle Campbell which was high up in a glen looking out over the Forth valley. We then went to the Rumbling Bridge near Yetts o' Muckhart, yes thats the name of the village, to view a small burn(creek) that flows through a deep gorge with a bunch of small waterfalls. After returning to Stirling we found the old bridge and walked across it and took some pictures. It was built in the late 1400's. Its amazing that bridges and ... read more
me at Torosay Castle
Iona abbey, cloister
single track road on Mull

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 7th 2008

Geo: 55.8656, -4.25722Today we left Croftamie and drove to Edinburgh for 2 days. We parked the car in a paid parking lot and took the bus into central Edinburgh. We got tickets for the hop-on hop-off tour bus and headed for the Royal Mile. We walked the whole length, had lunch, walked some more, had dinner at a pub and then back to our car. We then drove to a B&B that we rented for the night. The house was built in 1867. It was very nice. The next day we took the bus back downtown and went to Edinburgh Castle. It is one of the best preserved castles in Scotland. After leaving Edinburgh, we stoppped at Linlithgow Castle for a tour before heading back to Croftamie. The next day we headed to the Falkirk Wheel ... read more
Edinburgh Castle
Linlithgow Castle entry
Robert -the- McGill!

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow June 29th 2008

Geo: 55.8656, -4.25722Well, we finally made it to Scotland. The plane ride was about 40 minutes. We got our car, set up TomTom and he took us straight to our cottage. We unpacked everything, for we are staying here for a month. Our hosts are Ned and Jenny O'Keefe. They are really nice and have been bending over backward to make sure our stay is comfortable. We stayed home on Wednesday and put stuff away and did laundry. Actually Jenn did most of the laundry for us. We tried to find a laundrymat near, but she said that we would have to drive to Glasgow to find one. The do laundry different here. They have no drier. Everything gets drid by hanging it, mostly inside because its so rainy. We have been here for 6 days ... read more
prisoner Bob "The Butcher"
prisoner Stacy "The Temptrest"
Stirling Castle entrance

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 24th 2008

Geo: 53.3441, -6.26749We left Rosmuck on Saturday and drove to Dublin in the rain. We were going to stop at a couple of sites, but decided that we needed to get to Dublin so we could get our Apt. and return the car. Good thing we didn't stop because when we got to our Apt. they moved us to another one a few miles away. Dublin traffic is horrible, but it was even worse because the gay pride parade was that day and they were marching right by our Apt. But good old TOMTOM got me right to the car rental place with minutes to spare before they closed. I had left Stacy and all of our luggage at the place we were supposed to stay. I took a cab back and picked her up. We ... read more
Kilmaimham Gaol
Kilmainham Gaol
flower at Pheonix Park

Europe » Ireland June 20th 2008

Geo: 53.4129, -8.24389Well, we moved to our other house in Rosmuck. It is more distant from any towns. The landlords are very nice though. We have been having trouble finding internet access. So this will be a short one and we will edit this when we get to Scotland as we will have access at our house. The weather has been pretty good. They say this area of Ireland gets the most rain. We see a little rain every day. It rains for 5 minutes and then the sun comes out, it gets cloudy again and then rains again.... read more
"Quiet Man" house
monks fishing hut
house in Cong

Europe » Ireland June 11th 2008

Geo: 53.4129, -8.24389Well, we made it to Ireland. I almost lost Stacy on the Express train to the airport. The doors opened to get off. We let the other people get off and then got our luggage. The door closed on Stacy's luggege and we couldn't open it. A woman released the door just long enough for Stacy to get off and then it left with me still on it screaming for someone to open the door. Luckily, it came back to the same station after about 15 mins. Dublin was nice. We spent 3 days there before we left on our driving trip to Kilorglin. I caught a head cold in Dublin and then passed on to Stacy. See, we share everything. We went to the Dingle Penninsula and Killarney National Park. Both were spectacular. ... read more
Rock of Cashel
Muckross House
Killarney National Park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 1st 2008

Geo: 51.5002, -0.126236Friday we spent the entire day at the British museum. Saturday morning we took the underground to the train station and went to Brighton. It is a very popular beach resort. It must have been our lucky day, sunshine and about 72 degress. The place was packed! There were tons of people on the beach. No sand anywhere. It is all small stones. We went thru the Royal Pavilion. It was magnificent! On Sunday we took the underground to another train station and went to Windsor. We toured Windsor Castle. It was so huge and unbelievable.... read more
Royal Pavilion
Brighton Beach
Stacy at Victoria Station

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 29th 2008

Geo: 51.5002, -0.126236Well, we made it to London! We were exhausted when we made it to the hotel. Went to dinner at a pub and had a couple of beers. Went to bed at 8:30PM. Aren't we a couple of partiers! Thursday was sunny and warm in the morning. Went on the London eye, Parliment, Westminster Abby, Scotland Yard building and Churchill's museum.... read more
top of London eye
London eye
phone booth

North America » United States » California May 25th 2008

Geo: 38.6252, -121.328Well, 2 days and we are on our way. Pulling out everything we want to take has led to huge piles of stuff. We are now weeding out the stuff we don't really need. We keep checking and double checking reservations and rentals to make sure we have places to stay and transportation.... read more
more stuff
Stacy's stuff
more of hers

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