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Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescasseroli October 2nd 2012

Geo: 41.8083, 13.7896 We left Bari on Monday morning. What a change. We arrived at Pescasseroli, in the mountains in the afternoon. This is a ski town. The town is at 3600 feet and the surrounding mountains are around 4800 feet. The temp was in the high 60's. We got up on Tuesday morning and it was in the low 50's. A long pants day for us. We took a hike up to an old castle ruins that overlooks the town. Not much left there, but there were some great views of the town , valley and surrounding mountains. Next we visited the park headquarters, went thru the museum and the nature area. There were bears,coyotes and some birds that they were taking care of. We went to a trattoria for dinner and some great Italian ... read more
From our hotel room in Pescasseroli
Part of the castle
More castle

Europe » Italy September 30th 2012

Geo: 41.8817, 16.173 We left the Bari area on Saturday mornning and headed over to Barletta to see the largest Roman bronze in existence. We forgot that it was Saturday morning. It was crowded with people and cars and scooters. We managed to find the Colosso without too much trouble. When we went to leave we got to an intersection that was almost gridlocked. There were cars parked on each side of the road and one person was double parked in the on coming lane. People were trying to get around him. People were turning the corner and people were coming across the intersection, all at the same time. We saw someone on a scooter almost get hit by a car as he was negotiating the congestion. We made it out of town and headed toward ... read more
A small island
A nice little cove
The lighthouse in Vieste.

Europe » Italy September 28th 2012

Geo: 41.1261, 16.8693 We left Massafra and drove around the bottom of the boot to the tip of the heel, the southern most point of the heel. We stopped and took pictures, had a picnic lunch from the food we purchased the day before and then headed up to Lecce for the night. We picked a modern hotel for one night. It was nice.We did a load of laundry, went to the Duomo and looked around the old part of town. The next morning we headed out to visit an area called the Trulli. This area has unique buildings that are round, single story with conical apperance and oddly tapered roofs. They are only found in this area and they don't know where they came from. They are made of layers of flat stones stacked on ... read more
Our hotel decorations in Massafra
The lighthouse at the end of the heel
Us at the heel

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Massafra September 25th 2012

Geo: 40.5919, 17.1153 We got up on Saturday morning and left Taormina, heading back to Messina and a ferry to the mainland. Bonney took us right up to the boat ramp! We drove along the coast for most of the day and didn't take very many pictures. So far, we are over 1300 pictures. We drove to Borgia to find our hotel. We had to stop and call them because Bonney couldn't find the street the hotel was on. We finally got the info we needed and headed up to our hotel. Wow, it was a beautiful place. They do alot of weddings there. It was in the middle of a large olive grove. A very quaint old building with modern interiors. We took a small nap, walked around the olive trees and then had dinner ... read more
Caves in Massafra.
Staircase at Santuario Madona della Scala
Caves at Matera

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Siracusa September 21st 2012

Geo: 37.0851, 15.273 We got up , had breakfast and headed out to visit the archeological park. At the park is an amphitheater, the largest altar in the world, carved from one piece of limestone, the Greek theater, Ear of Dionysius and the museum. It was hot! It hit 90 degrees, with a high humidity. We were sweating like pigs! The ear of Dionysius was a huge cave, formed when they took out large blocks of limestone to make all of the theaters and the altar. It must have been a hundred foot high inside. The Greek theater was really cool. After slogging around for 4 hours, we headed back to our hotel for a little nap. Then we walked to old town Siracusa for a look see, and for some dinner. We decided to eat ... read more
Stacy by a burial chamber
The largest altar in the world
An original road to the amphitheater

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Siracusa September 19th 2012

Geo: 37.0851, 15.273 We left Trapani on Monday morning and headed for Agrigento. Saw lots of farms along the way as we were inland. We found our hotel pretty easily, as some people said it was hard to find. Bonney, the GPS, took us straight to it. We checked in and then headed out to view the Greek temples and the museum that are in the area. We went to the valley of the temples and walked about 2 miles the first to the last one. They were built between 510 and 430 BC. The best one was the Temple of Concordia, which was the most complete. It was missing the roof, other wise it was in good condition, considering that it was 2500 years old! After walking around the temples, we went back to the ... read more
The Temple of Concordia
A villa near the temples
Stacy among the 2500 year old stones

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani September 17th 2012

Geo: 38.0171, 12.5178 We left Celafu on Saturday morning and headed toward Trapani. We found a little place in old town, a b&b, on the internet. On the wat there, we stopped at Segesta to see the Greek temple and amphitheater that was there. They are both on top of two hills outside of town. The temple was built around 400BC. It was awesome! The Greek theater was built in 3BC on top of Mont Barbaro. What a view from it. It could seat 3500 people and is still use for plays today. We left Segesta after lunch and headed toward our B&B. We arrived in the afternoon. It was warm and sunny. We had to park the car a couple of blocks away from the B&B, because the whole center of town is very narrow ... read more
more of the temple
The view from the temple
more views

Europe » Italy » Sicily September 15th 2012

Geo: 38.0395, 14.0219 We left Paestum on Friday morning during a rain storm. We drove for about 4 hours, mostly down a road that runs along the coast. Each time we would go into a little village, the road would get narrow and we would have to be careful passing parked cars. One area was so narrow that they had a policeman holding up traffic so one car or truck could go thru at a time. We came up to a sharp left turn around a blind corner and were suprised to see the front of a full size bus coming at us. The road was only wide enough for one of us. We lost. He started beeping his horn and gesturing to us to back up. There was another car behind us and we had ... read more
The duomo
A couple getting married in the duomo
The cloister

Europe » Italy » Campania » Paestum September 13th 2012

Geo: 40.4238, 15.0078 We got up Wednesday morning early to catch the boat to Naples. We found the bus to the Archaeological museum and headed there. There are alot of frescoes, mosaics, pottery and statues from Pompeii. There was a mosaic there that had over a million pieces of tile about 1/16x1/16 each. Its amazing that so much stuff survived the volcano. I forgot to talk about the weather. It has been in the mid eightys and sunny every day. The only bad thing is the humidity. It has been very humid, about 85%. By the end of our day we are pretty ragged. We left the museum and followed a Rick Steve's tour of Naples. We walked from the museum down to the boat docks. We stopped for pizza. Naples is supposedly the birthplace of ... read more
This mosaic has over 1 million pieces
looking out over Naples
The roof of an apartment building

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 12th 2012

Geo: 40.6263, 14.3757 We figured that we were calculating the time difference the wrong way. I stayed up until midnight to call the credit union only to find out it was that it was 3PM Sunday in Sacramento. We needed to wait until 6PM on Monday to call. So we went on a walking tour of Sorrento. We walked for 9 miles on a Rick Steve's tour. We returned to the hotel for a little nap and then called the credit union. Our account was set up to give out only less than $149per transaction. After talking to them they changed it to $1000. Yea, now we have some cash. We walked back up to our hotel and had a wonderful dinner. The next morning we got up, showered, and drove down to the train station ... read more
part of palace
plaster cast of Pompeii casualty
statues in a house

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