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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Pwllheli August 12th 2009

I have been in the United Kingdom for nearly two weeks. The year completes a circle as I returned to Ray's house in Lincolnshire for a whistle-stop visit. There, I found clothes and maps of Eastern European cities and toiletries and other things deemed too heavy to bring back to Nova Scotia last December. I tucked some of them into my bulging luggage, then left the rest for another visit....someday when I pack a lighter bag. This has been an incredible year, in terms of travel and new experiences and connecting with family members. A fraction of my experiences have been captured in this travelblog. The photographs are the best part. I will pour over them during the winter months when back at work and my gypsy rovings are fading memories. But not now! I am ... read more
Smallest House
Train up Snowdon
Under the mountain

North America » Canada » Ontario » Burlington April 26th 2009

It is embarassing how much time has passed since I started this blog. I didn't upload the missing photos from Argentina. Ooooops, maybe I will during winter? This blog was suppose to capture symbols of spring in Canada. There were more photos but I don't have them at this moment. The best part of visiting Ontario was catching up with cousins June, Tammy and Jim.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls April 24th 2009

Yesterday we visited Niagara Falls. It was interesting to compare these falls with Iquazu. Both are beautiful. Iquazu is three kilometres in jungle environment and heat, yesterday Niagara Falls still had glacial-type snow at bottom of falls. We took the Maid of the Mist boat to get up in front of the falls. This was fun; quite the experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the price,$14.95 each. When I think of the entry price to Iquazu and MachuPicchu and some museums in South America, the Niagara Falls boat trip is a bargain. Everyone in the boat laughed while getting soaked. Being so close to the rushing falls was awesome...yes, awe inspiring awesome. There was leftover snow and ice at the bottom of the falls that looked like vanilla and chocolate ice cream. We were given (wow, ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 22nd 2009

Hi Folks, This travelblog site had technical problems for a week while they switched servers, and all the photos that I published during the week of 7-16th of April are lost (on the site, I still have them on flashdrive). This is my first day back in Canada, and I am visiting cousins in Toronto area. I posted final photos from Lima this morning, and repaired the ones for Purmamarca, the beautiful coloured mountains. When I get home, I will redo the other blog photos.... read more
Leaving Salta

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Barranco April 20th 2009

O.K. This really is my last day in South America. I fly out at eleven,on the dreaded overnight flight to Toronto. I never sleep on planes so I know I will be useless for a day or so. Yesterday was a blast! With two Brits and Servas friend we explored downtown Lima and the Bohemian communities. At the Cathedral we arrived just at the end of the ordination of some Bishops. Riot police were on the streets; nuns and priests seem to outnumber the members of congregation as they poured out of the cathedral. We went in to take some photos, then proceeded on to the catacombs. It is worth the 5 soles to visit, and if you are sneaky enough, you can get that photo of the skulls arranged in a circle. Wear perfume on ... read more
Cliffs of Lima
Wave to Crowd

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores April 18th 2009

I am in my last destination for this South American trip. Picked up luggage in Montevideo and here, and now have the task of throwing out all the useless items that I packed, you know, the emergency blanket, mosquito hat, multiple package of wetwipes, oh, and the heaviest, the organic cotton hostel sheet that think I used only once. Maybe I should keep that heavy item.....might come in handy someday. About half of my clothing must go if I am going to fit in the wool ponch and Argentinian matte cups. Meanwhile, I had fun playing tourist in Lima yesterday. With Servas friends I went to private museum, local restaurants, the mall on the cliff, the pre-Inca ruins at night, and parks in Miraflores. We were lucky with the private museum, run by Japanese family. The ... read more

The sun is shining brightly today but people on the streets are wearing jeans, coats and dark colours. I´m the only person bopping around in shorts and sandels. Luckily my tan gives me some kind of validation to be so colourful (I think). I am comfortable, so everybody else must be too warm. Last night when I arrived it was cold, about 18 Celcius. Earlier that day I was sweating in shorts and cotton shirt in Salta. Then going south to Uruguay the temperature dropped. I´ll be flying north to Lima tomorrow and it should be much warmer again. I´ll leave the Atlantic coast and go to the Pacific. Later....I thought my tourist days were over, but once I got the taxi to friend´s house to pick up my luggage and get it to the hotel, ... read more
Downtown Square
postcard view
Old Wall

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 14th 2009

Yesterday I took the gondala up the hill to see the view. I found an amazaing human-made waterfalls that was an oasis of cool moisture during a hot day. Now that Easter holidays are over, Salta is bustling with busy people on the streets. The sidewalks are as crowded as streets in London and there are long line-ups at every bank ATM within a mile. I think people are cashing cheques from work. They all can´t be desparate for cash the day after Easter. Today I am flying from Salta to Buenos Aires, then have an hour to get plane to Montevideo. Getting from airport to the city will be an adventure. I will add more text and photos later. The rush begins as I travel backwards.... read more
Water view
Salta Below
Last time as tourist

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca April 13th 2009

Well it has been an adventure going to Purmamarca to see the coloured mountains. When I arrived at Salta I asked the tourist office people if it would be a problem taking local buses to Purmamarca during Easter. ´No´I was reassured, there are many buses. Yesterday I set off on the journey: a bus (2 1/2 hours) to San Salvador de Jujuy, an hour stop-over, then a bus to Purmamarca, just over an hour going up the mountains. The best part of the bus rides was the company. When leaving Salta I sat beside a fellow from France who had traveled the world for 14 months. We discussed philosophy, economics, the meaning of life, for over two hours. I think those of us who travel alone have lots of time to think. When we are in ... read more
Every Angle

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate April 12th 2009

The tour to and from Cafayate took 12 hours. There was a good mix of people in the van, two Brits, two Americans, the rest from Argentina and me. We stopped to take photos of geological sites along the way. The mountains are red clay, sentimentary rock. Hmmmmm, about twenty of my photos did not transfer to my flashdrive and I deleted the camera....guess they are gone. Oh, well, you get the idea of the day from photos. The colours were really vivid as the sun began to set....ooops, those are the missing pictures....... read more

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