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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Blenheim July 29th 2010

Before I forget and the internet dime runs out, one of the best wines tasted today, highly recommended for a Thai meal is 'Gewurztraminer'. And Spy Valley exports its wines to Nova Scotia. Despite the fact that Sauvignon Blanc is well known from this area, the Pinot Noirs are the up-and-coming wines. Light, interesting based on where they were grown, cheeky reds are quite nice. I enjoyed the Pinot Gris....very light, soft and surprising. No, I can't change my mind about Chardonnays...don't like them, although the un-oaked varieties were o.k. The tour was quite informative. There were three of us, two from Sweden. We ate a big lunch so that the wine wouldn't hit us too hard. Every place gave us Sauvignon Blanc as the first drink, then we had one wine from different years so ... read more
What would you like?

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton July 28th 2010

The sun is blasting and I'm chilling out in Picton. I think this place is like Vancouver or the west coast; if the sun shines its amazing but often it rains and I hear it can be depressing. The two days I have been here it has been sunny. There was rain at night but it made everything feel cozy inside. There is more to Picton than meets the eye, folks. If I were backpacking and going to and from the ferry terminal I would rest here a day or so. First, its a quiet town/village with great views, do-able hiking trails, good bars and restaurants, an aquarium, maritime museum, and a pretty waterfront with marina. I love the inscription on the World War I memorial near the water that reads 'perfect peace'. Yup, that's what ... read more
Small Town

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton July 27th 2010

Got the seven a.m. Coastal train to Picton this morning. I didn't get much sleep, paranoid that the borrowed alarm clock would not didn't. Luckily I was up at five getting breakfast and packing away last few things. At 6:15 I was outside waiting for free shuttle to take me to the train station which is strangely out of Christchurch city. If you visit here, the shuttle to the station is free and there is a $5 fee to come into town. It was dark when the train took off. Dawn was lovely. The flat land of Christchurch and Canterbury county disappeared into hills much like England. The train stopped several times to get 'warrent' so it could progress. The conducter said they did not have automatic switches on this track so they have to ... read more
Wide river

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Akaroa July 26th 2010

First, when driving down those hairpin turns beside very deep gorges with very, very little road (in Canadian terms) in frosty winter months, try singing very loudly. It helps relax the muscles and it probably is a cheerful way to meet your maker if anything goes wrong. Second, why pay for rental car when you can get one for free or a dollar if you check out this website: This is especially good if you come out of season, there are more cars and caravans to choose from that need driving to next city. I decided to skip the cheap vehicle because I want to take the scenic train north and rest my nerves. ha ha It would probably be easier if there was more than one to navigate the road signs and maps and ... read more
Prettier Drive
High Crash Zone
Approaching One Lane

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau July 23rd 2010

What is it with the death-defying roads around here!?? It would be better if I had a fast car or motorcycle and was driving on my side of road. Once you get use to tuning out the spectacular views while gearing down for the next '25 km' hairpin turn beside a deep gorge, it becomes a fun drive. I drove to Te Anau, a town on edge of fiordland. I decided I didn't have time to take the Milford Sound boat in the fiord but I did want to see some of this famous national park. ... read more
Picnic park

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown July 22nd 2010

A new day, sunshine, petrol in the tank and a leisurely pace and Arrowtown is quite a lovely place to visit. Its a historic mining town with trendy shops and restaurants. There is a park with restored mining houses of Chinese miners who came for the gold rush. The town has a 'western' feel, and Queenstown is much like Whistler or Banff. Both towns have artsy, small theatres that promote alternative/good movies. We went to theatre in Queenstown that had about sixty seats and a beautiful silk patch ceiling to watch a Steve Martin black and white film. Last night we went to Arrowtown to watch movie about Tolstoi in a theatre of 30 seats. The bars and restaurants are very nice in Arrowtown because you don't have the throb of tourists in the streets. When ... read more
Bungy above Queenstown

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo July 21st 2010

So, I pick up the car by one because they can't do an earlier pick-up from city central. Its nerve-wrecking getting into a tiny car that has gears on left hand and hitting a damn, bloody roundabout within 200 metres. Got through it, drove to intersection to get on highway and nearly pulled into the wrong lane with approaching truck. Quick jerk on the wheel, a bit of swearing and I am on my way to Queenstown. The first part, along Canterbury plane is flat with very few cars. I relax and crank up the radio. As the land gets higher the roads twist but the scenery gets lovely. I appreciate the gears now because I can gear down on the steep slopes. I wonder how many accidents are caused by the lovely scenery; when tourists ... read more
Insane One Way Bridge
Me and Bob

Oceania July 18th 2010

Thought I had enough of this city. Glad I stayed another day and walked past the Cathedral square. First thing this morning I changed hotels to one with garden, free bicycles, homey kitchen and book room and peaceful atmosphere. Then I walked towards the museums and found the Sunday market. Later I went to the museum and botanical gardens. Finally I caught a bus to the beach at New Brighton. New and improved Brighton Pier and beach I must say! Miles of sand (no pebbles), sleek concrete pier (no amusement rides) and powerful surf. A library and sheltered restaurant were at the beach end of the pier. And across the road there was a curry house, South of India, with lunch meals for $7 n.z. which is something over $5 Canadian, right? Food is delicious and ... read more
Tram Station
Witchy Garden

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth July 17th 2010

I took the train from Christchurch to Greymouth, east coast to west coast, crossing South Island, New Zealand. I don't seem to have time to write lengthy descriptions and will let the comments on the pictures describe the journey. This train ride is suppose to be one of the best in the world in terms of scenery. You can decide. The cool winds made riding in observation carriage challenging and the wet morning may have dulled the landscape for the first two hours.... read more
Jump Aboard

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch July 16th 2010

Quick flight of 1 hour and 10 minutes and I am in a city that is about the size of Halifax. HOURS LATER....chic hotel with great design. I had a 'turkish hamburger' for supper. For all you cooks out there, get your tastebuds wrapped around the idea of a 4 cm hamburger with mint/sourcream on one side and red beetroot on the other side of the burger....some potato fries and a pile of red cabage. I think the chef went north when he was thinking about Turkey. He landed somewheres east of the Ukraine where lots of cabbage and beets fill the menus. Christchurch....a N.Z. type of Halifax. Its easy to manouever in this small city. There are delightful twists that fit in beside urban global yawns. I haven't had the time to find the meaning ... read more
Street Performers
Market and Cathedral

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