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19th April 2018

When i am there I call your guiding spirit
20th April 2018

Later, when trying to fly out of Peru, I was stopped at the airport and three levels of police were in the room when they searched my luggage. They saw the fossil that I bought at Pisqa market on xray maching, and seized it, and lectured me that it was legal to buy the fossil, but illegal to take it out of the country. !!!! I was so outraged by the set up, telling them to check the photos on my phone to see the fossils laid out on market tables. They shrugged it off... I signed papers (think to say that I'd never try to take out artefects from Peru) and I got on Air Canada plane thinking that once again, the touristica-con artitst-government systems were set up to rip off tourists.
14th August 2009

Hello, Tomas, I don't know about the bus to Tilcara as I didn't go that far. I hope you have a great trip. The colours of the mountains are breathtaking.
11th August 2009

HI: Great article about your travel to Argentina and Jujuy,etc. I am planning a similar trip to Purmamarca from Salta this September and was pleased to see that it is possible to take a bus from Jujuy to Purmamarca, however, is it also possible to take a bus from Purmamarca to Tilcara and do they run on a regular basis? I was going to rent a car or a jeep but perhaps this is an unnecessary expense if the bus service is reliable. Thanks. I am returning from Jujuy to Salta and will fly from there to BA so I will remember to buy a round trip ticket.
1st March 2009

keep em coming
wow teresa. we have all enjoyed your travels so much. i'm not sure of the others, but i have learned so very much. not only about peru and its amazing sites, but also about snapshots into its culture. thank you. i have also learned some great tidbuts for travelling. oh not the type of travelling we do now ... but the travelling i hope to do in the future. again ... thank you. soldier on girl!! mike
27th February 2009

Teresa, I'm very envious of your trip, but especially this one to MachuPicchu. It's a place that's on the top of my list for places to visit. :)
27th February 2009

Mmm Guinness
I bet Guinness tastes just a little bit better when you're in Dublin :) Also, I'm guessing that's the Grafton St. that Halifax's is named after?
From Blog: Dublin
24th February 2009

jungle crystals
What you bought was a quartz geode. Quartz forms inside balls of mother rock called a geode. When you crack the geode open it is filled with crystals of quartz. If it is purple, it is amethyst, if it is clear, it is rock quartz, etc. Quartz is very abundant in s. america, so it probaly is from the peruvian jungle.
21st February 2009

Yes that's where we ate
Hi Teresa. We ended up spending most of a day in Aguas Calientes too. We were in the post internet cafe and I did some shopping because we were heading home. We did eat at the hot spring pizza place. The live entertainers were on the sidewalk between the tables and the trains. From what I have read all the textiles are handmade in Peru. I have seen photos of women sitting at looms in their yards. So you are definitely supporting the economy by shopping. We were fascinated by the workers carrying everything through town by wheelbarrow or on their backs since there are no cars. We wondered how the busses got to AC.
21st February 2009

This looks absolutely amazing!!! One day I will get there...keep the pics coming...the journalism class at school are documenting your travels LOL
13th February 2009

not fair
I demand to see pictures of ice, snow, freezing rain, teeth chattering and rabid dogs running.
From Blog: Hola Peru
13th February 2009

jelous as hell!!
Well you made it!!!! I am so happy for you, you look great, very extatic to be in Lima. I am sooo jelous, wish I was there sipping on that drink in the sun with you. It looks great there, love the sun and flowers, reminds me of hawiaii, same flowers. Cant wait to see the next blog. Love and hugs Marie Have lots of fun
From Blog: Hola Peru
13th February 2009

Looks fabulous! We've had snow here, pretty unusual, and it's really cold. So am jealous of you in the warm weather.
From Blog: Hola Peru
8th February 2009

Have GPS will travel!
don't forget your GPS...do you need help with maps and loading etc? When are you leaving...Peru...I am so jealous...Macchu Pichu is on my bucket list...take lots of pics
25th December 2008

Love your pictures!
You got some terrific shots of Eyup Mosque. I enjoyed reading all the blog. I spent a little over 3 wks in Turkey last Sept-OCt and can't wait to go back! This reminds me why!
12th November 2008

World Peace
When I was traveling, I felt the tension between Poland and Germand and Russia, over past wounds. Yesterday was Remembrance Day, and the world remembered these wounds/wars once again. I agree with you, money is less important than peace.
From Blog: Gorlice,Poland
6th November 2008

Nice photos !!! Look at some ours at www.greetingsfrompoland.com
From Blog: Hunting Gnomes
2nd November 2008

Ireland looks beautiful
Hi Teresa! Your photos are fabulous. Looks like you and Heather had a great time and did a lot every day. Breathtaking... I will make a trip to Ireland one day.
From Blog: RoadTrip
21st October 2008

We are in Budapest from late Friday 24 Oct until afternoon of Tuesday 28 October. Do you still have my mobile number?
20th October 2008

Hey Teresa. I hope you are feeling better by now. Quite the journey so far you are having. Love your blogs and comments under the photos. Keep them coming as I am still living vicariously through you. Geez we look so much alike... Tammy
From Blog: Tourist
9th October 2008

Seaside village
I think this may be Berwick on Tweed - it looks like a lovely little village x
8th October 2008

hey that kebab looks delicious!!! your photos are great...it looks very pretty there....
From Blog: Gdansk, Poland
27th September 2008

wow T!! looks like you're enjoying yourself ... how do you manage to sound like a teacher of global geography in your blog? its great!! safe roads ... PS we're battening down the hatches for the latest hurricane warning. lynne is sitting it out in vancouver with her brother!! LOL
26th September 2008

Hi, Tammy. I'm resting in Sutton Bridge. Didn't know that about Bono's tour and the light art. Interesting. So much literature and art alive in daily life.
From Blog: Last Night
24th September 2008

animated light art
I guess Bono has a grand influence on Ireland to say the least. The lit walking characters were featured in their last tour of concerts. Specifically from their latest album, the song called "sometimes you can't make it on your own" was a song written by Bono for his Dad, who recently passed away before the tour. anyway, the lights dimmed and bono sang the song, the whole while the animated walking lit artwork was walking in the background, it was so cool. Glad to see that Dubliners picked up on it and are displaying Bono's set ideas,lol.....yep, just full of all kinds of useless U2 trivia. Where are you now?
From Blog: Last Night

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