Finally covid restrictions have eased. I'm taking six weeks to bop around Europe in May and June 2022.

Past -I have a year to travel starting this summer of 2008. I will start in the United Kingdom, then cross to Ireland. Then I plan to go to Poland and Ukraine. Depending upon the political climate, I may venture into Turkey. In preparation, I have spent many hours reading other peoples' blogs. I wonder how my adventure will unfold?


Europe » Austria » Vienna May 26th 2022

Today I activated my EuroRail train pass, which means I can get on any train in any direction. (I am sure I will bump into some restrictions) It was a challenge getting to the best train station to activate the pass, and I will end this blog with the frustrating tale. Meanwhile, a festival was going on in Melk, about an hour from Vienna. Every cafe was filled with happy Austrians guzzling good beer in the sunshine. The town could have been the backdrop to Beauty and the Beast movie, and as I walked through the quaint streets I kept thinking Belle would be singing 'there must be more to this provincial life', with Gaston singing in the background. I went to the tourist centre to find the way up to the world famous Abby. Good ... read more
The WOW factor
Entering the village

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 25th 2022

Spent the day downtown, visiting art galleries. But first I went to a butterflyhouse. Disappointing 5 euros, relatively small space with few butterflies and too many loud children. It took time to find the art gallery. At first, I went into the public archives because it said 'museum' but that was a papyrus museum which sounded intriquing but I had some Piccasos to find. I bought a combined ticket for two galleries, 24 euros. I will upload photos of interesting art and several info panels so you get the gist of the day. Most of the art was created to get you thinking, some raised current or historical political awareness. It was raining when I left the last museum. I took tram to internet cafe to create this blog. It is expensive and a bit tiring ... read more
Nice Statue
Butterfly house

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 24th 2022

A quiet day looking for higher culture. I found an internet cafe near the house, and buddy is very helpful teaching me how to use this keyboard ...z and y are in wrong places....so forgive typo errors that I might ignore over time. It is easier to upload photos on a proper computer (instead of ipad) even if it is really foreign. I*ve uploaded over 40 photos of buildings and art. It is good for head and heart to view higher culture, whatever one interprets that is.... For me, the building that houses the art collections was the main showpiece of the day. The next highlight was the rose garden in city park. The morning began with me finding a metro pass. You can buy them in tobacco shops. I have one for the week, so ... read more
Higher culture
Back to the beginning morning trek

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 23rd 2022

It has been a long but successful day. Got up at four and flew to Athens, and then Vienna. That’s it for planes and airports until I fly home (unless I am tempted by another close destination). I am looking forward to the ease and comfort of trains. I went to the iPad store and they fixed it for free! It will be an early night tonight.... read more
At the beach yesterday
Crowds are coming to tan
Minoan ladies decorate beach bars

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 22nd 2022

Hot day here. I walked to the beach and decided to take the boat ferry to Piraeus. A better choice than trying to hike up that huge hill, and it was going to be too hot to lay around. I was told it was five euros for the boat ferry. I had time to go buy a hat for some protection from the rays. The boat came to shore and we crawled up the ladder (good thing I was wearing walking sandals). On the boat the fellows demanded seven euros 'What?!! I was told five at the Hook store' One of the guys explained that the price of gasoline was more expensive now. He got on the phone to warn the business owners. It was a pleasant trip traversing the water, rounding the outcrop. Amazing to ... read more
On the water
Early morning
nice place to wait

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 21st 2022

This afternoon I took the bus to Akrotiri to see the archeological site of town that was destroyed by volcanic explosion nearly 4,000 years ago, but survived enough to be dug up now. I took photos of the landscape so you can see the height of the ash and pyroclastic fallout from that explosion. Lucky for us, there was a water way that, over time, eroded and exposed this town. I'm going to upload the pictures and put notes on just a few of them for now. I'm tired but happy. I've covered every site on my list. Perhaps the biggest thrill was walking amongst the building of this archeological dig. I sat on a bench and just breathed it all in. And I got away with touching a few walls. *chuckling outloud* I did stop ... read more
South end of island
Drop off
nice coast

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini »  Ia May 21st 2022

Took the bus to Oia this morning, seeking THAT photo of the three blue tops of churches. Yeah, I spent weeks working on a puzzle of Oia this winter. It had too many blue pieces, and after I completed the town with its famous blue-domed churches and landscape, I gave up on the blue sky and clouds. This morning, I was eager to see those private balconies with pretty coloured gates and flowers in terracotta pots surrounding the churches. Nobody mentioned the hair-pin turns around steep cliffs during the drive to Oia. Whew! I did not have a window seat, but did try to snap a couple of photos. On the way back, the bus took the lower road where we could see lovely beaches and parched farmland. At first I thought I was on the ... read more
near end of town
blue domes
First sign

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira May 20th 2022

I have this sign on my study wall. Thus traveling to Santorini, originally called Thera, has been high on my bucket list. I blasted through the museum because they close at 3:30. I took lots of photos and will enjoy them when I get home. It was amazing to stand beside the real wall hanging or pithoi, rather than see copies in books or shops. I could touch the large pots on display (until the museum guarded yelled at me). *smile* When buying my ticket, I had a bit of an argument about the name 'Minoans'. She was adament that the people on this island were not Minoans. I guess everyone tries to claim, interpret and defend their ancient history. I bet she isn't even born on this island. *chuckling* We did agree that Minoans were ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira May 20th 2022

Today I put myself in that classic postcard view. I took the bus to Fira and walked over to the caldera view. OMG Stunning! I just had to have an expensive coffee on the edge of an expensive restaurant balcony. Then I ordered a Greek salad, to extend the stay, though the waitresses were uber friendly and would have let me stay. There were people waiting for these premier tables. It is surreal, sitting there, overlooking the caldera that exploded and destroyed the Minoan city. I wonder how many people know this history as they admire the view. A really sad fact is that over fifty percent of the people sitting in this beautiful balcony with outstanding views were on their cell phones. Freaks! What a sad lot. There was a girl around ten who sat ... read more
Cheers to coming to Santorini
You Are HERE
After bus station

Europe » Greece » South Aegean May 19th 2022

My ipad broke so I cannot email for now. Yasmine or Sonya, can you let Christian know that I arrived safely? I am using the computer at my hotel (very nice people) and will try to upload photos. (nope, can't upload photos) There may be few words for now. I'm here until Thursday, then back to Vienna. Next day.....I found the only Internet cafe in Fira....MY PEOPLE!!!!! I'll upload photos from yesterday, then post another blog. In some way, having no device is quite liberating. I see, smell and hear all around me, never taking time to communicate with those far away...freeing....... read more
flying out of Vienna
Athens below
My room has a balcony

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