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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 9th 2009

Today is day one, and I visited the MAAN archeological museum to see the mummified Inca girl. The museum is rather small, with text mostly in Spanish and the price is about $10. There are some videos with English subtext but nothing tells you how the children died. I had to re-enter the museum twice to get to English speaking people at the entrance and ask them. Here is the website: Click on Tour Virtual to see museum. They are very coy and after three minutes will show you a distant shot of the mummy. I took photo of postcard for this blog. Again, they were very coy at the museum shop. No, they did not sell single postcards of the mummy children, you had to pay for a package of ten (just a ... read more
Lightening Girl
Handsome Tourist town

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba April 6th 2009

Do not judge Cordoba by my fleeting visit. I spent six hours on a bus from Rosario to Cordoba with minimal air conditioning. Sickening heat.....I got to the city, took a taxi to my hostel and had a shower to wake up. I tried to get to the city centre, but the days are getting shorter here. It occurred to me that I am witnessing autumn three times in 14 months. Frankly, I am getting tired of the days that get shorter. It puts more pressure on me to get to hostel,then bank, then laundramat, then any tourist site nearby before darkness falls. Often, I run out of time. That was the way it was in Cordoba. From what I could tell, there were many handsome buildings to find if you had the time in daylight ... read more
Round Up
Big Building

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario April 4th 2009

Here I am in Rosario, after a sleepless night on the bus. Strangely, the police stopped the bus three times on the road from Iquazu and asked to see our passports. This is a handsome city with cathedral and parks and tango bars. Last night Cristina (Servas) took me to a tango bar and I had my first lesson. What a sensuous dance though difficult to get the steps, shifting of weight, the trick that women must relax and flow with her partner but concentrate on proper holds and where her partner is trying to direct her. After the lesson the regulars took the floor. Women wore tall heels, men shiny shoes, and it was beautiful to watch. Yes, I finally experienced the tango in Argentina. Two days later: even better, we went to underground tango ... read more

Yes, I had a great day today at Iguazu Falls. On the bus there I met Emma from Newcastle who was finishing her tour of Argentina. It was a treat to talk English all day and óooh´and áaaah´like tourists, and she could speak Spanish to ask for directions to fastest train. She had to catch a bus out of Iquazu by four, so we hurried past daddling groups and got to all the good parts of the Falls. We teamed up and shared taking photos. She had a proper film camera and I had my digital, so we took tons of pictures. The nice thing about the walkways in this park is that the views keep on coming, and keep getting better. We took the boat (free with entrance ticket) to the island at the bottom ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 31st 2009

I am back in this handsome city. Yesterday I got ticket for flight to Iguazu Falls today. It will be interesting trying to get city bus to domestic airport. Later: Seems I am always shortchanging Buenos Aires when it comes to text or photos. The city is great on its own and it doesn´t need my extra compliments. Currently, I am sweating buckets sitting at computer in Iguazu Falls. It is hellishly hot and humid here and I better think I have visited a world wonder tomorrow when I do the tourist thing and go to the falls. This place is not cheap. I will let the photos and comments speak for themselves. Meanwhile....I am melting!!!!... read more
Back in B A
Argentina Shrine

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo March 28th 2009

I made a day trip to Punta del Diablo which is fishing village continually recommended in the travel books. My advice, if you are touring this area and have to make choices what to see, I would give this place a miss. Perhaps the problem is that I am from Nova Scotia and have visited many beautiful fishing villages? Perhaps it was the three hour bus ride to a destination 100 kms away? Perhaps it was off season and this particular village suffered from lack of tourists? When I arrived in the village centre I wondered which way to go to see the rustic beauty. For several hours I went in all directions and did not find anything noteworthy. There is Artigas´s statute in a white shine on the rocks. The rocks are similar to the ... read more
Beach view

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 27th 2009

I hadn´t planned to go to Punta del Este, Uruguay´s version of Miami Beach; but as life unwinds and email conversations lead me down unexpected paths I found myself on a bus heading towards Servas hosts who did not speak English but were happy to have me visit their home. I was apprehensive, but when I met Daniela and Gabriel I could not have been made to feel more welcomed. Using a potpurri of Spanish, English, French words and creative body language and a trusty dictionary we were able to communicate. On the first evening we went out with an English teacher who volunteered to translate and answer any questions. By day two we were discussing philosophy and politics on our own. They are both artists from Argentina who moved here to set up their studio. ... read more
Art Studio
Rich and Famous

I had a busy weekend. I arrived in Montevideo in time to get dressed for a Tango concert at the Theatre del Solis in the historic part of Montevideo. Strange to be one of the people going out in the same area as the hotel last week. The inside of the theatre was grand, something out of the past, a bit like the Royal Albert. The music was traditional tango by various artists. Later we went out for pizza. Who knew pizza in Uruguay was so tasty? The next day we headed to San Jose for a gaucho festival. 1000 horses and riders congregated at the park near the zoo. It was tricky walking for many reasons. ha ha Before the parade dignitaries met to hear the national anthem and then the flag was raised. We ... read more
President´s Box
Historic soldiers

South America » Uruguay » East » La Paloma March 20th 2009

Today I went to the bus station to find out times for buses to Montevideo tomorrow. I got a map and some tourist information. There is more to La Paloma than meets the eye....more beaches, parks, things to do. With these tips, I walked to the lighthouse and climbed all those stairs to get the eagle-eye view of the area. Cyber travel buddies, I hope you appreciate the things I do for you. ha ha Later, I walked through the park to see the thatched cottages and horses that remind you of Europe; and I found the popular beach. Oh, and I came across a hotel with huge sign saying that it is advertised in the Lonely Planet. I went in to ask about the price of a single room in the low season. For $16 ... read more
Grilled Shrimp

South America » Uruguay » East » Cabo Polonio March 19th 2009

What a concept! In a dune ecosystem do not build roads, but do build a hippie commune/tourist site with limited access. On the side of the road there is a place to hire a jeep to take you into Cabo Palonio ($120 uruguay dollars). The ride is an adventure in itself when you hit the bumps. The village is unique. It seems to be a collection of hippies and rustic shacks and cottages decorated in colourful way. The absolute best spot is the lounge chair on the deck of the last restaurant along the beach.... read more

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