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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch July 16th 2010

I'll upload photos of Auckland from yesterday, then photos from Christchurch this afternoon. Flying between the two cities is quiet easy and cheap. I've booked the train through the mountains to Greymouth tomorrow and am looking forward to spectacular photos. *cross fingers* HOURS later....can you tell that was the text from a person trying to just upload photos from an internet cafe? I haven't had any time to reflect and type on this thing, which I suppose is a good sign that I'm having fun. Jet lag has faded and I'm sleeping 6 to 7 hours in the correct timeslot. I'm the early bird happy to throw on track pants and join the walkers pre-dawn. Amazing light that elevates trees to 'larger than life' status makes every bush seem energized. When the birds wake up to ... read more
Winning Boat

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore July 15th 2010

Took drive north to see Gamut colony on rocks beside great beach. Stopped in Helensville for tea and cake. This morning had terrific dawn walk through park. I'm flying to Christchurch tomorrow to tackle South Island in winter.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Devonport July 13th 2010

Wow! I made it! Long flight. It feels like September in terms of temperature. Everyone is wearing black winter jackets and clothes. The whimps. ha ha Its a sunny day and Auckland looks so beautiful. I arrived before 5 a. m. and got to cheap hotel by 6. Slept four hours, got up, showered and took bus downtown. Travel tip when landing at airport: buy food before you get on shuttle bus to hotel. There is a cafe with packaged tikka veg curry for $8 NZ which I think is $6 Can. My airport hotel has restaurant that isn't open in morning or during the day. A curry, no matter how cold, is satisfying with a cup of hotel-room tea. I've left my mark in Auckland...literally. At the bus stop outside of hotel, when an older ... read more
Harbour front, Auckland
Ferry terminal

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Langley July 10th 2010

This is where Zack lives. The international 'outriggers' canoe race hosted by Hawaii and Gibsons is today. It happens every two years. This is a beautiful area with a vibrant town and lots of tourists.... read more
Below the Pier
Garden in the Yacht Club

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 9th 2010

First day of summer trek, and I am in Vancouver. Impressions so far: a) Canada is too damn wide and 8 hours + in a plane (stop over Edmonton) is too long; b) too hot here...I thought heat waves were in central and eastern Canada; c) I didn't pack well. Its a skill, to shrink your entire life to a couple pieces of luggage that have to function well in and out of public transport and hotels. I'll need a few more days to shuffle things around, discard items too heavy and buy all purpose hairclips and sweaters and shoes. My body has to toughen up, my mind has to adjust to time differences. Homebody has to go back to gypsy mode. So far the journey has been uneventful. Vancouver airport (domestic) has terrific people in ... read more
Vancouver Airport Domestic

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Pugwash July 7th 2010

Its been nearly a year since returning from the U.K. Time to trek over to New Zealand. That was a goal from last year but I ran out of time and money. Soon I will visit relatives in Vancouver, and then board the plane for the 14 hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand. I have very little planned. Its a bit scary but hey, bring on the adventure. Meanwhile, here are some highlights from a year in Nova Scotia.... read more
County Exhibit
Tidal Bore Rafting
What a rush

Europe August 21st 2009

Maybe it is ironic that I am back in Edinburgh now, after I wrote the warning to fellow travelers who read these blogs to avoid this city while they are ripping up the roads to put in a tram system. Yup, I'm back and they have Princess Street closed while construction goes on. And the Tattoo and Fringe Festival has filled the streets to overflowing with tourists. I am allowed. Its my birthday and this is a great place to celebrate. The entire city is buzzing.... read more
Fringe Festival
Street Theatre

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool August 19th 2009

The first thing I have to say about Liverpool is that it is the very first urban area in the entire U.K. where men who work at the train stations volunteered and did carry my heavy luggage up and down stairs to the platform. It happened twice today, on my way into the city. I even tried to get them off the hook by saying that I could carry my bag, and it was really heavy. But no, they gallantly carried it all the way to my destination. So, hats off to the men in Liverpool, at least the ones I have met during the early hours of arrival. Nearly a year later, and I continue to be impressed with Liverpool. Go there, amble through the re-vamped core and look for the cultural markers both old ... read more
Amazing Cathedral
Very cool cathedral
Beautiful brick

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Bangor August 18th 2009

Well, I am near Bangor, in Tregarth. Actually at this moment I am sitting in the Star Cafe in Bethesda. I started hiking up hill behind Tregarth, with instructions how to come down the other side and find pub in Pentir. Great views of sea and mountains up there. Got lost several times and was given directions from friendly locals. I didn't expect such a long trek (longer when lost and have to repeat going up that hill through tiny forest). I got to this pub by one thirty, starving, only to find it closed Monday and Tuesday. Damn! Thank goodness for the blackberries I was munching along the way. I had no clue where I was, because I expected to get directions from people in the pub, how to return to Tregarth. Nobody was around, ... read more
Artsy shot
Heather on the Hill

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester August 14th 2009

I visited Chester for the first time. It reminded me of a handsome York or Canterbury, very medeival, but not really old. I think many structures have been preserved for tourists and consumers. Exclusive and popular chain stores exist on the bottom level of these historic buildings. Some frontages seem too slick to be authentic buildings. There are many tourists in the street with cameras. I spent the first few minutes trying to avoid ruining people's shots until I realized that I was standing beside a popular building. Overall I like Chester for what it is, a popular tourist site with handsome buildings.... read more
Real or Fake?

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