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June 18th 2022
Published: June 19th 2022
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Outside St. Pancras international train station Outside St. Pancras international train station Outside St. Pancras international train station

Cool enough to wear a jacket. What a relief!
I am finally free of the oppressive heat! What a good feeling getting off the train and watching people put on a sweater. Someone at the Paris train station said it was over forty degrees there because the glass ceiling acts like a greenhouse. That heat, plus the stress of missing the train to England because the first French train was more forty than minutes late for no apparent reason I could see except that it sat on the tracks too long, nearly did me in. This must happen a lot because the office gave me a ticket for the next train out without asking questions. I would have loved to bend their ears but there was no time. It took thirty minutes to get through two customs checks plus the luggage X-ray security. Finally I was on the Eurostar heading for the tunnel under the English Channel. Smooth ride to a cool destination. Travel tip: I had to pay nearly 400 Euros for the EuroStar ticket from Paris to London. The downfall of buying a EuroRail pass is that there are limited numbers of seats for this train and they’re booked up weeks in advance. It would be best to restrict travel to mainland Europe, or plan for this part of the journey way ahead of time.
One of the first things to enjoy in London is a curry. I love these restaurants where people from all over the world fit into a cosy neighborhood curry house because we all love the food. I counted four languages in the tables beside me: German, Ukraine, Chinese, and that broad northern accent. And outside the windows, ‘London’ flows by.

This week in England will be challenging. A major rail strike will shut down the trains for three days, 21,23, 25…the day I fly home. I support union labour and hope the rail company gives the workers a fair deal. I am sick of watching big profit’s stay in the hands of a few rich people when workers cannot cover rising living costs. So ‘power to the people!’ And I shall be looking at bus schedules.

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Butter chicken Butter chicken
Butter chicken

The earlier pappadoms were more impressive, but everything was delicious.
Train leaving Switzerland Train leaving Switzerland
Train leaving Switzerland

I was on top of double-decker cabin
Nice meal on the EuroStarNice meal on the EuroStar
Nice meal on the EuroStar

Real cutlery, too.

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