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South America » Uruguay » East » La Paloma March 19th 2009

I arrived at La Paloma yesterday. The hostel is great, across the street from the beach. Yesterday was St. Patrick's day and a couple from Ireland made Sheppard's pie for everyone. A bonfire in front of the deck was the focus point for travelers from Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the U.S. The staff here are wonderful, making the fire, running the bar, passing out cake at midnight. It felt as if we were on an all inclusive holiday package at a resort, rather than a group of weary travelers. The chatter around the fire was filled with travel tales, politics, weather and 'best moments' on the road. There were three Australians traveling along the coast in a rented car. They were going to Coba Polinio the next day and offered to take me. 'Hippie ... read more
Across street
La Paloma

I have been offline for a few days. I found my beach and as I type I can hear the waves outside...but that will be another blog. Catch up. I will upload some photos from Colonia (two are out of order) and then Montevideo. Uruguay is an amazing country, a real jewel. The capital city is laid back in most areas. My first night here was a bit dodgy. The hotel was near the dock area, yet very close to the main square and city centre. I arrived Saturday afternoon and discovered that laundry facilities and almost all stores were closing for the weekend. The hotel receptionist gave me a map and told me not to wander around after dark. Hmmmmm I found a bank machine, bought a telephone card and had supper at nearby cafe. ... read more
Independence Plaza
Tall room
hotel room

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 13th 2009

I woke up today not sure where I was going to be staying. It was up to current hotel, if they had a space for tonight I would stay, if not I would catch a bus to Montevideo. I am happy with either possibility, or anything new. Life is wonderfully slow in Colonia and I am the most relaxed I've been on this trip so far. Uruguay is a fascinating country, or at least the one historical town that I visited. Some restaurants have Swiss food, others have Italian, and more have barbequed beef. The local cheese is quite good. Everyone seems mellow and quietly friendly. There is absolutely no pressure on tourists. Most of us walk around the historic town taking photos (that was yesterday). Today I am going for a walk on the beach. ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 12th 2009

I made more thing off my bucket list. I took the ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay. The weather is humid, with thundershowers; I think there is a tropical storm passing by. Colonia is a wonderful historic town. Uruguay is a mixture of Switzerland and Bermuda, I think, with a dash of Italian culture mixed in. Cars do not honk!! and they stop for pedestrians! I have met more Canadians here than any other part of South America that I visited. I think Uruguay is laid-back like Canada, with more of a European twist, and tropical weather. Many people are driving on mopeds with no helmuts. The cars are mainly from Europe. The pace of life is gentle. The only complaint so far is the very, very slow computers that do not let you ... read more
Approaching Colonia
Time Stops
Old Town

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 12th 2009

I´m at an Internet Cafe with very slow computers. I will start this blog and finish it a few days later when I can upload pictures. ... read more
Pink House
White caps

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 9th 2009

It is difficult for a country to make a good impression when you take an overnight flight that lasts 4 and a half hours in a really uncomfortable seat; and you land with no sleep and must wait for hostel shuttle to arrive. I was quite grumpty by the time I saw the driver, but relief that I was going to be taken downtown to hostel won over and I greeted him with enthusiasm. I have to wait until two p.m. before I get a private room, and I decided to seek out an internet cafe with fast computers. I dropped the bags in the luggage room and found bank, restaurant (hamburgers come with no bun but with olives, boiled egg and french fries) and tourist bureau. My hostel is in central Buenos Aires, 150 metres ... read more
Pink Blossoms
Hostel Bus
Main Boulevard

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima March 8th 2009

Who knew air could feel so heavy?! I am back in Lima and for the first few hours I felt like my half-empty water bottle....slightly crushed by the air pressure at sea level. When I was sitting in the cab it felt as if there was pressure on my eyelids, making me want to close my eyes. All of my body was slumping, in a dozy way, as if I had taken strong tranquilizers. The feeling wasn´t bad, perhaps because it was accompanied with that tropical heat sensation when you get off the plane and feel the humid hot air and you can´t wait to peel off the jeans, socks, sneakers and fleece vest. My skin loves the moisture and heat in Lima. The mountain air was dry, so much so that my legs and arms ... read more
Bye Cusco
Bye Sacred Valley
Canada Street

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco March 6th 2009

Hey, cyber travel buddies, tomorrow we leave Cusco for Lima, and a couple days later I fly to Buenos Aires. If I am offline for a few days don´t worry. I doubt there are new photos to take in Lima. I have a few final pictures to upload from Cusco, and will add some more from trip to Bolivia. The city feels different now that schools are open. My hotel is beside a school and I hear morning songs and children laughing in the playground. I was tempted to visit...but no....don´t want any official part of trip. Yesterday and today I have been doing the teacher thing by telling street kids to go to school instead of selling things in the Plaza Armes. Several have reassured me that they will go on Monday, and some said ... read more
Girls back from church

The Isla del Sol, an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, on the Bolivian side, is a popular tourist spot. I have met many travelers who recommended going there to see the sunsets. There is a lot more to this island than glorious setting suns. The island is already setting itself up to gain from tourism, so go quick before it becomes another trap! Luck was with me once I landed and got to the hostel. By the way, that is an olympic feat in itself, walking up the Inca stairs on a hell of an incline up a mighty big hill/mountain. It is worth it. No matter what hotel or hostel that you book into you will have a glorius view (and your heart and lungs will have had a great workout). I did ... read more
Ancient Ruins
Zoom In to Wool Production

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca March 1st 2009

Hola, Cyber Travel Buddies, I know I have been offline for a few days. I went to Bolivia, to the Isla del Sol, the island in the middle of Lake Titicaca. I´ll post second blog about that trip, but I need to finish this one that I started when I arrived in Puno. On this computer the photos look dark, and the keyboard definitely is challenging with a sticky´è and I can´t get some symbols, so be flexible when you read this text. I can´t catch every mistake. I´ll add some more photos to this blog, that fit the theme about fleecing tourists. If anyone is coming to Peru soon and plans to make similar trek, I hope you´ll gain a few travel tips. Soooo, back a few days I wrote: Early morning and I am ... read more
Heading down the highway

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