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May 20th 2022
Published: May 20th 2022
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Women of TheraWomen of TheraWomen of Thera

Most walls in houses were so decorated.
I have this sign on my study wall. Thus traveling to Santorini, originally called Thera, has been high on my bucket list. I blasted through the museum because they close at 3:30. I took lots of photos and will enjoy them when I get home. It was amazing to stand beside the real wall hanging or pithoi, rather than see copies in books or shops. I could touch the large pots on display (until the museum guarded yelled at me). *smile*

When buying my ticket, I had a bit of an argument about the name 'Minoans'. She was adament that the people on this island were not Minoans. I guess everyone tries to claim, interpret and defend their ancient history. I bet she isn't even born on this island. *chuckling* We did agree that Minoans were in Crete. I didn't try to lecture her about Plato's records, albeit he was wrong by a zero.

For all the travelers out there, here are the directions to get to this Internet cafe (only one in town): outside of bus terminal turn left, and then right on next street. Walk past a flower shop and car rental and two restaurants and you

Wonder what is in her hand and what is its use?
will see 'InSpot' a very fine internet and coffee/bar. (see photos) Really good machines and comfy seats. Gamers are plugged in and some yell at their opponents far away. Staff are very helpful. I will frequent this place often. Thank goodness for teckie nerds!!

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And what is up with the blue headdress? Keeping hair out of eyes? symbol of working class?

Is the larger female figure a queen or a goddess?

Is the blue cap useful for fishermen diving into the water?

I know of a textbook which uses this mural to describe Thera's people as 'Atlantis'. The myth is real, Thera blue up from volcano.
other islandother island
other island

wonder where this is?

One of many in towns destroyed by volcanic eruption

I think that is the plants

amazing to touch (there should be a cord around display if they do not want people to touch this beauty)
storying olive oilstorying olive oil
storying olive oil

pot was nearly as tall as I am

22nd May 2022
whitewhashed trees

white washed trees
Hi Teresa. Several reasons for whitewashing...often done with limewash by the way, but it is done to protect from weather extremes, pests and often to help young trees when the sun is on them all day long so it is reflected instead of absorbed (the sun). Am enjoying all your photos and stories.

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