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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira May 16th 2018

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira August 18th 2017

Time for this years European vacation. Something a little different this year, as I decide to go to Greece, and in particular, Santorini. I had a long day to get to Santorini, as I flew from Atlanta to New York to Athens to Santorini. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I arrived. I booked ahead a transport from the airport to my hostel just so I would not have to deal with the buses, taxis etc.. After I depart the Santorini airport, I saw someone holding a sign with my name. This was a welcome sight, and I felt very relieved. The sign holder was not my driver, however the driver came there to greet and pick me up fairly quickly. Off to my hostel I go. We get near the area, and ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira July 31st 2016

6th July - 19th July 2016 The 4 or so weeks before we left for Greece were very stressful weeks. We had a huge decision on our mind on whether to leave the UK early to go home for a great job offer for Matt with his previous company or to keep living our humble lives in Edinburgh, travelling to Europe on the weekends. When we had decided that it was definitely the best decision to take the job, it still took a few weeks for it to be confirmed on the NZ side which meant a lot of uncertainty for us. This meant we only ended up giving about 1 weeks notice to our work as we had already planned our Greece trip and arranged annual leave for it, so we decided we would finish ... read more
Trio at Acropolis
Me standing on Matts head

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira October 19th 2015

Deorro ft. Chris Brown - Five More Hours Thomas Jack - Rivers Pierce Fulton - Kuaga (Lost Time) ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira September 21st 2015

Une autre journée parfaite s’est achevée hier! On a commencé la journée relax en se prélassant à la piscine de notre hôtel, puis on est partis vers 12h30. On a attrapé un gyros chacun à 2,50 euros (!!!!!!!) à la place centrale de Fira, puis on a continué notre chemin jusqu’au téléphérique… On avait une petite croisière dans la caldera à 14h30. Il y a plein de croisières du genre à Santorini, donc plein de compagnies. La plupart des touristes achètent ça dernière minute directement à Santorini mais moi, étant la freak que je suis, j’ai fait des recherches… J’ai épluché Trip Advisor pour trouver le meilleur rapport qualité-prix, et je pense bien l’avoir trouvé! On a pris la compagnie Santorini Cruises avec le bateau Thalassa, et on a passé une journée extraordinaire. Ça ne pouvait ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira September 19th 2015

Je vous écris de notre balcon à notre hôtel de Santorini, Anatoli Hotel. On vient d’être témoin de tout un lever de soleil (il est 7h30). Notre hôtel est magnifique. On voit la mer au loin, une église dans chaque direction, il y a une petite cour avec citronniers et autres arbres fruitiers où on va prendre notre petit déjeuner fait maison, et c’est sans oublier la piscine dans un décor de rêve. Quelle belle vie! L’arrivée à Santorini en traversier est carrément magique. Jérôme avait vérifié la carte sur son cell donc on a pu choisir le bord du bateau avant que tous les touristes s’y garochent en masse à l’arrivée et qu’il soit trop tard. On a entre autres eu la vue sur Oia, THE village, celui qu’on voit photographié partout avec les toits ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira July 6th 2015

The anticipation of travelling to Santorini had my stomach full of butterflies for days... even long after we arrived. Not only does it live up to it's name, but it was far more beautiful than what I had imagined. I'm not just talking about the signature caldera white villages and blue domed churches that Santorini conjures images of... We also met some of the warmest people there, and ate some of the most delicious food, which when served looked like art. You can't really compare it to any other place on earth, it's unique in it's own right. And although it's obviously a romantic destination, the best part of this trip was sharing this experience with our friends. Arrival We flew in from Gatwick Airport, and had a chance to sleep a little on the plane. ... read more
Beautiful Greek church
Amazing Calderra Cliffs
Santorini Donkeys hard at work

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira June 30th 2015

Issy has a really bad cold. She‘s taking every medication known to man plus some that haven't been invented yet, but all to no avail. This is very unfortunate timing for her. I go exploring while she rests up. I walk down towards Fira town. There’s a cruise ship in and it gets more and more crowded as I go. I hear a lady complaining that she has to climb too many steps to get to her hotel; I think that maybe she should have come to somewhere a bit flatter than Santorini. It is now insanely crowded, and I hear a tour group leader constantly yelling "number one group this way", so that his charges don't all get lost. The whole town is narrow alleys. I have a map, but it's not a lot of ... read more
Caldera from Homeric Poems
Caldera from Homeric Poems
Skaros Rock from Homeric Poems

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira August 10th 2014

Nalynn and I had a fantastic tour in Ephesus, Turkey today. There is so much history here, it is amazing. I think I took about 200 pictures, but I am attaching 4 or 5 here. We will bore you with the rest when we return home. We also purchased a Turkish rug for our home- please send money, we can no longer afford the cab ride from the airport. Our backup plan is for Nalynn to win back our money in the casino tonight, please keep your fingers crossed ( just kidding). Arlyn... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira August 9th 2014

We over-nighted in Istanbul. Nalynn and I decided to take it easy this morning as opposed to getting off the ship and having to hurry back. The ship departs at 1:00 pm and it is raining, so we just decided to stay in, have a leisurely breakfast and relax. Last night at dinner, the wait staff brought a nice birthday cake to the table and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Nalynn. We have a great table with some new friends. Julie and her mother Shirley are from London, and Ed and Lauren are from San Diego, California. We have really enjoyed laughing and sharing stories with them. We hope you are all doing well. We arrive tomorrow in Ephesus, and are really looking forward to our tour there. Please take care, Arlyn and Nalynn... read more

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