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Volunteering in a horse riding center in Kamatriades, Greece

Experience as a volunteer on a Greek island
12 years ago, January 3rd 2011 No: 1 Msg: #125802  
N Posts: 1
Dear all,

I am just back from Evia, a Greek island situated at a 3-hour ride from Athens. I worked there as a volunteer in a horse riding center, and have learned a lot from this beautiful experience.

There were 16 horses to be taken care of, and some work to do in a cosy café-restaurant. Sometimes volunteers go and help in the fields too (cherry picking, etc, according to the season...). The volunteers were from different countries, but Tasso, the owner of the place, and most of the customers, were Greek.
It was a perfect way of discovering the Greek culture while meeting people from all around the world. Most of the customers are from the island, or they come from other Greek regions and spend a holiday in Evia. They come to ride the horses or just for a coffee... Every day was different at the farm. It was sometimes very busy, and sometimes very quiet, which gave us the possibility to ride the horses or go for a walk and take our time. Tasso is very friendly and welcoming, and always wanting to share his Greek culture and make you understand it better.

Nature is beautiful there, and the farm has a stunning view on the valley and the sea. Work was different every day. We had to take care of the horses of course, but also to help when people were coming to ride them, give a hand at the café...

It has been a very rich human experience, and I will certainly repeat it. I recommend it to anyone willing to get in touch with the Greek culture and spend some time in the countryside.
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