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Getting to Athens from Vienna ( Wien)

I need help getting to Greece with my bike!
11 years ago, November 10th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #92959  
Hey all! Been a while 😊

I've been teaching kindergarten in Wien for past few months, I want a change and I may have some work in Athens. Problem being Vienna OBB train site is crap and google maps is no good either. did a few searches and came up with little.

I want to go by train

I don't care how long it takes

I have a bike with me

VERY cheap way please!

If you can let me know of any info then please reply here!

Hope all are well
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11 years ago, November 10th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #93068  
B Posts: 73
Hi Dj Barbie,

Alright, if you are convinced that you want to do the route by train, then I recommend that you use the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) website, as it is the best for working out train routes for anywhere in Europe.

If you use the site and enter "Wien" as the starting city, and "Athenes" (yes, make sure you spell it like that) as the end location, then it will give you all of the options. I chose a random day to try and make the route, and it gave me a number of options, but with the shortest trip time being 31.5 hours with multiple changes along the way.

Once you have searched and it comes up with route options, click the arrow at the left-hand side of each option to see all of the train details.

Hope it works out, have fun in Greece! Reply to this

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