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Christina Thamm

The blog is mostly for people at home (wherever that is) to keep up with my adventures but I will provide a lot of useful tips for anyone wanting to visit the places I have been to as well :-)

I have been blessed with parents who enjoy travelling a lot so since we were young, they brought my sister and me to a lot of beautiful places, both within our home country Denmark and Europe but as we grew older we also travelled further and further away. When we were younger it was mostly camping around Europe - then it developed to backpacking, many times to Asia and now also a road trip in California, backpacking in Mexico and more to come.

Naturally, I also go travelling alone, with my sister or friends. I have made longer travels to Asia and South America where I lived in Chile for 5 months - and now I have moved to Spain where I currently work. During my time here in Spain I have been doing many small weekend trips that unfortunately are not all mentioned here but I will try and keep things up to date.

I am always saving up for my next adventure and spending most my money on travelling whenever I can!

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston » Back Bay November 3rd 2016

I arrived in Boston Thursday night, unfortunately I had to spend 1,5 hours figuring out how to change my flight home, so we only just made it for dinner before the restaurants closed. We stopped at a vegan Asian restaurant called grasshopper where we had super delicious food. We went back to my friends place in Worcester outside Boston and had an early night as we wanted to make the most out of my one day in Boston. We went into the city early and walked the freedom trail, which will take you past most of the important historic sights. It is a red line of old bricks that you follow all the way around the city. We decided also to do the harbor walk and made it by the Boston Tea Party museum but too ... read more
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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver October 21st 2016

Since I was too lazy and also travelling in order to both study and visit friends I did not keep my travel diary as I usually do. Therefore this blog post will not be as useful as usually for other travellers as I have not stayed at hostels or travelled as I usually would. It will be a more reflective blog post for anyone interested in reading about my travel and reflections. This whole travel got planned and re-planned a few times. It ended up with me spending the first weekend, Friday-Monday in Denver. I arrived Friday evening at the airport and took and Uber to my couchsurfing spot in Thornton. It is a bit outside the city, but it was so worth it to go out there! I got a hughe room with its own ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Ripoll August 7th 2016

Close by Ripoll in North Catalonia you find a spot called 7 gorgs. You can find it just by entering the name on google maps. The drive is super beautiful through the mountains and arriving is easy, there is a parking spot (park by the road if you can find a spot, parking is 10 euros), from here you see a map over the area - recommend to take a picture of it so you can check it on your way - from here you follow the yellow route if you want to see all the seven waterfalls. There are nice little spots for picnics so bring lunch and loads of water. The hike starts out through a beautiful quiet forrest. We found several berry bushes and even a wild bunny on our way. It gets ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Monistrol de Montserrat August 6th 2016

With my sister, cousin and friend we rented a car at the airport of Barcelona, where from you more or less have the highway straight to Montserrat. It is an easy drive on around an hour and we arrived around 10 - but this was a horrible time to arrive at the monastery which is super touristy. It was full of big tourist busses with Asians with big cameras, so after having a quick look (the view is very nice up there) we decided to go back a bit to a parking lot we found that only cost 4 euros for the whole day. Here we got a map and a tip for a good hiking route. We started off hitting the small trails in the hot sun, but we had a lot of fun. The ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Palma July 21st 2016

I arrived at Mallorca very late Wednesday night, my flight with Ryanair was delayed one hour but also only cost me 50 euros, so it was quite OK. After waiting in the airport the flight only took around 50 mins, I slept all the way. I arrived in the airport after the busses had stopped going, I was going to the port right next to the airport and decided for a taxi, the port is called Can Pastilla - at night it was a 15 euro taxi trip, cheaper in day time. There I met my father and his travel buddy Claus, him and his wife both retired and sold the house and are currently travelling around on their boat in Spain. We went on their little rubber boat (they did not want to pay the ... read more
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Asia May 15th 2016

15th of May; Got up early to go to the aiport, a taxi is 10.000 kyats from the center. Said goodbye to everyone and checked out - sad to leave and not know when I will see them again, but also excited about travelling on my own! Flight went fast, changed in Bangkok without a problem. Arrived in Chiang Rai and went straight to Chian House. A nice little family run guesthouse in a quiet area, with a swimming pool and super good and cheap northern style thai food, one fan room for 200 bath per night. Booked two nights there and a day trip to all temples and sights the next day. Met Frank an American English teacher living here for a year now. He took me to a temple in the city and a ... read more
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Asia » Burma May 6th 2016

7th of May; Almost missed my flight in Barcelona because it was 2 hours earlier than I thought, managed to still make it in time and get through the airport on 20 mins with help from security. Couldn't check the bag in so had to throw my shampoo out but somehow I got a big bottle of sunscreen and aftersun with me, I guess they were stressing as much as me. Feel so lucky and blessed to make it, I was sure I was gonna miss it - I only realised when I was in the train which goes super slow and then I had to change terminal as well which takes 10-15 mins. I feel like the luckiest stupidest girl in the world! Quick transfer in Paris and then off to Bangkok. Air France was ... read more
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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Almada March 23rd 2016

23-03-16: Arrived in Lisbon after sleeping the whole flight, waited an hour for my friend to arrive and then jumped on the metro to the city. Had to change in Sao Sebastian to go to Reatauradores and from there we could walk. We did not have the name or adress of our hostel written down, tried asking for directions but asking how to find G-Spot hostel was not super tempting. We managed to find some wi-fi and find it on Google maps and it was only a 10 min walk. Arrived around 21 at the hostel and the two young British guys that checked us in where both already a bit drunk but super nice and very helpful, gave us a map and pointed out good spots to go. We went to the room with our ... read more
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Europe » Andorra » Encamp February 19th 2016

We booked the busticket apart and then hotel, ski pass, snowboard rental and classes with (very cheap and recommendable) - Took the bus from Sants, short busride for me since I once again managed to sleep most of the way. Arrival in Andorra de la Vella late, no more busses so we split a taxi to Encamps where our hotel (Hotel Oro) was. We checked in and went almost straight to bed. Next morning we got up very early, went for the not very good at all breakfast but it kept us full till lunch. Went up to the Funicamp with a short bus ride in the free shuttle bus, picked up my gear and then took the Funicamp up - very amazing view and super sunny weather! We had to try and make it ... read more
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Asia » Indonesia January 12th 2016

19/12-15: After a long but smooth travel I arrived in Denpansar airport - for the first time ever I got picked up with a sign and everything - my dad had rented a moped and come out to pick me up. My family had already been on Bali around a week before my arrival. He took me on a bit of sightseeing before getting to Kuta, and we even did the round twice because the beach road proofed hard to find. Kuta is quite touristy, everyone wants to sell you something, and its full of shopping centers etc. A lot of traffic and noise from horrible music played at bars, but my dear family had managed to find a nice little hotel where none of the noise got in, and it came with a pool so ... read more
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