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February 19th 2016
Published: April 1st 2016
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We booked the busticket apart and then hotel, ski pass, snowboard rental and classes with (very cheap and recommendable) - Took the bus from Sants, short busride for me since I once again managed to sleep most of the way. Arrival in Andorra de la Vella late, no more busses so we split a taxi to Encamps where our hotel (Hotel Oro) was. We checked in and went almost straight to bed. Next morning we got up very early, went for the not very good at all breakfast but it kept us full till lunch. Went up to the Funicamp with a short bus ride in the free shuttle bus, picked up my gear and then took the Funicamp up - very amazing view and super sunny weather! We had to try and make it down in tme for my snowboard classes but got a bit lost plus I was being very slow since it was only my second time ever on a snowboard. I didn't make it down in time for the class.

We made it down slowly and I had some lunch while Isabel went crazy on the slopes - then she joined me for a clara and we went up towards Funicamp, I did some more runs and I managed to go a bit better now that we had no rush - definitely hurt my bum less than the year before. Isabel did some more runs while I enjoyed the view and sun from the top - almost felt like lying there tanning in my bikini - it was really hot. Back to the hotel for a very well deserved shower and then a quick nap before going for dinner. The only good restaurants in the city were full so we wandered around a lot before we found a small local restaurant that did not look promising at all. Their disabled son greeted us although communication did not really work with him. Then the mother attented us in Portuguese (Andorra is full of Portuguese and Russians). We managed to try and order something from the 3-course menu but they did not really understand that Isabel was vegetarian and kept offering her fish or ham. The place itself was strange, the son sitting behind us watching one of the two TV's, both showing different things with sound on. Some people came in, only English speakers, we tried to translate but when they heard the soup of the day was veggie soup they left. The son might have scared them away. He would go up and knock the glass door when people where considering going in.

Then a bunch of Frenchies came in, them speaking Franglish and her in Portugues they managed to order something without our translation services. Our food came, Isabel got a salad and me a pasta dish and it was super yummy- we were really surprised. Main dish the same - I had an amazing salmon dish with oven potatoes and it all tasted like heaven. We made sure to leave a tip and tell her how good the food was and she was the happiest person on earth. When we left the place was full of people so the locals apparantly knew how good it was.

Next day - already Sunday and last day - we got up early again. This time we took the bus to where my classes were and I made it on time! I was nervous I would be behind since the rest had attended the class the day before but it turned out I was doing very good. It was nice and more relaxing and we had a very VERY patient teacher. Of course the two small kids where the best of the class. After a nice day with them I met with Isabel for lunch and she had met one of our friends from Barcelona on the slopes. We ended up sharing table with a Spanish/Swedish family in the sun talking about multi cultural families and had a lovely time. Then on the next lift we met a bunch of Israelian guys that wanted to meet up in Barcelona later on - never happened but always nice to make friends. Then we did a few more runs, me going better than the day before so Isabel did not have to wait too much. She did another run by herself and then it was time to return. Another super sunny super nice day. Back to get redressed in the toilet/gym room downstairs since we had already checked out. Back to Andorra de la Vella and just had time for an ice cream in MacDonalds before going with the bus. We were delayed cause everyone was going back to Barcelona at this point, but got there safely and tired. Monday I already woke up early and wanted to go on the slopes but realized the gloomy office was waiting ahead. Will be back next year for more!

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