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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 2nd 2008

At the end of my last Blog we had been staying in a resort for the night. The next morning after breakfast 8 of us headed for Hua Hin after being told that we had a free weekend - we were craving the beach and also any food other than rice and vegetables. Hua Hin is one of the closest main beach resorts to Bangkok but we hadn't reckoned on a 7 hour journey from where we were and a particularly sweaty hot 4 hour bus ride. Hence we were glad to land finally on friday afternoon. We checked into our 'Jetty' guest house at 3 pounds each a night- in Hua Hin there are many jetties or piers that have guest houses and restaurants right over the water, they are really nice but apparantly they ... read more
Hua Hin Beach
Wiz on our balcony of the guest house

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 1st 2008

Well after an intense week of living as a monk- (will add that entry soon, I just spend a good 30 mins writting about it, and my computer crashed!!!!!!!!!) We took a road trip to Hua Hin! It was absoultely amazing being on a beach after almost a month of living in rural Thailand, actually- it was the first beach i'd seen here!!!! We arrived and booked into our guesthose, it was actually over the sea which was fab!!! We went out for a delicious seafood meal, I had Makeral, sqid, prawns it was so so good!! I enjoyed every mouthful!! The next day we spent a WHOLE day on the beach which was fab as I haven't done that yet- and the tan did need a lil top up!! That afternoon me and Hannah decided ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 24th 2008

hi folks This will be our last blog before we come home, for the simple reason that we have discovered paradise. Story so far is that KL , another city was too much. Although it is a very nice place, everyone and his dog is trying to rip you off so we all decided we had had enough of city life. We got a flight to Bangkok mid afternoon, found a cheepy airport hotel for the night and looked for some where to go for the rest of our trip that was quiet. Hua Hin on the Gulf coast seemed to fit the bill so we started looking and asking people for any recommendations. A guy in info in the airport mentioned a little hotel south of Hua Hin that fitted the bill. We phoned and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 13th 2008

Kaikesta tasta saatavuuden ja lansimaalaisuuden ulostunkevuudesta huolimatta jatkamme huomenna matkaa. Klo9 bussi vie meidat Chumponiin, josta jatkamme laivalla paratiisisaari Koh Taolle. Uskomme, etta se tulee olemaan se oikea paikka sille hammockin ripustamiselle. Aluksi mietittiin vaihtoehtoa nimelta juna, mutta se osoittautui liian hitaaksi vaihtoehdoksi. Neljan tunnin bussimatka olisi taittunut junalla n. 8tunnissa. Emme ole saaneet varmuutta lauttojen lahtoajoista, joten hyvin paljon on mahdollista etta yovymme Chumponissa ja hyppaamme botskiin vasta ylihuomenaamuna. Sen olen tullut toteamaan taalla Hua Hinissa paivan vietettyani, etta tama olisi aivan loistava paikka viettaa elakepaivia. Kaikki mita tarvitsee on lahella ja koko ajan joku tulee myymaan erilaisia tarve-esineita. Naimme rannalla myos viehattavan brittimiesseurueen, jotka pitivat kaljanjuomisesta taukoa kayden "ui... read more
Huoneen vessasuihku, jonka pontto vedetaan vetta heittamalla

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 12th 2008

Nyt on sitte saavuttu Hua Hiniin tanaan paivalla. Otettiin Bangkokissa taksi yleiselle bussiasemalle ja bookattiin liput Hua Hinin bussiin. Linjuriautossa oli vahan kuuma ja hien haju oli valilla vaistamatonta valttaa, mutta 3 tunnin matka sujui mutkitta. Hua Hinissa pois jaatyamme hankittiin kartta ja paikannettiin sijaintimme. Syvemmalle keskustaan astuessamme alkoi kuumuus, rinkan paino ja turistien suunnaton paljous ahdistaa mieliamme. Niinpa Susu istahti rinkkojen ja kassien kera Hilton-hotellin kahvilaan imemaan pirteloa, ja meikalainen lahti etsimaan hostellia tai guest housea. Noin kymmenkunta hokkelia kierrettyani loytyi tarpeeksi hyva guest house hintaan 500Bht (n.10e). Miellyttava lihava, paidaton mies toivotti meidat tervetulleeksi paikkaan nimelta 21guesthouse (mita nyt sitte meinaakaan...)! Huoneen hintaan kuului ilmastointi ja lammin suihku, joten otimme tarjouksen iloisi... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin December 23rd 2007

Today is our day off! After a morning of "sleeping in" despite the dogs barking and gibbon calls, an extra hour felt good. We drove to Hua Hin about 45 minutes away. As soon as we got here we spotted a McDonald's and a Burger King right across from each other plus a dozen or so restaurants and street vendors. As someone in my group said it best, this street has more than all of St. Kitts. Truly this country has more of everything than St. Kitts and when I return "home" its going to be a bit of a shock. We then hunted down the Starbucks and then started shopping and working our way to the beach. The beach was nice kind of looks like NJ water not nice and clear like in the Carribean ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin October 28th 2007

Hua Hin pronounced something like (Wha-heen) was a destination we hadn't initially thought of in our planning, but as we were forced to leave the Ko Samui area sooner than hoped, we decided to give it a go, especially since it was on our route back to Bangkok. Guidebooks describe Hau Hin as a resort for Thais mainly from Bangkok, didnt appear so at first, it had plenty of western tourists with the usual bars and restaurants, once we visited the night market and beach we realised they were right. We also noticed prices here were the cheapest so far. When we first arrived a girl from the bus company organised a tuk tuk to take us, and another couple to a guest house at 600 baht per night near the beach. The cheeky driver who ... read more
Just like back home
 Fantastic Seafood
New Hair Style

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin October 11th 2007

Kim here I finally feel like we're in the groove of travelling now, at first i think the jet lag and the realization of hostels and busses and foreign language for the next year was a strange mix, especially decompressing on khoa san rd. So when the idea of clean clear air with himilayan mts as a backdrop and a brand new culture was just a ticket away we booked in and immediatly felt refreshed. It will definately be a challenge, considering bobby and i have never been on a hike together before, i cant even remember the last time actually, the main thing is trekking in nepal..........might as well start with the most hardcore terrain and splash a little altitude sickness in there hey!! I am looking forward to being stretched and pulled and learning ... read more
Hilton and beachy restaurants
Hua Hin beach
storm clouds

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin September 28th 2007

Arrived in hau hin on friday afternoon. It was a long trip I caught the government bus from the southern bus terminal it's the best way to travel sure, it takes a while but its cheap as chips. One problem was the bus seamed to stop every 300 metres and let someone on/off and by the time we got to cha am it was just as the schools were finishing so 50 school kids piled on. It was a very a very hot day when I got to hau hin and I had to walk quite a way to the hotel i was staying at but resisted all the offers of a tuk tuk ride. When I got there I just wanted a room fast, so I paid my money and took a room. Went out ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin September 8th 2007

We have been blessed with beautiful weather in our final week in Thailand. Sharon has been making the most of it whilst I have been taken over with suduko addiction. I can't really tell you much about Hua Hin apart from it has a lovely long golden beach and a new shopping mall complete with western shops and multi-screen cinema. We have been very lazy with regards to sightseeing. We are staying in a lovely studio apartment and have been enjoying the benefits of a great swimming pool and free dvd hire :-) We have ignored our $50 a day budget, something we have stuck to for 6 months, thrown caution to the wind, and living as king and queen on $70 a day instead :-) Everything must come to an end and so, this ... read more
Time to relax

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