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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 13th 2007

We arrived back in America at SFO February 28, 2007. Back to the Bay. Back to family. Back to reality? Not so much. Boy are we LUCKY! Maybe a touch Spoiled too! 'Back to Reality' for Mike and myself meant wine and laughter, taco feasts, soaking in Calistoga, catching up with the best of friends, the sights of Tahoe, snowboarding, and reminiscing about times that are sometimes forgotten. Work?...Not yet, possibly not till April (GASP!). Home?...not a set place yet, simply where the heart is with family and friends. Life has brought us back to America but not to reality quite yet. Thailand seems like it happened in a magical place where time stood still. Looking at the 3000+ pictures we took is amazing (Yes, I said 3000+!). Thailand was so wonderful. The experience has given ... read more
Erin's Pack
Anchored Long Tail

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 7th 2007

Well, as my time in Laos came to a close the younglings and I returned back to the booming and bustling country of Thailand where roads are paved, gas is purchased at stations (not out of jars) and cars exist that were manufactured this century. Arriving in the Northeast metropolis of Ubon we quickly determined that life up here was a lot different then the other places in Thailand we've visited on and off over the last few months. For starters it should be mentioned that Ubon is not at all touristy. It's a pleasant (though large) middle class city where dreams seem to become a reality. The local folk are the friendliest I've seen in Thailand and are downright shocked to see foreigners in their little world (though it's actually very large). We burst right ... read more
Golf Gang
Local Beach Spot

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 5th 2007

Well I've certainly had a change in lifestyle after the last blog update. We've since rendezvoused with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Larry who've flown to Thailand to join their nephews and Trevor. We gave them a brief tour of Bangkok (seeing as how we've spent like two weeks total in the 'City of Angels' ) and quickly booked into a very nice resort in Hua Hin, which is located down the coast on the Gulf of Thailand. It was nice to be back in Thailand after spending a few months jumping around Indochina, and especially nice to be staying on a beautiful beach drenched in sun. We got to play some more volleyball and even swim in the fancy pool at the hotel! We took it pretty easy for the first day, picked up some ... read more
Goodbye Fresh Seafood
Beached Boats

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 3rd 2007

Hi all we arived safely Sat morning at like 1am.. longest day of our lives. We cought a cab and hit Khao San where we walked around for 2 hours looking for a room.. we finaly found one and boy was it a gem . we had a few critters for friends and paper thin walls. We didn't sleep much so we left there at about 7am had some breakfast, Ray had banana poriage and I had a croissant hehe I found one. We proceeded to find a tuk tuk which was crazy, "hold on tight". Wound up at the wrong place finally we found the buses and was rushed onto one. Hoping it was the right one and yes as you can see we made it to Hua Hin. We will update more, but we ... read more
what a gem
First TukTuk ride

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 3rd 2007

Bus travel in Asia is surpising. Sometimes it's hell, sometimes it's good. Other times you're treated like royalty. We boarded a beautiful bus that we were to spend the next 13 hours on. They had a airline style stewardess on their who handed us free water and snacks, as well as a wet towel to clean ourselves with. The seats were oversized and comfortable. The ride for me was terrible. I didn't sleep at all that night. I don't know why, I just can't sleep on busses. Jasmine slet like a baby. We woke up in the morning in Bangkok from Phuket, groggy and not in the best of moods. As we walked away from the bus Jasmine let out a loud gasp. We forgot everyones gifts on the bus. She was absolutley heartbroken. We did ... read more
@ Hua Hin Beach
Our Teak  hotel
Hotel decor

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin February 22nd 2007

Day 265, 20th February Don Tum - Samut - Songkhram - Khao Yoi The sun rose bright red above the palms. We had survived our tiger encounter, luckily. We quickly packed our soaking tents and followed the dusty track back onto the road, narrowly missing a bike-helmet-sized land turtle on the way. Although it was early the humidity level from the jungle was immense and we were soaked with sweat by the time we found the first place to eat, a cheap roadside café. We ordered ‘Khau-phat’ with eggs and veggies. The owner of the café spoke some English and confirmed to me that it was not uncommon for tigers to be seen in the jungles nearby - apparently they stray over from Burma which isn’t far away. We silently tucked into one of the best ... read more
Andy in Hua Hin
100 Baht notes
The King

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 6th 2007

We could almost hear the bass thumps of Khao-San Road fading away as we jumped into the second taxi we hailed. The first was closer to the tourist area and tried to charge us double for the trip to the bus station. Upon reaching the station, few ‘farangs’ (tourists) and equally few words printed in the roman alphabet were visible …more challenging but with a little deduction and some friendly Thais, it wasn't too tough to navigate at all. A three hour bus ride later, we got off in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is a resort town famous for courting the King on holiday. Clean, colorful and crawling with tourists, the town gives way to a long beach hidden by thousands of sun-shielding umbrellas. Within this labyrinth of chairs and people you may hire a sun-chair ... read more
Road to the beach...
Hazy Morning
Balcony Pose

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin October 31st 2006

We arrived in Hua Hin early afternoon decided to go to pattana guest house. Pattana guest house is an old teak fishermans place, and its beautiful. It cost us 325 a night but the place was so clean and the vibe around the place was great. The owner is a dutch guy called Arno who was quite layed back and nice. It was quite similar feel around the resort. There are loads of spanking hotels and plenty of money about but it still has a great feel. There was plenty of fresh fish on offer but you can't beat the food from the food stalls back from the front, its cheap and fresh and its nice to eat with the thai people. I had my first bowl of Tom yam soup which is something else its ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin October 27th 2006

The first time I ever set foot in Hua Hin was in 1994. It was on one of those family holidays that soon became an annual tradition: we'd pack up from wherever we were in the world to spend a month on the beach. It was great. The venue of choice was a guest house of sorts called the Juniper Tree, frequented by many European families who lived in countries all over Asia and seemed to congregate in Hua Hin on their annual reprieve. My earliest memories consist of a daily ice cream allowance and the 'couch family sand - sculpture extravaganza', whereby we would construct life size sand figures to the awe and admiration of passersby. We could navigate through the small alleyways of the local day market and were undoubtedly the town's mini golf ... read more
Exhausted Traveler
More Exhaustion
Man with the green shirt

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin July 20th 2006

Feeling much better after a good nights sleep, settled into Hua Hin really easily, ended up staying four nights at my good Hotel, Subhamitra. Had a horse ride on the beach, lazed by the pool, posted a couple parcels, sorted a phone card, changed some traveller's cheques, ate well at various sea food restaraunts, particularly good one on the pier, with the water chopping underneath me, very dodgy looking wooden pier too. It is a shame that it has rained such alot here, but definately worth the visit, glad I stopped off here. Yvonne, there are some beautiful colourful flowers out here at the moment, I would not have a clue what they are called, but I guess its because of the weather, lots of rain bringeth nice flowers.... Jaye, I made the mistake of buying ... read more
Hua Hin Fishing
Horse ride on the beach

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