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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin November 20th 2008

Hello all, hope everyone's ok back home.. Last time we did this we'd just come off our trek in the jungle, and since then we have done a LOT more stuff.. We headed back to Bangkok from Chaing Mai on the overnight train, this time it took 12 hours which was much mor bearable than the previous 17. Although we did have to slum it in second class next to two crazy German women who drank a bottle of gin within the first 2 hours! Once we got back to Bangkok we spent 3 days exploring the whole city, it was a bit chaotic as the King's sister died and she has a 6 day funeral, she died 10 months ago! In Bangkok we found the huge shopping centre which gave our wallets a nervous couple ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin November 13th 2008

Were getting closer to the beautiful postcard beaches of the south! This morning after doing some shopping and grubbing on Khao San Road, we caught a quick 3.5 hour bus to Hua Hin! Hua Hin is a cool little fishing village south of Bangkok. Were staying in a nice place tonight by the fishermans pier and tommorrow were going to make the train ride south to Surat Thani then take a boat to the small divers island of Koh Tao! Woohoo! Beach bummin here we come! ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin October 23rd 2008

hello from the north of the south! so we left Laos and crossed the boarder yesterday we then boarded the night train at Nong Khai and arrived in Bangkok 1.5 hrs late at 7:40 - oh how reliable! we wanted to go to Chumphon on the day train but it is a celebration day in Thailand today for Rama V so they were all fully booked We didnt want to stay in Bangkok so we bought tickets to Hua Hin - another recommendation by Dave - thanking you! We then boarded the 3rd class train (what an experience) to Hua Hin at 09:20 and arrived at 14:00 - an hour later than schedule! Mastercard moment: Chris' face when the woman he is sitting next to on the train starts breast feeding!!!!! Hua hin is noce we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin September 20th 2008

Feeling ragged from our all-night flight from Delhi, we arrived back in Bangkok to an empty airport, probably result of the country's just-lifted state of emergency. We had some difficulty locating a taxi, but were soon sailing down the refreshingly sophisticated freeway to the beach city of Hua Hin, feeling like we were back in paradise. The complete lack of any guests at our hotel further confirmed that Thailand is suffering from its recent political fiasco, and both of us wonder whether this dip in tourism will last long - a frightening prospect for Thailand. For the next three days, all we did was sit in the pool, sleep in, and veg out in our amazing hotel. It was a much needed rest after the chaos that was India, and it was a fitting denouement to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin September 14th 2008

Took us about 2 1/2 hours to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok via taxi, which cost 2000b (just under 30 quid). At first we felt much better to be out of Bangkok and near a beach. Even though the beaches were relatively nice we decided it wasn't what we were expecting. Basically it was the Bendiorm of Thailand. Open sewers meant there was a constant stink of shit in the air and too many people hassling you. Wasn't much to do here for travellers, we went to for a few drinks one night and realised Hua Hin is mean't for western men of a certain age. Lots of ladies looking for 'business,' all of the comments from the ladies went straight to Matt's head as usual!! (John and Anthony you would love it there) Here ... read more
Hua Hin Beach Life
This fell out of Matt's boxers (Hmmm)

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin July 4th 2008

On Monday 21st June we all got up early in order to leave Kanchanaburi and get to Hua Hin reasonably early as we expected the journey to take 4-5hrs. As soon as we arrived at the bus station we jumped on the number 13 bus to Ratchaburi which was just leaving. We should have known from the bus number that the journey wouldn’t go as planned! Two hours later we arrived in Ratchaburi only to find the bus stop was a couple of benches on the side of the road. We kept getting told by the locals it would be ten more minutes, then another ten, eventually it arrived after nearly 2 hours!! The bus was jam packed with people and when all the seats were full they started lining people up in the aisle! We ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin June 28th 2008

On Thursday 19th June we went to the Siam centre - a large air-conditioned shopping centre, well known for its designer shops. We walked about 5km to the Hua Lampang station via Chinatown which was a bustling place full of jewellers, street vendors selling anything and everything, motorcyclists using the pavement (much like the rest of Bangkok) and traffic which did not stop when pedestrians were crossing a crossing. Needless to say it was a bit of a mission getting there. We had to catch the underground metro and then the BTS skytrain to Siam. We were both impressed with the metro and skytrain - cool, quick and very efficient. The Siam centre was a nice escape from the heat of the city, but limited to what we could carry in our rucksacks we did not ... read more
No longer a joke...
Khao Luang Caves
Khao Takiab, Hua Hin or 'Monkey Hill'

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin June 25th 2008

On Monday we went to Monkey Island. Actually, it is Monkey Mountain, but we can't seem to remember it correctly. It was just north of the city of Hua Hin. It was such an adventure. Because it was only 30 minutes away and one destination, we decided to explore without a tour guide- or any idea of what we would see. We did have a van driver for transport. So, on Monkey Moutain we did see monkeys and the Koa Takipt Temple. Actually, the purpose of the mountain is to house the temple and all of the smaller temple buildings, the monkeys just seem to have a fun time hanging out there with the monks. One of the buildings was high on the mountain and we had to climb many, many steps. Other temple buildings we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin June 24th 2008

Paige, these elephants are part of the fountain at the pool. We can't decide if it is one 3 headed elephant or 3 one-headed elephants. What do you think? We hope to see a live elephant soon. If we do, we'll send a picture.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin June 24th 2008

The flowers are amazing on the resort grounds, so I had to take a few pictures. Don't ask me what they are because they're not labelled. This isn't Disney, you know. Maybe I'll find out before I leave. Or, think of it like a contest. The first person to identify all the flowers shown gets a Sheraton Hua Hin "gift bag".... read more
Great Smelling White Flower
White Flower

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