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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin July 11th 2005

After having spent 10 days at Suan Mokh, a Buddhist Monastery near Surat Tani (which meant getting up at 4.00 am, sleeping on bare concrete, well no, actually on a straw matt on bare concrete, getting no dinner, having to keep absolutely silent appart from the prayer before each meal - (can any one of you imagine that??? No talking at all??) And of course, needless to say: No alcohol, no other drugs and no sex:-)), we were ready to have a beer (or two) along with some funky music and possibly a smoke or something similar:-). So Lisa, Alex, Jonas and I decided to stop over at a major beach resort (not that we like that) on the way to Bangkok, since each of us had either a train to catch, a friend to meet ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin February 28th 2005

On Wednesday (23rd Feb) we left Sukhothai after a mad rush across town in a 'reverse' tuk-tuk (imagine an oversized open-fronted two-wheeled basket, into which we were both squeezed along with our rucksacks, pushed along by an woefully inadequate motorbike) and just made it onto the 9.45am bus to Bangkok. Determined not to spend another night in the capital, we made it from the northern bus station (Mo Chit) to Hua Lumphong railway station in order to buy 2nd class fan-only tickets and catch the 17.35 train south to Hua Hin, with 12 minutes to spare! The 4-hour train journey was the best so far. We rode in wooden carriages with open windows and fans through jungle and wetland all at a blistering average 25km/hour. We ate sweet-and-sour chicken and rice on our laps and numerous ... read more
Hua Hin Beach
Some monkeys...
Back in your tree

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin November 20th 2002

Hua Hin - or should that be 'Berlin-on-Sea'. There are divisions or hairy Germans everywhere. Jerry has certainly got one hell of a stronghold on this town. I haven’t mentioned the war. As a holiday resort it stinks but as a place to recover from the impact of Bangkok it serves a purpose. With a Hilton hotel dominating a high street composed of mostly restaurants and European fashion boutiques it nestles against the hills and presides over the gulf of Thailand like some sort of Aryan retirement home. Relief from this distinctly Bavarian order can be found in smaller bars and the 'All Nations' hostel that is run by a friendly Canadian named Tim. A bonus is the restaurants. Here you can eat the best Sea Bass you will ever taste although it comes at a ... read more

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