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Bangkok: my first REAL contact with the locals

Contact with amazing locals people from Bangkok
12 years ago, April 18th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #134112  
Bangkok is the bomb! My name is Sara and I come from Amsterdam and the last 6 months I have been traveling in Asia. The thinkgs that like this most in the crazy city was the contact with the locals. Bangkok offers a lot but when locals show you the city then you this city becomes AMAZING. I met some locals when I was surfing on the web and the site was called www.GuidedByALocal.com/Bangkok.

First I contacted some locals by asking questions and they really gave me amazing tips like restaurants, clubs, temples, really cool. Later I just contacted some locals and met them in town. Try for example Jake, he took me to a really nice market with all different kind of local spices. We did some groceries and after that we cooked with his whole familie ( 12 persons)!!! 2 days later Teera and a friend took me to a typical Thai drumcontest and this was very impressive. 40 guys hitting the drums and the sound was overwelming.

This experience was so amazing that I need to share this with all travelers who will go and visit Bangkok. They give you information you can not find in the local tourist shops or in the Lonely Planet. Check it out and have fun. www.GuidedByALocal.com/Bangkok

Bye Bye

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