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South America » Peru October 9th 2004

We made it! Here's our adventures to Pasadena (LA), Trujillo, Lima, Cusco, Macchi Piccu, and Lake Titicaca and the amazing people we met on the way. ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima October 8th 2004

Well Lima was nice, a bit expensive but really quite a cool city. I was planning on doing a bit of Para-sailing and swimming at the beach while I was here but the weather has been a bit cold so that'll have to wait untill I'm a bit closer to the equator. Meanwhile I'm off up to Huaras tonight and plan on draging out my tent for a couple of days camping - but apparantly it's been snowing up there in the national park over the last couple of days so we'll see about that too. Hope everyones good back home, I miss you all a lot.... read more
Costa Verde
Street venders - Lima
Governmant building in Lima - I think

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 6th 2004

Our first week has gone so quickly, we have had between 4 and 6 hours per day of Spanish lessons, so no lazing about in the sun for us - yet! Quito is an interesting spot, it is a big city with all the pollution and dangers that come with a big city but it has given us some giggles during the week, not least the sight of a Lada with a Mercedes badge! We have spent some time walking around Quito exploring the sights, practising our spanish and trying out the local food - almeurzas and empanandas. We have only once had any unpleasant side effects! We also visited a populated volcanic crater. We have visited La Mitad del Mundo (the middle of the world, 0 0´0´´), both the official incorrect line and the unofficial ... read more
The monument
Volcanic Crater
Spanish Lessons

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 6th 2004

And so, South... after the eventful final day in Venezuala, we spent a long day flying south, to Santiago, the capital of Chile. At first impressions, this is a grey, drab city - the weak spring sun fails to penetrate the blanket of smog, and the stern government buildings seem to be straight out of the 70s cold war architecture handbook. It is rather reminiscent of eastern europe, and the cold wind echos this mood. But on second inpection, you see the modern skyscrapers of western banks and mobile phone companies, and the steets buzz with fast food stores and designer clothes shops. The metro, again, is clean, fast, and there is even large plasma screens playing MTV on the platforms... there is also a real bohemian atmosphere to the place.. our hostel is in a ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines October 5th 2004

Woziz! this morning I was in this little town called Nazca where there are these amazing lines out in the desert around the town that are over 2000yrs old and no-one really knows how they got there. Some of them make up shapes of animals but you can only see them from the sky, so although they are pretty sure that it was the old Nazca race of people that made them, there are also a few theories about some sort of alien influence. I couldn't make my mind up, but I do know that they are absolutely amazing and definately one of the most intersting things that I've seen so far on my trip. My photo's didn't work for all of them so I missed a few cool animals like the monkey which was my ... read more
Last minute repairs
The Whale
The astronaut

South America » Venezuela October 5th 2004

Time for a little insight into the day to day trials of travelling. From the previous entries, it may seem as if we are having an amazing time, and doing and seeing loads of exciting things.. while this is undoubtedly true, I havent mentioned the less glamorous nitty gritty daily details... the chaos of bus stations, and finding the right bus with our decidedly basic spanish, of arriving in a town at night, struggling with the humidity and the bulky 20KG backpack that bumps into everything, and thus arriving at our destined hotel too tired to look anywhere else, and as a result sleeping in a dingy cockroach infested hovel... Anyway, just to give you an idea, here´s a little story about our last 36 hours in Venezuala that might give you greater insight... Our penultimate ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi October 5th 2004

Hola from Potosi in Bolivia, the highest city in the world (about 4,100m). We've been quite busy over the last couple of weeks - here's why... In Bonito we spent our last day visiting the Blue Cave (a cave where the water is deep blue). It was then time to find some more wildlife so our tour headed to the Pantanal for 4 nights in luxury accommodation. The Pantanal was fantastic with an amazing array of birds and wildlife all over the place (including green parrots in the tree outside our bedroom window). We explored the dry bits on foot on a guided trek. For the flooded parts we spent a day on horses wading through the metre deep water. Some of the shallower areas we visited on the back of a jeep. And of course, ... read more
Our friend
Jurassic Park

South America » Venezuela October 4th 2004

Right then... after a week of bumming along Venezuala´s North West Caribbean Coast, cold beer, fresh fish, and warm, tropical seas, we decided to get our adventurous hats on again, so with my trusty old exploring sun hat and lots of insect repellent, we set off on an overnight sleeper bus (which was quite palatial, with fully reclining beds, but broke down at 5am) to the hot, sleepy town of Cuidad Bolivar. Simon Bolviar A quick history lesson here.. (I get that from my mum). Simon Bolivar is THE national hero of Venezuala, he was the man who liberated much of South America from the Spanish in the early part of the 19th Century. In the grand tradition of South American revolutionaries, he then set about creating his own dictatorship, and was eventually overthrown. But history ... read more
Canaima Falls

South America » Peru » Arequipa October 4th 2004

At the moment I'm in a Colonial city in the south of Peru called Arequipa, it's a beautiful city with heaps of volcanoes around it to climb and also the second deepest canyon in the world that you can hike down and back up if you're keen, but since I was still on the rebound from the Inca Trail I opted for the lazy 2day tour where you end up up at a Condor sanctury for a bit of bird watching - and it was great. Pretty strange though, we turned up at about 7:30am and saw nothing untill like 8:10 when they all came out to stretch their wings for about 20mins before flying away to look for food. They're sooo big and cool, my visit has just reconfirmed that i still want to be ... read more
Terrace party
Some Airport runway out in the middle of nowhere, on our way to the Colca Canyon
Some old-school terraced hills

South America » Venezuela September 28th 2004

You know how some of the best nights out are sometimes the ones that arent planned?? Well, I think countries are a bit like that as well... Originally, Venezuala was just going to be our gateway to South America, and a stepping stone to other, more celebrated destinations... but plans change, and when a combination of expensive flights, stories of Colombian coach robberies, and a primary school full of innocently named tropical storms caused us to abandon Central America to another day, we then found that Venezuala was a quite amazing place to spend a few weeks, and we´ve been delighted to stay here.. Venezuala is a hot exciting country on the northern flat bit of South America... it has all you´d expect of a South American country - towering mist covered Andean mountains, remote Amazonian ... read more
Incey Wincey Spider
Salt Plains, Paragua Peninsular

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