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South America » Colombia » Bogota June 24th 2000

I was born in Colombia and I carry this country in my heart because of all the sufferings it has gone through. I appreciate the strong will and hope the Colombian people have to reach their goals despite the every-day struggles they have to go through to have food and shelter in their homes, let alone some hope to progress to something better... someday. I was very privileged to come to Canada and find the Church Life! Nevertheless my dear Colombia is in my prayers. ... read more
Children dancing Colombian folkloric dances
Colombia Tierra Querida
Colombia Tierra Querida

South America » Chile » Easter Island May 12th 2000

We travelled back in time like Marty McFly, leaving Auckland at 5pm on Monday and arriving on Easter Island at 10am the same day. Of course, we werent going back in time to save the world or anything. We were hit by the heat and humidity as soon as we got off the plane. A change from NZ, but probably nothing like the changes in weather we'll experience in the coming year. First stop was the YHA to put up our tent, then the necessary trip into town to get some money to pay for everything. Only the could we start looking for what we had come to see. Only we didnt see any Moai for a bit. We went past Ana Kai Tangata, a cavern at the foot of some cliffs with some old and ... read more
Ranu Kau crater
Petroglyphs at the ruins of Orongo

South America » Venezuela » Portuguesa » Acarigua December 21st 1999

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South America » Venezuela » Portuguesa » Acarigua December 21st 1999

Azu = ^zUL = BL(U = blue Uza = V(rd( = green = V(rdl Azo = ^m)r(LL0 = ^m)rlLL0 = Yellow Oza = Gr(y = grls = Grlze Azi = Rouge = r0J0 = r(d Iza = morado = mor)d0 = purpurr07 Aze = bl)ne0 = bL)ne = BLANK = whit( Ez@ =oranG( = n)r)nJ) = 0rang0 Aza = n(gr0 = nlG = BL)(K = bL)( Azx = pink = ros^ = Rose77o... read more

South America » Venezuela » Portuguesa » Acarigua December 21st 1999

ld(n7iflc)cl0n (Identification - Identificación) c(r7lflc)d0 d( s(v (SEV = Nacimiento; VES = Fallecimiento) -Certificado- c(dul) (cédula) c)7) (cata) b0L(7) d( )dos (Boleta de ados) )c7) d( v(s (Acta de defunción) .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. c)7) = cata = Tarjeta = card )7)c = atac = billete = papel moneda )c7) = acta )7c) = atca = páge = pagina 7)c) = Ticket )c)7 = debito = debt ****************************** el7)el0n(s (CITACIONES) n07lfle)el0n(s (Notificaciones) p0nd(r)el0n(s (Ponderaciones)... read more

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Viña del Mar November 30th 1999

For part of Independence Day vacation Carlos and I went to Mendoza, Argentina...again. This is my 3rd trip, Carlos´2nd. Mendoza is such a nice, clean, calm, friendly place to visit. It´s cheap and the food is great! So we figured why not. This blog has photos of the HUGE park, the zoo and the crossing back into Chile! It was very cold and long.... read more
The park entrance
The man-made lake in the middle
This is the main street heading in and out of the park

South America » Ecuador » South » Isla Jambelí November 30th 1999

...wollten wir und so verschlug es uns auf die vor Machalla liegende Isla Jambelì.... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines September 11th 1999

1999……….6wks SOUTH AMERICA-ARGENTINA, PERU............ Colca Canyon …………………The travelling from Arequipa to the Colca Canyon was a 6-hour trip along a bumpy, dusty road going past countryside reminiscent of Mongolia or Ladakh. I have had so much dust in the last few days that I’m congested with the coughs and a sore throat. The Canyon, said to be twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, is more than 3,400m deep for more than 100km and is the territory of the majestic Condor. Well what a disappointment this tour has been so far. There's about 24 of us on a really slow, large bus (instead of a small group on a minibus as promised) and the guide only talks if you ask her something and then she doesn't now the answer! After 6hrs (instead of 4) we are ... read more
On the Plains at High Altitude
Heading back to town

South America » Peru » Arequipa September 10th 1999

1999……….6wks SOUTH AMERICA-ARGENTINA, PERU............ I decided to head off to Arequipa by plane, and give Lake Titacaca a miss, with a 7am, half hour flight. The view from the window was not amazing as they were dirty and the sun was shining on my side. Arequipa is Peru’s second largest city with 1 million people. It is set amongst the desert with the volcano El Misti (5822m) forming a close backdrop with other peaks. Arequipa is at 2,325m. The city has a nice Plaza de Aramas but it did not have the same feel as Cusco as it is busier. I spent a bit of time getting quotes on Colca Canyon tours and wandering around the Monastery of Santa Catalina. What a fascinating place. It’s worth coming to Arequipa just to see it. It has an ... read more
Doorways in the Monastery of Santa Catalina
Monastery of Santa Catalina
Monastery  of Santa Catalina

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