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Help! From Peru to Tefe, Brazil

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7 years ago, April 13th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #133722  
N Posts: 3
Dear all
I am a Taiwanese who is planning to Tefe, Brazil from Peru. After searching and reading a lof of info on forum, I know it can be done in two ways (my last stop in Peru will be Cusco) :

1. Cusco--- fly ---->Puerto Maldonado (Peru) ---taxi ---->Iñapari ---taxi or walk ---->
Assis Brasil ---bus-->Brasiléia---?--->Rio Branco (Brazil) -- fly-->Manaus--fly--->Tefe

2 Cusco--- fly ---->Iquitos--- fly or boat? ---->Santa Rosa----bost---->Leticia ----
taxi or walk-->Tabatinga --- fly or boat ---->Tefe
My Q is that:

1. Which way is less money and time-spending? I only have 5 days to do it, so time is more important than money to me if I can\'t save both.

2. I don\'t speak Spanish and Portuguese. Which way is safer for me?

Please also reply to <snip> if its not too much trouble, as I may not check here everyday.
Many many thanks for your help!
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