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South America » Ecuador » Centre » Riobamba October 19th 2004

Ok, so after arriving from Baños we spent one night in Riobamba in a hostel called Los Shyris near the train station. We bumped in to Stuart, an Australian guy that we did the Guagua hike with in a restaurant that night. He was in Riobamba for the same reason as us, to do the Devil's Nose train journey to Alausi - sitting on the roof of the train. This is a train run pretty much solely for tourists and one of the few (maybe only) train routes still in operation in Ecuador. The restaurant that we met Stuart in wasn´t great so we warned him against it (a far from accurate lonely planet recommendation). Next morning he kept us two seats on top of the train, we got there for about 6am, a bit later ... read more
Chimborazo from the train
The locals wave us off
A quick photo call

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Baños October 18th 2004

First forray into SA bus travel So, we met a girl called Mellisa at the Secret Garden and she was going to Baños that morning too; So we thought it would be a good idea to go together seeing how paranoid people get when talking about the Quito Terminal Terrestre (or Baghdad as some people would have you believe). Anyway, we managed to buy our tickets with our lives and possesions still intact (a miracle if you listen to some paranoid nancies). Well, a rather uneventful journey later and we arrived in Baños and found our Hostal, Plantos y Blanco (Plants and White) which seemed nice enough. Later we checked out the hot spring baths under the waterfall but decided against it due to the large number of local kids frolicking - early in the morning ... read more
The mineral baths
Evacuation route in case of an eruption
Local transport

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos October 17th 2004

Ok bods, probably one of the more interesting ones I hope - if you like wildlife and beautiful islands, that is. So we departed Quito on friday 8th October so this is where I begin. Friday - getting there Flight to Galapagos Baltra Airport via Guayaquil, uneventful. Guayaquil looks a bit swampy (Ecuador´s largest city - Quito is the capital but a bit smaller), so quite glad we´re not stopping there at any point. On arrival at Baltra airport we took some cool pictures of the mysterious-looking volcanic island-rocks. Paid the $100 dólar park entrance fee and met our guide, the rather more senior and charismatic than expected "César", to take us to the good ship "Amigo". We took a bus for 5 minutes to a canal (the bit of sea between Baltra island and Santa ... read more
The first sealion
Baby sealions kissing
Camera shy crab

South America » Peru October 12th 2004

Well I planned on doing this 3day circut trek up in the mountains behind Huaras, but when I arrived at Laguna Churup at the end of day 1 I liked it so much that I decided to just kick it there for a couple of days and then go back to Huaras. And I had the whole place to myself apart from about 5 other trekkers per day that came up for a look, and a stray dog I called Henry who made sure that not one scrap of my sloppy food went to waste. He was a very hungry and ugly dog, I wish I'd taken a photo of him to show you. next time aye... read more
Then I watched the sunrise over Huaras
Laguna Churup at 4500m above - Peru

South America » Peru » Puno October 11th 2004

Hola from Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca (stop sniggering at the back). I'll keep it short and sweet today but we do have photos. From Potosi we went to La Paz, the highest capital city in the world via Oruro where our truck was broken into (none of our stuff was taken but others in our group were not so lucky). La Paz was a hectic city where all life seemed to be happening on the streets at maximum speed. We did a city tour and learnt that Bolivia has had more revolutions than presidents and saw the bullet holes from last years revolution (that wasn't in the guide book). The second day we were there we went mountain biking. Serious downhill mountain biking. Starting at 4,900m we dropped 3500m downhill over 64km along ... read more
The Worlds Most Dangerous Road
The Temple of Fertility

South America » Bolivia October 10th 2004

Right then, after the Caribbean exuberance of Venezuala, and the European austerity of Santiago, it was time to stop arsing about, and get into the REAL South America.. you know; towering Andean mountains, barren plains at dizzying altitudes plunging down to the Amazonian basin and the sultry, sweaty jungle below, Indigenous Indian women with toothless, weather beaten faces, an ill fitting bowler hat and a small child wrapped in a colourful shaw, lllamas, excitable locals who will throw a stike/carnival/fiesta at the drop of a hat, and panpipes.. Oh, the panpipes.. so anyway.. you will find all these things in Bolivia. Arriving in La Paz is spectacular.. a barren plain at over 4000m means you can feel dizzy stepping off the plane, and standing up quickly leaves you light headed.. this plain opens out into a ... read more

South America » Peru October 9th 2004

We made it! Here's our adventures to Pasadena (LA), Trujillo, Lima, Cusco, Macchi Piccu, and Lake Titicaca and the amazing people we met on the way. ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima October 8th 2004

Well Lima was nice, a bit expensive but really quite a cool city. I was planning on doing a bit of Para-sailing and swimming at the beach while I was here but the weather has been a bit cold so that'll have to wait untill I'm a bit closer to the equator. Meanwhile I'm off up to Huaras tonight and plan on draging out my tent for a couple of days camping - but apparantly it's been snowing up there in the national park over the last couple of days so we'll see about that too. Hope everyones good back home, I miss you all a lot.... read more
Costa Verde
Street venders - Lima
Governmant building in Lima - I think

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 6th 2004

Our first week has gone so quickly, we have had between 4 and 6 hours per day of Spanish lessons, so no lazing about in the sun for us - yet! Quito is an interesting spot, it is a big city with all the pollution and dangers that come with a big city but it has given us some giggles during the week, not least the sight of a Lada with a Mercedes badge! We have spent some time walking around Quito exploring the sights, practising our spanish and trying out the local food - almeurzas and empanandas. We have only once had any unpleasant side effects! We also visited a populated volcanic crater. We have visited La Mitad del Mundo (the middle of the world, 0 0´0´´), both the official incorrect line and the unofficial ... read more
The monument
Volcanic Crater
Spanish Lessons

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 6th 2004

And so, South... after the eventful final day in Venezuala, we spent a long day flying south, to Santiago, the capital of Chile. At first impressions, this is a grey, drab city - the weak spring sun fails to penetrate the blanket of smog, and the stern government buildings seem to be straight out of the 70s cold war architecture handbook. It is rather reminiscent of eastern europe, and the cold wind echos this mood. But on second inpection, you see the modern skyscrapers of western banks and mobile phone companies, and the steets buzz with fast food stores and designer clothes shops. The metro, again, is clean, fast, and there is even large plasma screens playing MTV on the platforms... there is also a real bohemian atmosphere to the place.. our hostel is in a ... read more

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