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South America » Bolivia September 2nd 2004

Well I've just spent the last three days between 4-5000m above sea-level in the back of a dodgy old 4x4 toyota with 3 germans and a couple of Bolivian locals. It was great. Bolivia is really beautiful and would strongly reccomend this trip to everyone. You can start it from San Pedro in Chile or from Uyuni in Bolivia and there are heaps of differant companies that do it. check out these pici's (Pink flamingos are so cool!)... read more
Hot pools on Day 1
Our guides - Estevan and Fausta
A few Gysers

South America » Chile August 30th 2004

Well San pedro is a beautiful little town made out of mud way up in the north of Chile where the sun shines all the time . I've been here for four days now and I love it here but tomorrow I'm off to Bolivia. This place was set up just for tourism because right next to it is "Valle de la Luna" - Vally of the Moon, which is amazing, a salt lake with Flamingos and there's also a whole heap of great mountain-biking downhills for those hardout types.... read more
The main street of San Perdo
Bit a blood
The Vally of the Moon.

South America » Chile August 26th 2004

Well it turns out you can have an average time in South America sometimes, my last few days since I left Viña del Mar have been much les then enjoyable, check this out.  I got to Vicuña after a 8hr overnight busride from Viña and it was cloudy. now usually that wouldn't bother me but half the reason I went there was for the World class Oservatory that's there which of course needs a clear night for a decent view of the the stars. so with the just about overhead-projector style slide show of our solar system and a two second peep at the moon when it showed itself for a couple of minutes and all dished up by someone who hardly new any english and even less about stars, our tour sucked ass. 25days in the ... read more
Sample time
Pisco grapes vineyard.
They BIGgest mine in the world - at a very safe distance.

South America » Chile August 23rd 2004

Well I loved Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, thet're a couple of towns on the coast a couple of hours out of Santiago and they're well worth a visit if you're ever in the area. I stayed with Jorge's cousins who live in Viña and they were so nice, and Rosa Jorge's aunty reminded me so much of Cherrith Vahaakolo so that was cool. Estevan is the their son and he's a profesional soccer player for the local team and a great guy to boot, the night I got there he drove me around both Viña and Valparaiso showing me all the cool stuff untill like 2 in the morning. The next day had a stroll around the streets of both places which was nice, and in the arvo took a bus a bit further up the ... read more
The Vina del Mar Casino
The Port of Valparaiso
The harbour of Valparaiso

South America » Chile August 22nd 2004

Well made it up here no probs, got five rides hitching between Temuco and Chillan on day one, and it worked out pretty sweet cos my last ride that took me into Chillan as it was getting dark and I was getting hungry, was with couple of life insurance brokers who happened to know the best place in town to buy the world famous Chillan longanizas(big long ugly sausages - but so delicious!). So after taking me there and buying me two of these huge things(I'm talking the size of baby's arm or a horse's... well they're big anyway) they then decided that we better get their mate "the chef" to cook them for me too since it was my first time. And cook them he did! He dished them up fried, with rice on the side and a pisco ... read more
The Church en Chillan
Castilla Funicular
Me, Daniel y Jaire up Cerro San Cristobal

South America » Peru August 17th 2004

this is my blog from peru, my second time here and i say i love this place is totally amazing...... read more

South America August 16th 2004

Well my little brother turned 20 today so I thought I'd make a bit of a shout out, hope you're having a good one matey. I remember when I was 20, no pressure, no responsabilities, full of life... oh the good old days. Enjoy it while it lasts Gavy because soon you'll be old and tied down like me.  Meanwhile I'm still ticking along well, been checking out little towns and lakes and climbing Volcanoes and stuff on my way up through southern Chile towards Temuco. The weather's been a bit off and on over the last week or so I've missed out on a few of the postcard views but here's a few of my recent photo's for you to check out anyway. One thing that's really struck me about southern Chile is that the scenery ... read more
And they quite liked the limelight
The town church - Puerto Varas
Lago de todos los Santos - Petrohue

South America » Chile August 9th 2004

Well as it turned out, when we turned up at the warf all excited about our 9:00 sailing some friendly local fisherman kindly informed us that we were infact a few months early for that service aswell. Bugger. So that was twice I'd got it wrong in two days, and since I was the only one with a bit of spanish up my sleeve I was sent off to see if I could find us a lift. At first it wasn't looking good, but after a few definate NO's and looks of berwilderment from various shopkeepers and other locals I went asked at the local Navy office to see if they new of anybody that might be heading that way in the next few days. And blow me down they did. It just happened to be the time of ... read more
Us and the Sailor boys
Dolphins in the Castro harbour
They were doing the fishing cos I was busy

South America August 6th 2004

Well what a day! This morning I crossed over to this little nothing town in Chile called Futelafu thinking that there was a bus service to the town where the ferry sails from to the Island called Chiloé... "oh no thats only in the summer" theytell me on arrival - I'm going to have to hone my research skills somewhat before making excursions like this in the future. and what madeit worse was that I'd already talked a Scottish couple into coming withme so we were all kind of stuck in this little town in the middle of nowhere, with nowhere to stay, no local currancy and no bank. Worked outsweet though - after half a day making fires and eating a small block of cheese and some biscuits I hadwe managed to flag down a ... read more
A Chilean horseman
A lake on the way to Chaiten
The sunset  we arrived to in Chaiten

South America » Argentina August 5th 2004

Well tomorrow I leave Argentina for Chile, two months later then planned but it's all good, I guess you could say that I've adjusted well to the South American timetable and routine - or lack there of...   And why I say I went out with a bang is because today(my last day in Argentina) I went up the skihill here in Esquel called La Hoya and had the most spectacular day carving freshies ever! I found this section that no-one was hitting because it required a five minute tramp past the top of the last lift, and fell in love so spent the better part of the day there. And what made it even better was that towards the end of the day onother guy who spotted my pioneering acts and wanted a bit of the ... read more
And that's me carving it...
Smiles all round for me
A little shute on the other side

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