Photos from South America

High Rated (4.5)
Cerro Fitzroy
Me at the lookout
Guanaco Beneath the Paine Massif
Puma Trying to Sleep
Paine Massif
Wild Horses
Santa Lucia Hill
DAD students
DSC_x0396 (2)-1
Machu Pichu in the early morning
Handicraft sale in Pisac village
The Sun Festival, Central square
Rainbow Mountain
Rainbow Mountain
Chica à Santa Laura
Yes, Paris-Dakar comes around here too...
Market lady
Coloured earth
The laguna kahuna
Laguna sparkle
Very steep scree
Suila summit close up
View from Paso Jurau
Amazing view!
A llama
The hot spring at Viconga
Pyramid peak (Trapezio?)
Peak of Yerapuja
Sun on a fluted ridge
3 lakes mirador
On the way up to 3 lakes mirador
Carhuacocha lake view
Cerro Mexico
Climbing up Rondoy
Wise old face
Amazon Basin
Equator Museum
Waiting at St Andrew's
King Penguins
King Colony
Hercules Bay
Gold Harbour
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