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South America » Argentina July 17th 2004

Well today I turned 23 and so my mates put on a big party for me last night and it was awesome. first we had a humungous Asado for dinner(of course) then when it clocked over to midnight and was officially my birthday Gisela bought out the most delicious Chocolate cake ever that she had made that day and the party was on!!! after dancing and drinking ourselves silly untill about 5am someone came up with a great idea that we should probably do the right thing and go out somewhere, so we piled in Mauri's yellow chevy and went into town to rage it for another couple of hours. and tonight we're off to the WRC Rally of Agentina so all and all my birthday has been a winner! Anoche tenemos una fiesta muy grande ... read more
B'day 2
B'day 3
B'day 4

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota July 12th 2004

Here are some pics from Northern Chile. Arica is Chile's most northerly city and is also one of the driest places on earth. Parque Nacional Lauca is at 6000 m above sea level. Tacna, is a small town in southern Peru, where we hopped the border to have lunch and get a Peru passport stamp. I will have to come back to Peru as a lunch trip isn't giving it the justice it deserves! (sorry, not all pics are loaded at this time...)... read more
Above the Clouds
Putre, Chile

Hola amigos, Well, the last week has been one of the most exciting ever. I'm writing you from Arica, in the far north of Chile, on the border with Peru. (i just realized that this is a little long, oops) Last Saturday we left early morning to catch a flight to Calama, in the Chilean Altiplano (means high plains). Unfortunately our plane had some technical problems so we had to stop in Antofagasta, and take a bus to Calama - pain in the arse. Luckily it was only a 3 hour trip, thru nothing but desert. Spent the night in the little desert town of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - very cool little place. We found a room in someones home and paid almost nothing for it. They promised us hot water for the shower ... read more
Laguna Colorado
"Rock Tree"
A Bolivian village we passed through

South America » Argentina July 9th 2004

Oh my gosh last night was so cool, me and a whole heap of other guys spent the night on a little fishing boat on a lake about an hour out of Cordoba called "Los Molinos", fishing, playing cards and being boys... it was so fun. Exact rep of the boys fishing weekends up in Pahia only at night, speaking spanish, and drinking Red wine instead of Lion Red with the big asado we cooked on the boat. Cuaght plenty of fish, played plenty of Truco(brilliant Argentinian card game) and didn't sleep at all untill it was time to go at 7am this morning! so here's a few photos fresh out of the dark room, and I'll be in touch again soon hopefully with photos from the WRC Rally of Argentina which is going to be held here in Cordoba next ... read more
Rinaldo, me and Joaquin
The waiting game
Who killed Kenney?...

South America » Chile July 9th 2004

The Fray Jorge Forest has become a natural relic, a water-loving forest left behind from the Quarternary Period. One might say that it is a demonstration of what once existed of today's Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, during the last glaciation that occurred almost 30,000 years ago, when humid forests were distributed among even the lowest latitudes.The existence of the Valdivian humid forest at this latitude is caused by a permanent coastal fog, an extraordinary phenomenon that creates a suitable microclimate in which terebinth shrubs, cinnamon trees, myrtle, ferns and creepers can grow. ... read more
Culpeo Fox
blair wicht project

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail July 8th 2004

Othe 27th May 2004 I went to trek the Inca trail in Peru in aid of Scope. My goal was to reach the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. This was the 'lost' city that had lain undiscovered by the Western world for about 500 years until a Yale University graduate called Hiram Bingham found it again in 1911. Read about my trip at: read more

South America » Argentina July 5th 2004

Well I've just moved into a new apartment with a friend who's boyfriend has just gone back to the states and can't afford the rent at the moment, so I'll probably stay with her for the last couple of weeks that I've got here in Córdoba before I shoot off to Chile. Other then then that no real big news, I'm finally making some good progress with my spanish though which is great, I've still a lot to learn but atleast now I can have a reasonably understandable conversation about most everyday stuff so big ups to my new "profi" Lorena! :) On the weekend I went on a quick roadtrip with my friend Fabricio who was going to visit his family who live in the "wine capital" of Argentina, a city called Mendoza, it was great. Didn't get to see much of the city because ... read more
Me and Charlie
Fabricio's Family in Mendoza
Fideos caseros

South America » Argentina June 13th 2004

Well i just got back from a fabulous weekend in "las sierras" with my friends at one of their parents weekend houses, it was awesome! We went fishing, ate heaps of good food(as they do here), and on Sunday we went to a cool little town called Cumbrecita to visit Marianas Aunty and Uncle. It's so cool there, the whole town is built in a little valley up in the hills so there's really nice views from everywhere, and you're not allowed to drive your cars around on the streets so it's real quiet and peacefull. ... read more
Fly fishing
Un sorro(fox)
My new friends

South America » Argentina June 11th 2004

Well I've finaly found somewhere to live, it's in an apartment with a really little lady called Andrea(who looks like she belongs on the West Coast of the South Island - hardout alternative :) who works at night at a hotel and doesn't speak a work of english, and we've got a big as terrace on the roof with a great view of the city and my room is pretty big too so I'm stoaked. And it's only going to cost me about $150 for the month or so I'm going to live there so that's all good - it's only a 20min walk to the centre of town and... I found a Salsa dance school a few blocks away frommy house so will prob take a few lessons while I've got some time. yeeehhhaaaaaaa!    ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago June 11th 2004

Greetings, Its starting to get really cold here now. Last night it dipped below 0 for the first time. For those I haven´t told, i was in my first earthquake about a month ago. It was a small one, but still kind of neat. A few weekends ago was a long weekend. I went with a group of teachers from one of the schools to a cottage near Lago Vichuquen - about 4 hours south of Santiago. It was a nice relaxing weekend. We had a kick-ass BBQ as you saw from the photos I send a few weeks ago. One night last week I was watching TV and I heard a ton of sirens and a lot of people yelling. I looked out my window to see a riot. The protesters had lit the garbage ... read more
Chilean Soccer Victory Celebration

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