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So I met some nice people in Santiago and we planned to meet up in Puerto Montt. I originally never planned to go there so all the sudden I just went into the absolutely wrong direction. After a long ride on the Bus I finally got there, just realized that I totally overpaid for my busticket. They sold me a full cama ticket for about 40 Dollars which is way too much much but how can I know. I never went travelling before and nobody ever told me. Experience makes things much easier but I defenately want to find things out on my own, even if I step into the wrong direction every once in a while. Anyways, when I finally got to Puerto Montt in the morning, it was pretty cold and I was wandering ... read more
Beautiful lake

South America » Peru April 3rd 2004

We arrived into Cuzco, which is the hub for Inca tourism. It is the oldest inhabited city in the Americas. As soon as one starts walking in town, you can feel the effect of thin air, due to the Cuzco's altitude of approx 10,000 ft. To cope with Altitude, we were offered Coca Tea. I drank quite a lot of it, but didn't get high :-) Cuzco, especially the San Blas part of town, is a beautiful city filled with cobblestone streets, art galleries, cafes, beautiful ornate churches and of course, tour operators and trinket sellers. We spent the first day visiting prominent churches and inca ruin near Cusco. La Cathedral and La Compania are two catholic churches from the 16th century that are filled with gold plated sculpture and hundreds of amazing canvases. We visited ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago April 2nd 2004

Friday, 2 April 2004 So this is it, I am finally here. I met some nice guy on the plane to Satiago and he gave me a ride to the city. I didn't know that Santiago is so far away from the acutal airport. The ride in the plane was pretty strange because it was the first time for me to go somewhere without any serious goal. Actually I felt pretty bad and the only thing I could think about was, what the hell am I doing here. Well, on some corner in the city center they let me out and I was on my own. Hit by a humongus jetlack and without any clue what to do, I took off. I checked into a nice Hostal, called Hostal Indiana which was really cool. Little rabbits ... read more
San Christobal
Hostal Indidana
Hostal Indidana Inside

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro March 30th 2004

Visiting Rio de Janeiro is always an amazing experience. It was Erik’s first visit and we spend 3 days there. We visited the usual stuff such as the Sugar Loaf, Redeemer Christ, Botanic Garden, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches and other nice spots. A shame that the weather wasn’t good but it was really hot and humid. Rio at night is an amazing experience. The Lagoa da Conceicao is such a stunning place. As Erik say, no doubt that Rio is among the most beautiful cities in the world. We haven’t taken nice photos this time but we promise next time we’ll do better. ... read more
Garota de Ipanema
Sugar Loaf
Christ's view

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia March 30th 2004

Greetings. Nothing really out of the ordinary for the last little bit. Started work at an English Language institute a few weeks ago, working with business professionals. Next Monday I start working at a private school, 3 days a week. I´ll be working here until the end of November. I´ll continue working for the institute the other 2 days to make some extra cash. Its good to hear that all the Canadian NHL teams will make the playoffs (assuming Edmonton can hold their ground). Whats crappy though, is that is unlikely that I´ll be able to watch any of them. If we are lucky I may be able to catch the odd game on ESPN espanol, but it wont be the leafs. Today is a huge day for soccer in Chile. They play Bolivia in ... read more
Me, "TaTa", and Jac

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu March 25th 2004

4 days, 12000 feet, 500 perros, 200 llamas, 10 incan ruins, and 50 gatorade bottles later.... the story continues... (i couldn't send this out on our last day in peru. crappy computer) in the last email, i stated that we were headed to machu picchu on thursday. well, that didn't happen. you see, the only timely way of reaching the incan ruins is by train, and late on wednesday night a major landslide damaged 27 meters of raildroad track. perurail, the gov't owned company that exclusively runs the railway, announced that it would take 3 days to repair the tracks. CRAP. we only had 3 more days in peru! so what would a trip to peru be without visiting the world famous machu picchu? so on top of being pretty bummed out, teresa got pretty sick. ... read more
machu picchu

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 24th 2004

flew to cusco this morning. WE LOVE THIS CITY ALREADY. its beautiful.... an entire city built in the andes mountains. 3700 meters above sea level, and altitude sickness is common. thanks to my doc bro, we got some meds that are helping us. no headaches or vomit yet. everywhere in peru, when we carry luggage... the guides grab my bag and let teresa carry hers. men come first here! i turned to teresa and said "yeah, thats right!" she then gave me the alameda gangsta look, so i carried her bag for her..... went to tons of ruins: sacsayhuman (sounds like sexy woman), quenco, etc. also went to a cathedral that showed a fusion of culture b/w the incas and the spaniards who came and colonized them. there are many statues of jesus (many jesii?) in ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines March 23rd 2004

spent most our our day in the city of nazca. took a 6 hour bus ride and then took a flight over the nazca lines. wayyyyyyy cool. if you haven´t heard of the nazca lines they are geoglyphs that were created in the desert between 300BC - 600AD. really strange.. no one really knows why the nazcans made then, but they align perfectly with constellations so many think its a large astronomical calendar. others say it was a way of communicating with aliens. in fact, there is even a spaceship landing strip in the desert. the movie "signs" was loosely based on the nazca lines and the alien theory... the designs are so large you cannot recognize them from ground level. so we took a cessna (sp?) and flew over the lines. hella cool. anyway, lookup ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima March 22nd 2004

this email will be unorganized and unedited. don´t have much time to write as well as my journalist friend loc. but here are my thoughts. this will also be long... (sorry augi, but you´re unemployed so you have time to read this). i´m just going to braindump... we´re having a great time in peru! i love this country already... so much culture, and the people are very friendly. i´m also practicing my spanish which is pretty fun. arrived in lima early at 530 am. we were looking for our driver, mr. sanchez, who was holding a sign that said "chi y lee" but we didn´t see him at first. he proceeded to walk in front of us and asked "are you mr. lee and miss. chi?". i asked him how he knew? he replied, "you look ... read more

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