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South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 4th 2018

Original plan of meeting Nadia at 09:00 was changed to 10:00 as Nadia thought Daisy would like a little more time to rest and she was correct. This gave me a bit of time to catch up on the travel blog as well. At 10:00 Nadia drove us to the Guayaquil Historical Park, which was the main attraction I planned to see but unfortunately when we got there, we were told the park was closed just for that day for maintenance, so that was a bit of bad luck as I originally planned to go there the day before but as it closed at 16:30 we didn’t think we had enough time. You win some, you lose some. Instead Nadia drove us to an interesting commercial development which has offices but also lots of cafes and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 3rd 2018

Up earlier than usual at about 04:35 as the boat had re-started on it’s way presumably to Daphne Major for a scheduled last activity circumnavigating the volcano island. I couldn’t get back to sleep but we both got up at the scheduled time of 05:45 to go to the top of the Nemo I to watch the birds. At 07:00 was the usual breakfast before last minute packing to have our bags ready by 08:00 for the transfer to shore. We bid farewell to Christof and Nicole, Florian and Miriam who were staying on the islands a bit longer and the rest of us hopped on the airport bus. We had a fair bit time to kill so we all did some last minute gift shopping before boarding our 10:08 flight. We were the only ones ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santiago Island December 2nd 2018

As we had gone to bed very early we both woke up early and had showers before the usual 07:00 breakfast. We were now at Puerto Egas, Santiago Island. Daisy was feeling better but not good enough to be able to jump off the zodiac for the wet-landing, so instead, the Captain offered to take her on a personal zodiac ride around the island. The walk was onto black sand and a sea lion was resting on the rocks. We walked along the coast and saw iguanas, lizards and most all lots of baby sea lions who were really cute. When we got to a cool blow hole, Rob was looking down when his sunglasses fell off, then his cap followed. We could see the cap floating around so Fabian allowed him to jump in but ... read more

South America » Ecuador December 1st 2018

Overnight we had smoothly navigated to Punta Espinoza, another dry-landing spot on Fernandina Island which is just next to Isabela Island. This location was the land of a thousand iguanas, plus we saw many playful sea lions as well. It was an amazing sight to see so many iguanas all huddled together on various rocks near the shore. After returning to the boat there was a snorkeling session near the rocky shore and the conditions were challenging. Unfortunately, Daisy ran into trouble when she got caught in a reef with waves crashing in. Fabian had warned everyone to get out but Daisy didn’t manage to get out in time and was thrown around onto the rocks and injured her thigh quite badly and cut her foot. Luckily, Florian and Rob saw her and managed to pull ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 30th 2018

On Friday, my last full day in Chile, we had the good news that the strike was over, and the Teleferico would be open that day. Without much rush, we headed over to the Oasis Station for our ride to the top of Cerro San Cristobal and took the few minutes long path to the ticket area. Although the carts stop mid-way up the Cerro for those passengers who want to visit the Botanical Gardens, we decided to just ride to the top, and decide later on if we wanted to stop on the way down. It was a very good decision, as it turned out. The views from the gondola as it climbs the side of the hill are breathtaking. It was not a clear day, but I was still swiveling around in my seat, ... read more
Teleferico Santiago
Teleferico Santiago
Teleferico Santiago

South America » Colombia » Cartagena November 29th 2018

We awoke to a cloudy sky and the ship coping with a 2m swell. Walking around was not too bad but there was some rocking and rolling. It was a full day at sea on our way to Colombia.We had a late breakfast and read and relaxed until Trivia at 12 noon. Our ladies from New York failed to join us but we managed 12/15 on our own and were only one off the winners.Another quiet afternoon before drinks in the Atrium at 6pm. I am enjoying being able to read and relax without having to worry about cooking and housework! We ate in The Restaurant, after chatting to other passengers at the bar and had a lovely dinner. Not the most exciting day but one to enjoy nevertheless. On Wednesday morning we repeated our routine, ... read more
Getting Closer
A small fortification in the harbour
The new city

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island November 29th 2018

Having already arrived in Santa Cruz, it was a very calm night on the boat, but some of us stayed up a bit too late so nearly everyone was quite tired. After the usual 07:00 breakfast we left for our dry-landing onto Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz which is on the opposite of the island from where we landed by plane on Monday. Today was our Giant Tortoise day, but our first stop after being bundled into a mini-bus, was to walk around a couple of old volcanic craters within Galapagos National Park where Fabian explained some details of the flora. As we drove up from the port Fabian told us to look out for tortoises as they make their way up from the lowlands to the highlands.. After the crater walk we were driven to a ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 29th 2018

Thursday was a monumental day I had been looking forward to with anticipation, a day trip to Colchagua Valley and a visit to three different prominent wineries in the area; Clos Apalta, Vina Neyen, and Vina Viu Manent. For this tour, we signed up with a company named Uncorked, recommended to us by the people. We had wanted to do an overnight trip because we thought, with good reason, that a day trip would involve a lot of driving and a lot of wine in a short amount of time, but there were no overnight tours from Santiago offered. Anyway, we woke up very early in the morning for the 7:30 AM pick up. On this tour there was our guide Jose who was still in training, his supervisor Vivi, and driver Ricky. There was ... read more
Clos Apalta
Clos Apalta
Clos Apalta

South America » Ecuador » South » Vilcabamba November 28th 2018

One whole year in hardly seems possible! Admittedly we have only travelled through 4 countries during this whole year, and one of those was the US, but that's not the point! Moving so slowly has allowed us to get to know certain places really well, and evaluate their livability potential, instead of having to rush through them to stay on a faster and more distance-consuming schedule. When we left Colorado last November we really didn't know what to expect. Would we survive Mexico, despite all the frightening security warnings? (absolutely!) How would it feel driving a relatively large vehicle through a bunch of developing countries? (ask Ken!) Would we really go through the hassle and expense of shipping Tortuga all the way down to South America? (yes!) And, most importantly, would we enjoy this trip ... read more
Sunset at the house
Hiking with the lovely Roxy
Hiking to the Palto waterfall with Jen

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos November 28th 2018

Another night-time navigation had us at the small island of Bartolome and it was a beautiful sight to wake-up to as from this spot we could also see the larger island, Santiago and the other small island nearby called Chinese Hat because of its shape, which we would also visit in the afternoon. Originally, the day was going to start with a dry-landing onto the island but Fabian noticed a big group of tourists already on the island so switched the activities around and we started with a zodiac boat ride around the island to try and spot penguins. We didn’t see any penguins but we did see pelicans and crabs. We then did the landing and we walked along a boarded walk which turned into 370 steps as we climbed to the top of the ... read more

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