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South America » Peru April 22nd 2015

CUSCO Journée libre à Cusco et souper-spectacle en fin de journée. Nuit à Cusco.... read more

South America » Peru April 21st 2015

PUNO - CUSCO Déjeuner à l’hôtel. Bus touristique première classe (8h) pour passer du plateau aride de l’altiplano vers la vallée verdoyante de Cusco. Visites en cours de route de la cité circulaire de Raqchi et de la fameuse chapelle d’Andayhualillas. Arrivée à Cusco, en fin de journée. Nuit à Cusco.... read more

South America April 20th 2015

I spent nearly two years inChile, and another year inHonduras. I take advantage of the work study privilege the university at which I work offers, taking a few Spanish classes a year. I travel yearly to Spanish speaking countries so that I can practice the language, and yet still, I haven’t mastered it. I understand how difficult it is to learn a language. I teach English every day to students who are learning it to eventually attend university classes in English. I see their struggles, and at the beginning of each term, I tell my students that I too am learning a language. I want them to know that I truly do understand the enormous task it is to learn a foreign language. And, as a second language teacher, I’ll tell you something not many want ... read more

South America » Peru April 20th 2015

LAC TITICACA - PUNO Déjeuner sur l’île. Départ d’Amantani en bateau pour se diriger jusqu’à l’île voisine de Taquile. Exploration à pied de l’île Taquile et de sa culture. Retour en fin d’après-midi au port de Puno. Nuit à Puno. Mise à jour Heureusement, la nuit fût quand même agréable. Heureusement encore, y'a pas de soupe au patate pour déjeuner! Nous avons eu droit à une belle crêpe avec de la configure au fraise, réservée aux touristes seulement au grand désespoir des enfants nous regardant, en silence Aymarien, avec envie. Eux partaient à l'école, nous de l'île. Petite demi-heure de bateau pour arriver à l'île de Taquile. C'est semblable à la précédente, sauf qu'on n'y couchera pas. Heureusement la côte est moins à pic et l'île n'est pas végétarienne. La langue locale est le 'quechua' provenant ... read more
Photo de la côte moins à pic de l'île de Taquile
Joanne en pleine ascension
Vue typique

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park April 20th 2015

Sarah (Day 3): We were disappointed to miss the clay lick due to adverse weather conditions that morning, but we were promised that we would hope for better weather and try again the next day. Once brekkie was out the way, the rain had finally stopped and at 8am we set out for a four hour jungle hike to take us through to lunch. Although it's quite a long time, we weren't going much further that a few miles, going slow and keeping quiet to try and catch some animal action. Before too long Jose had spotted a rather sinister looking centipede that Nick was brave enough to have a hold of - it 'fell off' my hand when passed over! We also found some carnivorous ferns that clamp their leaves around any unsuspecting insects that ... read more
Nick braving the centipede.
Male Palm
Hair-cutter bees!

South America » Peru April 19th 2015

*** NOTE: Sorry for the pictures, but I put only those that I already uploaded on facebook. I gave the USB key I had (with all my photos) to Zeljka (that got bak to Canada) before uploading my blog. Lake Titicaca (March 8) From La Paz, we took a local bus to Copacabana, which is the main Bolivian city on the Lake Titicaca. We had to take a ferry to cross a lake at one point. Actually, we were on a boat and our bus (and all our stuff) was on a separate ferryboat. The trip was really nice. At times, I felt like I was in Croatia. We spent one night in Copacabana (with a beautiful sunset) before taking a boat to the Isla del Sol. It is to be noted that Copacabana is a ... read more
Isla del Sol (Bolivia) - View from our hostel
Isla del Sol (Bolivia) - Swimming in the Lake Titicaca
Isla del Sol (Bolivia) - View from the lighthouse

South America » Peru April 19th 2015

PUNO - LAC TITICACA En matinée, transfert jusqu’au port de Puno pour une croisière de deux jours de pure aventure sur les eaux émeraudes du lac Titicaca avec un groupe mixte international guidé en anglais. Visite des étranges îles flottantes de la communauté des Uros. Sortie de la baie de Puno pour voguer jusqu’à l’île d’Amantani, isolée depuis des siècles, pour comprendre sa culture, son rythme de vie et sa philosophie. Intégration à une famille de l’île pour apprendre ses moeurs. Marche d’une heure jusqu’au point le plus élevé de l’île pour voir le coucher de soleil. En soirée, spectacle de danses et de chants typiques de l’île à la place centrale du village. Nuit chez l’habitant mais avec notre chambre privée. Mise à jour Départ à une heure décente pour notre deux jours d'immersion totale ... read more
Bienvenu aux îles flottantes
On mange du roseau
Spectacle miniature

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 19th 2015

So here I sit in Sucre and it is raining. To be honest it is one of the few days it has rained in the last few weeks so I am not complaining. It also provides me the opportunity to update my blog with what has happened in the last few weeks. After I was forced to have a rest in Santa Cruz, because of some serious health issues, I tried to make the best out of it - to simply rest. I had my own tent, which I called “the hospital” then, and all what I did was pretty much sleep, read and watch some movies. After about a week I ventured out into the city and explored it a bit. To be honest there wasn’t really much to see. The main square was pretty ... read more
Inca ruins of El Fuerte de Samaipata

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario April 18th 2015

After almost two weeks of relaxing, washing clothes, getting to know Talcahuana and going to a Chilean dirt motorcycle race, it was time to get going again and explore the eastern part of South America. For me this means Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. I am kind of skipping Paraguay cause most people told that it is not to special and the people are kind of weird. For this program I think it will take me about 6 to 8 weeks. Here is my plan:Argentina: Mendoza, Rosario, Buenos Aires (maybe also a little bit further south) and Iguazu (birthday)Brazil: Pantanal, (São paolo and Rio), Florianopolis, Puerto Alegreuruguay: coastline, Montevideo So far so good. I am in my first week right now and I have been to Mendoza already and now I am in Rosario, or how the ... read more

South America » Peru April 18th 2015

PUNO L’environnement du lac Titicaca a donné naissance à plusieurs civilisations, dont la civilisation Pucara et Tiwanacu….qui serait à l’origine de la civilisation inca. Les sites des environs de Puno sont intéressants et captivant. Nous allons avoir une journée privée avec guide francophone. En matinée, passage au site perché de Cotimbo, dominant l’altiplano, avec ses Chullpas. Le site est très peu connu, et on y retrouve même des peintures rupestres. Retour à Puno pour dîner, puis passage en après-midi à l’impressionnant site de Sillustani, perché sur sa péninsule. Sillustani est un site funéraire où l’ont retrouve de hautes tours de pierres funèbres incas et pré-incas dominant une lagune. Le site est considéré encore aujourd'hui sacré et il n’est pas rare que les locaux y préparent des cérémonies. Retour en fin d’après-m... read more
Chemin de montagne
Ruines funéraire pré-Inca
Robin jouant au cordor sur le bord de la falaise

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