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Hello!! It´s my turn! Shin and I agreed that I would write the fourth blog of our trip to round up what we´ve been up to in the first month to any of my fans, I mean friends and family who aren´t up to date with Shin´s blog. I´ll also bring you up to speed with what we´ve been up to since Shin last wrote, which includes me edging one year closer to my retirement from unemployed life by reaching the grand old age of 26. I´ll keep things conventional by starting at the beginning, which was many moons ago in the far off land of Argentina, and more specifically the country´s capital city; Buenos Aires. After a tense wait in Rome to see whether we had missed our thirteen hour connecting flight we arrived completely ... read more
Iguazu Falls
Salar de Uyuni

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco June 21st 2015

After a long bus ride all through the night we finally arrived in Cuzco. Dave was there to meet us at the bus station. After a quick coffee together they showed us around the Plaza De Armas and local market. There is going to be a huge parade on Wednesday in the Plaza to celebrate the winter solstice but already there is much preparations and celebrations. Later that afternoon we all took a walk up to the Temple of the Moon,a steep walk out of town where we got good views of the surrounding mountains and of Cuzco itself. It felt greattyo be stretching our legs instead of sitting on buses. After a brilliant home cooked meal by Dave it was early to bed, we have a long walk planned in the sacred valley tomorrow. ... read more

South America June 21st 2015

Hey All, Today we had a good free breakfast at the hotel before heading to the bus station at 0745 to get a bus to Puno, the Bus Left at 8.30am. We just read on the bus, as there was not much to do. We arrived into Puno at 5pm, we got a taxi to our hostel and panicked, as he seemed to be going the wrong way as we had the location on maps on our phones, however it turned out trip advisor is wrong and he took us to the right place. It had no markings on it so we would never have found it on our own. Puno is basically serving as a jumping off point for us to do the floating islands. The area and town is very poor, busy and compact, ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Cordillera Huayhuash June 21st 2015

Nach der Erholung im Thermalbad steht der erste Pass mit etwa 5000m auf dem Programm. Die Alpenvereinskarte nennt zwar nur 4950m, da wir ihn nicht ganz an der tiefsten Stelle überqueren, mag es vielleicht dennoch reichen, das behauptet jedenfalls unser Guide steif und fest. Der Anstieg ist relativ zahm und wir freuen uns auf jeden Fall, sowohl die Höhe langsam aber stetig gut bewältigt zu haben, als auch über den neuen Ausblick. Neben uns der eisbedeckte Cuyoc, vor uns ist bereits der morgige Pass über die nächste Kette deutlich mit viel Zickzack-Kehren zu erkennen - muss wohl etwas steiler sein! Da wir dort wieder von der Standardroute abweichen und direkt am Fuß des nächsten Aufstiegs übernachten (auf knapp 4500m), haben wir den Platz ganz für uns - ein herrliches Plätzchen, wenn man von den Nachttemperaturen mal ... read more
Sieht puschlig aus - ist aber ein Stachelfeld!
Wir verstehen uns...
Santa Rosa Pass (ca. 5100m)

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Santos June 20th 2015

Thursday 18th June 2015 The problem with long-distance bus journeys in a country where sunsets come early, is that one arrives in unknown territory in the dark. Our bus yesterday from Sao Sebastiao brought us to Santos at dusk, so by the time we had got a taxi to our hotel, it was dark. The receptionist spoke just a few words of English, no Spanish at all and we failed to discover where we could find any tourist information so that we could see the sights today. Therefore, this morning, after breakfast, we headed for the beach and just walked along the promenade for two or three kilometres and then we found an old streetcar converted into a Tourist Information Centre. The beach is enormous; seven kilometres of wide golden sands fringed by palms and five ... read more
Coffee Museum
The Coffee Auction Room
The beautiful Valongo Mansions

We arrived at the bus station as told at 8.10 am and were hustled onto the bus. It was full - seemed like everyone else had been told 7.30am Good start! We climbed steeply out of La Paz to the rim and were soon back on the alto plano Eventually we reached the shore of Lake Titicaca. It was huge, being at an altitude of 3,980 metres it's the highest navigable lake in the world. At one point we were all ushered off the bus and loaded onto a small boat to cross a narrow part of the lake. The bus was loaded precariously onto a floating platform and drifted across along side us, I feared for my luggage! Once safely back on dry land we all piled back onto the bus. An hour later we ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca June 19th 2015

Bang on time the taxi arrived and whisked us off to the port where we joined a group and were ushered onto a boat. The boat turned out to really nice and comfortable, not the wooden plank seats I'd been expecting. A pan pipe player greeted us followed by an English speaking guide. We soon reached the first floating reed island. As we stepped off the boat the ground was really springy beneath our feet. The sun was shining but it was still quite cold. The bare footed woman in traditional costume gestured us to sit on bales of reeds and proceeded to demonstrate how the islands are made. As the reeds rot from below the island is replenished by adding more reeds to the surface. The reed houses only last about ten months then the ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon June 19th 2015

The alarm went off at 2.15 am and we dragged ourselves out of bed, by 2.33am we were on the bus to Colca Canyon. After 3 hours we arrived in Chivvy for breakfast. From there we stoppped at several small villages and saw little children marching around the village square and got asked many times if we wanted to take photos of the children in their brightly coloured costumes. By 11am we were at Colca Canyon itself, the canyon was vast and we saw several huge condors cruising around in the sky. All too soon it was home to leave, we stopped at a hot springs for a welcome bathe before being taken to lunch where there was a buffet laid on with many Peruvian dishes to try. After a long bus ride back through magnificent ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu June 18th 2015

We have completed our pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. We opted for a 3 day trip, and the first day was a mountainous drive, then a downhill bike ride, and hotsprings in Santa Teresa. Second day was ziplining, a 3 hour walk along the railway to Aquas Caliente, a gorgeous walk, and we spotted a Cock of the Rock! The next morning we were up at 4, and hiked 1900 stairs up to the Machu Picchu gates. After a tour, and the sunrise!!! we also climbed Machu Picchu mountain. Needless to say, the long walk down was painful. Machu Picchu is everything people say it is. Stunning, impressive, humbling. Also, no shade, no facilities inside the gates, and the entire site is stairs, and climbing up and down, so you need your health, and small children were ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 17th 2015

It is all how I envisioned. Here I am in La Paz ensconced in my luxurious hotel bed gazing out at Illimani, the soul filled mountain that stands sentry over this city. The plan is to spend the whole day lounging and pondering as I adjust to the ridiculously high altitude of La Paz. I can already feel some of its effects. Drawing in big yawning breaths feel like a decadent exercise and mind feels delightfully foggy and compressed. It is hard to tell if the lethargy I am feeling is from the altitude, the overnight flight I have just taken, or if it is just the continuation of my normal state of being. I have been drinking a lot of mate de coca, which you can probably guess is tea made from coca leaves. It ... read more

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