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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos April 27th 2019

Galapagos has no Wifi and very limited cell service so this blog is being posted from Quito. The Seaman Journey catamaran was our floating hotel for the past week as we navigated our way with 14 other passengers around the Galapagos archipelago. Days were filled with hiking and dingy tours along the coast to see the marine iguanas,seals, and ,of course, the famous blue footed boobies. Snorkelling with sea turtles, penguins, and hundreds of colourful fish. Sandy was wide eyed when a White tipped shark came within touching distance. Frigate birds follow the catamaran. The adventure of a lifetime!... read more

Tayrona national park is a very beautiful place, especially on the various beaches, (sweet). But like I mentioned in first blog on Colombia, some irritants can also be found here. (sour). The model for national parks in latin america is for me Costa Rica, hands down: Parks are well organized; Trails are very well marked; Detailed maps are available; Moving around in parks by yourself is simple; wildlife is abundant. If you know Costa Rica, then Tayrona could be compared to Manuel Antonio or Cahuita national parks, in a sense of a forest bordered by sea. But organization in Tayrona is not great. Let me explain. a-Entrance: main entrance is clogged with cars and buses just beside the main busy road. Even if you bought tickets online, you need to go to 2 or 3 different ... read more
baby caimans
the boot

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú April 16th 2019

WOW. Spectacular. We were incredibly lucky with the weather. Two days of blue sky to see the falls and today, the day we fly back to Buenos Aires, it is raining. Day one we walked the trails on the Argentina side of the fall and yesterday we crossed into Brasília to see and experience the falls up close. We were drenched, but soon dried in the 30C weather. We also went on a jungle adventure by mountain bike, kayak, and Jeep. Loads of fun.. The falls are wider than Victoria and taller than Niagara, made up of approximately 250 individual drops. The Iguazú river and falls mark the border between Argentina and Brasília..... read more
Iguazú falls
Iguazú falls
Iguazú falls

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 14th 2019

The wine province of Mendoza is world famous. The Norton Malbec is one of my regular purchases from Costco in Calgary so it is only natural that we would seek out the Bodega for a wine tour. Sandy and I had a private tour of this histlorical winery culminating in a light pizza lunch and wine sitting on old barrels in the cellar surrounded by thousands of bottles of mature wines, some of the more valuable bottles locked behind iron gate. Back at our B&B we were treated to a bottle from 1975. What a wonderful 2 days in Mendoza.... read more
Norton vines
Bodega Norton

South America » Argentina April 11th 2019

We arrived in El Calafate on a rainy day, but the weather has been grand since. The first afternoon we sheltered from the rain in the Glaciarium, an excellent interpretive centre explaining the ebb and flow of the Perito Moreno Glacier. The glacier terminates in Lago Argentina and on occasion advances across the lake to the land on the other side to form an ice dam. The water level on the upstream side rises by 11m until the pressure causes the dam to rupture and come crashing down in spectacular fashion. Our road trip to El Chalten and our hike to a lake at the foot of Cerro Fitzroy were fabulous We encountered much wildlife along the way The lamb is great.. Today we fly to Mendoza.... read more
Black necked swans
Perito Moreno glacier
Perito Moreno glacier

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 10th 2019

Nous voici bien installés dans notre Ibis habituel tout près de l'Obélisque... Pas mal de visites en perspective... nous aurons de quoi faire durant ces cinq jours qui nous restent du voyage... C'est dimanche, nous laissons nos amis passer ce jour en famille... Nous irons donc dans le quartier de La Recoleta où l'on se plaît toujours à retourner et s'y promener.... Recoleta doit son nom au couvent des Récollets, membres de l'ordre des Franciscains qui s'établit dans le quartier au début du XIIIèm siècle, y fondant un couvent et une église dédiée à url= read more
petit marché artisanal du quartier de la Recoleta
en Argentine on trouve des crêches toute l'année...
le texte entouré dit :

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 10th 2019

Castellano debajo del francés... Malgré le bus touristique, nous avons bien marché hier... et sommes prêts à recommencer aujourd'hui. Mais la journée commencera par un rendez-vous agréable !!! Nous rencontrons Sofia, la fille de l'auteur d'un livre d'un autre voyageur que celui dont je vous parle d'habitude... Il a écrit un livre qui m'attire et c'est surtout cette idée de voyager en famille (avec son épouse et ses 4 enfants...) qui me parle et la façon dont il le fait...Je ne peux pas vous en dire plus aujourd'hui car j'ai eu l'occasion d'avoir le dernier exemplaire de son livre en venant le réserver à l'Ateneo avant notre périple vers le Sud du pays et ce n'est que d'ici quelques jours que je pourrai lire leurs aventures après avoir pris connaissance de bribes sur Face Book. La ... read more
Contentes de nous connaître
Bus Touristique vers La Boca
Le street art a toujours existé dans ce quartier

South America » Colombia » Cartagena April 9th 2019

At this time of year, the temperature is quite high in the city around midday, 33-35 Celsius with lots of humidity. So better go out in mornings and evenings to really enjoy yourself. In the middle of the day, stick to AC or in the water. Cartagena has many beaches in the city limits. Water is not blue-green Caribbean, but it's okay. Nicer waters could be found South West near Baru and other surrounding islands. Waves are quite strong so many water sports can be done there. in the city itself, there are two major regions where beach hotels are: BocaGrande and La Boquilla, I have seen both regions and those in La Boquilla are nicer to my taste, especially those on the good side of the road. I stayed in Holiday Inn Morros when I ... read more
I am watching you
Life on the beach

South America » Bolivia April 9th 2019

Auf meiner nächsten Etappe begleitet mich eine weitere Freundin: Mandy. Zusammen erkunden wir nochmal Santiago de Chile. Und auch für mich gibt es immer wieder Neues in der Stadt zu entdecken. Und auch ein weiterer Tagesausflug nach Valparaiso schließt sich an. Und auch hier begeistern mich die Graffities in der Stadt wieder und wir genießen einen relaxten Tag in der Hafenstadt. Unser nächstes Highlight wurde schließlich ein Abstecher für 3 Tage auf die Osterinsel, eine abgelegene vulkanische Insel in Polynesien, welche zu Chile gehört. So flogen wir passend in der Osterwoche nach Rapa Nui, wie die Insel in der Sprache der Einheimischen heißt. Nach fünf Stunden Flug kamen wir schließlich im feucht-warmen Klima auf der Insel an. Alles erinnerte mich spontan an die pazifischen Inseln. Denn schließlich waren wir auch nur ca. 4.000km von Tahiti entfernt. ... read more

South America » Colombia April 8th 2019

Many people will try to discourage you if you intend to go to Colombia. They still have in mind the terrorism and kidnapping of previous decades. These days are long gone. Only remain some little pockets of unsafe territory close to border of Venezuela and Ecuador, but that' s far away from any tourist spot. But there are pros and cons if you want to come. CONS: Colombia is a modern country but development is quite uneven. A city like Medellin is modern and impressive, but not that far away, other regions tell a different story.One big grocery in Cartagena refused my credit card saying that "this type of card does not work here". In a small village in the outskirts of town, same card was accepted. This was the same with gas stations. Problem here ... read more
Baby caimans found in swamp
Beautiful Tayrona
street art in Puerto Colombia

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