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South America » South Georgia » South Georgia February 6th 2019

South America » South Georgia » South Georgia February 6th 2019

Monday/Tuesday 4/5 February - DAYS 3-4 / AT SEA – TOWARDS SOUTH GEORGIA We charted a south-easterly course bound for South Georgia. The seabirds once again joined us in the Southern Ocean. The weather was mild (7.5 C degrees) with a slight swell which was affecting some of the passengers. However, through the on-board doctor, seasick patches became very popular. Our educational presentations continue and were always popular. History is a key theme of this voyage and the epic story of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the HMS Endurance expedition is central to any trip to South Georgia. We also had a presentation on whales in the area. I also picked up some valuable tips from the onboard photographic guide, learning about image composition, the subtle polar light and all the basics of good camera craft. We ... read more
Gytviken South Georgia (28)
Gytviken South Georgia - toasting with whisky to Shakleton (3)
Gytviken South Georgia 1st zodiac ride (1)

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 5th 2019

It was with mixed feelings that I left home for more than 2 months. It was sad to drop my standard poodle Roman off at Frankie & Bab's Winter Camp (Thank you F&B!!). And after a tearful departure with Mark at the airport, I lugged my now 110 pounds of no-wheel luggage to the check-in counter, checked the 2 duffel bags, and proceeded to the security check point. The guard asked if I had any food products and I said the I had a box of Godiva chocolates. He made me take it out of my backpack and put it on a tray to be X-rayed. He exclaimed, "A box of chocolates!" I explained that, "My flight attendant friend Michele told me to take a box of chocolates and give it to the first flight attendant ... read more
Let the Adventure Begin
Godiva Heaven
And the Winner Is...

South America » Argentina » Neuquén » Villa La Angostura February 5th 2019

After breakfast we check out of La Posta del Cazador, which is a relief as it’s dark and stuffy and full of dead things (the door handles and light fittings are made of antlers). The bed was so uncomfortable I spent half the night contemplating sleeping in the car. This morning we are returning down the route of 7 lakes to Villa la Angostura. First, a visit to La Pastera Museo del Che. It’s a tenuous link; Che Guevara spent 2 nights in this barn in 1952. But it’s an interesting little museum. We drive south stopping at various viewpoints over lakes and waterfalls along the way, reaching quaint little La Angostura around lunchtime. We check into our hotel; Marinas Alto Manzano. It’s beautiful. We have a huge room overlooking the lake and the bathroom has ... read more
La Pastera Museo del Che
La Pastera Museo del Che
Cascada Vulinanco

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 5th 2019

How does one do justice to Buenos Aires (BA) when visiting the city of 15 million people in only 4 days and nights? My answer: hire a private tour guide! Prior to arriving in BA, I googled "BA private tour guide" and up came with choices. I wrote to highly rated guide Marcelo Mansilla and he responded right back (he gave me permission to use his whole name if I wrote positive reviews about his tour business, Ha!). It was the best decision I made for making the most of my limited time in BA. I hired him for ½ day right after checking in to my hotel room. This was crucial for me as he showed me the ropes of navigating the city using taxis, buses and when walking alone, especially at night. He ... read more
Hotel Arc Recoleta
Tour Guide and Porteno Marcelo
Eva Peron's Final Resting Place

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara February 5th 2019

Being back in this beautiful country for another month before we ship Tortuga from Cartagena is turning out to be very enjoyable so far. After we left Cuenca mid-January, we put in a few long days of driving to get up to Ibarra, in northern Ecuador, where we spent four nights back at one of our favourite campgrounds, Finca Sommerwind. It was great to catch up with our friends there and spend a few days relaxing around camp before crossing the border into Colombia. We had been wondering how the border crossing would go this time, as when we crossed over last August it took a very long time and the immigration officials were completely overwhelmed by the huge number of Venezuelans heading south. The night before we left Sommerwind, an unfortunate incident occurred in Ibarra, ... read more
La Serrana campground, Salento
Sunset over the coffee region
Iglesia de Belen, Silvia

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 4th 2019

We only had a last afternoon in Rio before the trip home so toured around the city seeing areas we hadn't been to. First we were down town in the main square which was designed by a Frenchman and has a wide boulevard and lovely opera house, library and other French looking buildings. We called in at Colombo's a famous coffee house which is beautifully decorated like the ones in Vienna but the queue was too long so went across the road for a spot of lunch. Then it was on to the St.Therese area which has some lovely old houses as well as lots of little bars and quirky art shops. We saw the old tram come trundling through the area. It had started raining so we ended our touring around at the St.Benedict Monastery ... read more
Colombo coffee house
Old tram
Inside St.Benedicts

I planned to visit Chachin waterfall in Lanin National Park today. It’s only 27 miles away but 25 are off road. The old man is unenthusiastic but we set off anyway. It’s supposed to take 80 minutes but our little car struggles so much that we take twice as long. Mo Farah could have run it faster. The old man picks up some hitchhikers en route. They don’t speak English and we quickly exhaust my Spanish so we pootle along, very slowly, in silence. At the end is the Chilean border crossing and a ranger station. They tell us the trail to the waterfall is closed due to fallen trees, but suggest we head there anyway, in case it reopens. So we drive even more off road, over a bridge that reminds me of a Top ... read more
Rio Hua Hum
Lago Lacar
Argentinian-Chilean border Hua Hum

South America » Argentina February 3rd 2019

A visit to Iguazu Falls was the culmination of our trip to South America and the whole reason we had come in the first place. The cruise was an add on to fill in the extra time! I had always wanted to see the widest falls in the world which are also one of the Modern Wonders of the Natural World. They are set in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest so there is a beautiful back drop to all the water. Only 8% of this rain forest now exists thanks to human activity and that is now protected. On the Argentinian side there is the Diablo walk, the upper circular trail and the lower trail, all of which we did in 40degrees of heat and 80 to 90 % humidity. Phew!! Bottles of water are ... read more
Diablo Falls
Stefan at the viewpoint
A peep through the jungle

When I get up the old man has disappeared. I wait 40 minutes assuming he can’t have gone far, then find him in the restaurant on his fourth plate of breakfast. A buffet is like playing Russian roulette when you have an allergy. Someone has double dipped in the condiments and there are brown blobs in the cream cheese. After some muttering and an extensive mining operation, I am fairly confident my breakfast isn’t going to kill me. Today we are driving 120 miles north to San Martín de los Andes along the Camino de los 7 Lagos; a road which passes 7 lakes. Each lake has a viewpoint and tourist information. So we wind our way along through the forest stopping to take pictures at each one; Espejo, Corrientoso, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Maconico. They’re all ... read more
Camino de los 7 Lagos
Camino de los 7 Lagos
Camino de los 7 Lagos

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