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South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 19th 2019

Journée de repos et de promenade dans et aux alentours d'Ushuaia... Il fait très bon... le soleil est un tout petit peu moins présent, mais la température est bonne... n'oubliez pas que nous sommes ici près de l'Antarctique !!!! Ushuaia possède encore de très vieilles maisons... Pourvu qu'on ne les enlèves pas... elles sont encore faites de tôles et souvent sur petits pilotis... La coutume était dans les temps de les déplacer ou tout simplement de les fixer définitivement une fois le terrain acquis tout à fait.... D'autres coins sont peuplés de très belles maisons,toujours colorées... souvent en bois avec toujours de la tôle comme toiture... Nous continuons à nous faire gâter autour de la table de Fabio et Alicia. Ils ont aussi chez eux pour le moment le parrain de Fabio et son fils. Le ... read more
restes accomodés !
glou glou
toujours au dessert ici

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Barranco March 18th 2019

In hindsight we could have spent less time here and found another place in Peru for a week or so. We found Lima too big, busy and crowded for our liking, particularly after the charm of Cuenca. Traffic in and around Lima is brutal so we avoided taxis and Uber and walked, 75km last week. The apartment was excellent and of all the districts we felt Barranco was the most genuine and the best bet for us. There are 6 panoramas in the section above. They change every 5 seconds. 1. Barranco beach on a hot weekend. Too crowded for us. Reminded us of Sauble Beach on a long weekend in summer. 2. An Incan inspired wall mural in Barranco. 3. Plaza de Armas in central Lima. 4. From Miraflores, looking south to Barranco. 5.Huaca Pucllana. ... read more
Colourful streets of Barranco
High above the Pacific

South America » Ecuador » North » Mitad del Mundo March 18th 2019

Today we are going to the equator. On the way there, it rains so heavily it’s difficult to tell if we’re driving down a road or a river. Rubbish floats past the windows when we stop at traffic lights. Luckily it eases off before we arrive. First stop is the Intiñan Museum which claims to be on the GPS equator. Here we take a guided tour which includes such activities as balancing an egg on a nail and trying to walk along the equator in a straight line, plus demonstrations in chocolate making and head shrinking. Then on to the Mitad del Mondo, a kind of equator based theme park which claims to be on the geographical equator. We only have 28 minutes here and in addition to a plethora of equator based photo ops, there ... read more
Balancing an egg at the equator

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz March 18th 2019

There are very very few human beings who leave some testament to their presence four thousand years after they have lived. This select band include Patagonian indigenous people of the Pinturas canyon who left generations of ‘negative’ hand prints on the sides of the gorge walls. They were lucky because the gorge had been capped by a harder rock than the base ‘toba blanca’ so overhangs protect the hands from the harsh sunlight. Today the site, the best of many in Patagonia, is a National Park and UNESCO site. You have to want to get there because even by Argentine standards it is remote. We took a tour from Los Antiguos (Chelenco Tours) having just arrived on the night bus from El Chalten. This meant retracing our steps for two hours South down Route 40. We ... read more
Hands of all shapes, sizes and colours
Having been pulled from the quagmire
Pink rock

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi March 17th 2019

Today we are going on the Tren de los Volcanes. This tourist train follows a 50 mile route to El Boliche which, it claims, gives you the opportunity to see 15 volcanoes in good weather. There aren’t any passenger trains in Ecuador; the taxi driver doesn’t even know where the station is, and tries to drop us at the offices of Tren Ecuador. Luckily, a motor cyclist explains his error, we get back in the taxi and follow the motorcyclist to Chimbacalle station. We board our train and set off flanked by a team of motor cycle outriders to keep the tracks clear. We have only been able to book aisle seats, Ecuadorean families have booked all the window seats. But once underway, the families move to sit together (a group of 7 have booked 6 ... read more
Tren Ecuador

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 17th 2019

castellano debajo del francés... Ce matin nous nous levons avec une grande surprise et un énorme cadeau de la part de nos amis.... Une promenade en Catamaran dans le Canal Beagle.... Un soleil éclatant accompagne ce cadeau... La journée risque d'être plus que géniale... Nous vivrons une expérience inoubliable en naviguant sur le Canal Beagle jusqu'à l'île aux oiseaux, l'île des phoques et loups de mer et le Phare des éclaireurs. Nous pourrons aussi observer beaucoup de Cormorans impériaux ainsi que toutes sortes d'autres oiseaux. Nous avons aussi beaucoup de chances car l'agence qui organise cette excursion a regroupé deux excursions car l'une d'elle qui mène à l'île des pingouins a eu trop peu d’inscrits… Nous ferons donc également ce petit détour afin d’y arriver mais aussi à l’Estancia Haberton où Angel nous a souvent emmenés. ... read more
panorama de départ
une excursion merveilleuse commence
Le Francisco III, notre catamaran

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 16th 2019

Bien entendu quand on vient ici on ne peut pas se contenter de rester tout le temps sur place... Il faut explorer plus loin... même si ce n'est pas une première ! Ushuaia nous attend les bras plus que grands ouverts !!!! Nous y avons trois paires d'amis et je peux vous dire que notre séjour est drôlement bien préparés par eux ! C'est ainsi qu'aujourd'hui nous prendrons l'avion depuis Mar del Plata jusqu'à Ushuaia en faisant une heure d'escale à Bahia Blanca... Vous l'aurez compris, nous descendons vers le Sud et nous irons tout au Sud... Ushuaia est la capitale la plus australe du monde ! JJ profitera de cette heure d'arrêt afin de faire connaissance avec les pilotes de l'avion qui sont tous les deux bien sympas ! Le vol se fera en deux ... read more
Notre avion
aéroport de Mar del Plata bye bye...
Survol de Mar del Plata

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito March 16th 2019

Today we are sightseeing in Quito and changing hotels. There is an important reason for this prearranged change, but the old man can’t remember what it is. Our new hotel is 1 km away. The old man is too tight to pay for a taxi ($1.25) but worried it isn’t walkable with luggage, so we are to do a ‘trial run’. After staking out our hotel, we head for the Plaza Grande, which is no longer barricaded off. We want to tour the Palacio de Gobierno, but you have to book in advance (thanks Lonely Planet). Next, we visit the Museo de la Ciudad. This is housed in a 17th century hospital and gives (theoretically) a chronological history of Quito. The old man gets impatient and bypasses a group of school kids, so we are going ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Cuyabeno Reserve March 15th 2019

Today we are returning to civilisation. I can’t wait but first we have to endure: - 2 hour canoe ride - 2 hour bus ride - 4 hour wait at airport - 1 hour flight - 1 hour taxi ride Things I’m looking forward to this evening: - Phone coverage to speak to my girls - WiFi to read the news/sports results - WiFi to check up on what my friends/family have been up to on social media - Electric lights - TV - Power sockets - Hot shower - Dry towels - Proximity to shops - Clean running water - Being allowed to use shampoo/conditioner - Being able to eat/drink what and when I want - Clean sheets - Far fewer insects - Not stinking of insect repellent - No animals in the bedroom - ... read more
Cuyabeno Bridge
Loading supplies at Cuyabeno Bridge
Flight to Quito

"It’s the glaciers, Stupid!" Yes, Patagonia has picturesque dramatic mountain peaks: Yes, it has awesomely beautiful lakes and majestic wildlife: And if there is one thing that makes it stands it out from the crowd it is its glaciers. The Southern Patagonian ice field is the third largest in the world (after Antarctica and Greenland) and by far the most accessible. The glaciers flow off the ice sheet down to 200 metres above sea level, well below the tree line. And Perito Moreno glacier is the ‘Hollywood’ of all glaciers: It is almost as if it was created for tourism. It finishes its 17 km journey opposite a promontory that divides two glacial lakes on the Argentinian side of the border. There are a series of board walks so you can view the glacier flowing down ... read more
just a luminescent blue!
patagonian fox by the shore of Lake Argentina
heading for the based of Mount Fitzroy

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