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South America » Colombia » Cartagena June 10th 2019

We enjoyed a self serve breakfast at hotel (after we figured out it was self serve) in the open air eating area. Floor to ceiling windows opened up to the sidewalk and street. Local fresh fruit was cut and displayed such as passion fruit, all manner of melons, oranges. A variety of breads, ham, cheese and hard boiled eggs, cooked sausages, and scrambled eggs were also on the buffet. Surrounding the orange and pineapple juices was a delightfully painted mural of a tropical island with palm trees and other tropical greenery while flying alligators…wait, what?! Yes! And pink flying dolphin-flamingoes, and a flying rabbit-seagullfloated on the walls while a rabbit-frog hid in the foliage below. What wonderful art with a sense of humor…. Sam came to announce that we were to walk to the end of ... read more
Secret tunnels at Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas
The Colombian flag flew proudly above the fort
Dave learns to make jewelry at the Emerald Museum

South America » Colombia » Cartagena June 9th 2019

Our 8am pickup arrived at the Hotel Central Panama to take us to the airport for our COPA airline flight to Cartagena. We were pleasantly surprised to see that jovial Roberto (“familia!”) was our bus driver. Most of our group of 21 OAT travelers were heading home, or had already left, but eight of us were heading to tour beautiful Cartagena, Colombia as an extended three day excursion. On our way to the airport we passed now familiar old buildings and were able to enjoy the contrasting modern skyline on our way to the Panama City Airport and our COPA airline flight. After a short, comfortable flight on COPA, maybe my favorite airline now, we actually had breakfast (a delicious ham and cheese sandwich with fruit and coffee) for that two hour flight! After collecting our ... read more
Spanish style open air balcony (pool is below)
Hotel pool looking down from our balcony
Cartagena: Photographer's dream

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu May 23rd 2019

Cubensis significa vir de Cuba ', e refere-se ao tipo de localidade publicado por Earle. Substitui o Psilocybe cubensis em grande parte da sua extensão tropical e foi recentemente relatado na Austrália, Índia e Tailândia. É macroscopicamente idêntico ao Psilocybe cubensis, diferindo apenas pelos seus esporos menores e pleurocistídios consistentemente menores. O Psilocybe cubensis é provavelmente o mais amplamente conhecido dos cogumelos contendo psilocibina usados ​​para desencadear experiências psicodélicas após a ingestão. Os cogumelos são coletados e cultivados como um enteógeno e uma droga recreativa, apesar de certas quantidades serem ilegais em muitos países. Mega Mushroom Growing and Incubator Kit Cresce até 30 frascos de uma só vez! Muitos cogumelos psilocibinos estão no gênero Psilocybe, mas espécies em vários outros gêneros contêm as drogas. A úni... read more

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu May 16th 2019

Custos de viagem no Brasil Devido às grandes distâncias no Brasil, o voo ocasional pode ser uma necessidade e pode não custar muito mais do que uma viagem de ônibus de longa distância. Para 2016-1919, estão previstos investimentos para a área internacional, construção de novos estacionamentos, quatro novos hotéis nas proximidades, uma nova área de negócios e outras instalações. A maioria das grandes empresas de ônibus faz reservas e vende ingressos pela Internet, mas você deve retirar seu ingresso com algum tempo de antecedência. Existem todas as empresas usuais de aluguel de carros nos aeroportos. O serviço de trens no Brasil é quase inexistente. Existe um serviço de transporte de turismo em Foz do iguaçu e entre São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, um serviço regular de São Paulo para Brasília e um... read more

South America » Colombia May 13th 2019

Trip almost over. Before returning to Cartagena found a small place about 50 kms South of it to relax. Small hotel is just at the exit of San Basilio de Palenque. This is a small city founded by escaped slaves. They are proud of their heritage and there are many opportunities of visiting this culture if you are interested. Hotel was fine, located on a small farm but only problem was ......the road!!! In this part of the country, no major highway to connect major cities, so there are tons of trucks on the road...annoying! About 35kms from the hotel, found a small nature park near city of San Juan Nepomuceno. That's the greenest part of the region for kms around!! There are howler monkeys to see if you haven't seen any elsewhere. Little problem with ... read more
Los Colorados park
country side
view from balcony

South America » Colombia » Barranquilla May 8th 2019

Actually, not Baranquilla itself, but Puerto Colombia, 16 kms West of Baranquilla center. This is a small city with almost no tourists in view, with beach front and a long "malecon", (boardwalk along the sea). This city is a getaway for families of big Baranquilla. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's quite safe with all the families and children around. The ocean color is not Caribbean turquoise but it's okay. Along the malecon, many artists painted benches and other objects. The small animated center is one street inland of malecon. The hotel we stayed was Hotel Boutique Porto Bello. It's by far, the nicest hotel around! We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, and all weekenders left the hotel, so we were alone for 2 days! With all the personnel to ourselves, we felt like movie stars! ... read more
puerto colombia
art on malecon
airplane on malecon

South America » Colombia May 4th 2019

Nochmals freue ich mich über eine weitere Reisebegleitung: Beate, eine gute Freundin begleitet mich durch Kolumbien und Panama. Gemeinsam schauten wir uns in den ersten Tagen Bogota an, eine zwar etwas gesichtslose, aber doch auch wieder spannende Stadt auf ca. 2.600m Höhe. Vom Hausberg Cerro de Monserrate, der nochmals fast 700m höher liegt, hat man einen schönen Ausblick über die Stadt. Klassischer Weise fährt man hier mit der Seilbahn oder der Zahnradbahn hoch. Wer Lust hat, kann auch 1h hoch laufen. ;-) Wir fuhren gemütlich hoch, schlenderten durch das schöne Altstadtviertel Candelaria mit seinen vielen Graffitis bis hin zum Plaza Bolivar und erkundeten schöne Bars und Cafes. Und wir planten unsere Touren und Ausflüge. Meine geliebten Free Walking Tours werden auch hier in Bogota angeboten. Und es gibt sie zu verschiedensten Themen. So erfährt man viel ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta May 3rd 2019

After 7 days straight in baking hot temperature, it was time for a relief! We took the road. From Tayrona, we headed to Santa Marta, and then , took small road to Minca. You're going up all the way. At some point there are a couple of very tight 180 degrees curve so watch yourself! Minca is a very small city but it's quite compact. There are many accommodations but for peace and quiet, choose one out of the village. i chose one on Cerro Kennedy road named "tierra adentro private reserve". It's advertised as having free parking, but the road to get there are really really rough! I made 85% of the small road but had to abandoned and return to Minca. There, I parked my car in a private parking and took a jeep ... read more
pet macaw

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura May 2nd 2019

So April 23rd marks 8 full months that we have been in Chile…it is also probably 2-3 months longer than I think I have ever been away from Canada before, so the topic of homesickness is on my mind. My previous longest stretch was probably 6 months back in 2001, when I spent a semester abroad “studying” in Sweden (quotations author’s own)…admittedly, with this experience I am working harder, and probably drinking less, despite the more reasonable prices for alcohol in Chile vs Sweden, adjusted for inflation…actually, you may not even have to adjust for inflation. Anyhoo… I think I mentioned to someone that homesickness goes in waves. There can be days or weeks where I think nothing about it, and I have no issue with the fact that we are here, and life is different, ... read more
It's Fall right now...

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Palomino April 29th 2019

Still staying in hotel Kantawa, decided to do a little ride to explore east side of the region. At first, I was supposed to go to RioHacha, explore a bit the desert and then go South to completely drive around Sierra Nevada mountain range. But I changed my mind soon after arriving in Colombia. Problem with Guajira and far East, is that the desert doe snot hold many interesting attractions for me, even after looking at some blogs and read about it. So, instead, I'll stay a couple of nights in Minca after Tayrona. The drive. Road is smooth and with not too much heavy traffic. I passed succession of banana plantations, forests, little villages and coastline. About the coastline, at one point, the road is on a cliff with many nice views, but there's no ... read more

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