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Hello Bloggers, So today we had our return ferry trip back to Buenos Aries, it’s cheaper and easier to get a bus to Iguazu from Buenos Aries than getting it from Uruguay, also it’s cheaper to get the ferry back and bus!!! If you’re going to get this ferry, book it up through as it’s the cheapest and book way ahead of time as it will be a lot lot cheaper, also remember that the tax is more that the ticket!!! We paid ARG$99 peso to get back but with tax was ARG$250 but still pretty cheap!!! In total our return ferry journey was ARG$800 (£50) The ferry was simple enough and took only 50 mins back; we got out of the ferry port quick and walked along Puerto Madero toward Retiro where our bus ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores July 28th 2015

Distance driven today: 30km/19miles - in a tow truck! Cumulative distance driven: 10,915 miles / 17,566 km Today’s trip: From Lima’s Nana suburb where the bike suddenly died to our hotel As we were returning yesterday late afternoon from our ride on the world’s highest railway and road, it happened. We were driving into one of the Lima suburbs, looking forward to getting to our hotel after a very long day, when the engine suddenly died. All attempts to restart it yielded no result. It was 6pm by that time, and Zoe and I had already been on the road for the last 10 hours, and we wanted nothing more than to arrive at our hotel in Lima, take a shower and crash out in our beds. The plan was to leave Lima early today, and ... read more
Christer with the two very helpful Peruvian police officers who found us a tow truck
Finally, after almost 4 hours the tow truck came to pick up the bike
The police is watching our bike while we  have late dinner

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 28th 2015

For our last day in Buenos Aires, we spent it...not in Buenos Aires. We went out to El Tigre, which is the town where the Paraná River meets the River Plate. The delta is impressive, with a bunch of inhabited islands and murky brown waters that are actually clean enough to swim in. The color comes from the silt carried downstream. The island inhabitants are mostly disconnected and lead a very different lifestyle. Most of their houses look like those "mini-houses" you see online, with only a room or two of space and just very efficient use of what they have. Trash boats come around every few days to pick up whatever they've created, and supermarket boats make regular trips. Medical boats with a physical therapist, a dentist, and a general practitioner also make rounds, and ... read more

Hello Everyone, So we got up early for our free breakfast, again it was bread and dolce leche (awesome sweet milk spread). We were leaving to head back to Colonia today but our bus was at 1430 so we still had all morning to explore!! We went for a walk in the early morning down to the Rambla-waterfront where the joggers are, we attempted a 5 minute jog but it is evident we clearly need to get back in the gym. It is a lot warmer in Montevideo, so Vick can now stop wearing the ski coat! One area to visit is ‘Mercado del Puerto, a fantastic restaurant area, here they had lots of Asado’s, so the best time to see this really is at night. Our early morning walk took us into the Plaza Independencia, ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima July 27th 2015

Distance driven today: 210 miles / 334 km Cumulative distance driven: 10,915 miles / 17,566 km Today’s trip: Lima to La Oroya return, Peru Rode on one the world’s three highest roads: yes Visited the world's worst polluted place: yes Those who know me also know that ever since I was 5 years old I was fascinated by the Belgian cartoon character Tintin. No Tintin adventure fascinated me more than the ‘Prisoners of the Sun’. In that album, the young journalist Tintin travels to Peru in search of his good friend professor Calculus. The latter is believed to have been kidnapped by a surviving outpost of the Inca civilization. It turns out that the captors are holding professor Calculus at the Temple of the Sun, which is located deep within the Andes in Eastern Peru. To ... read more
At Ticlio mine entrance 4.818 meters above sea level
The train bridge on the highest railway that Tintin travelled on
World's (now) second highest railwail junction

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 27th 2015

And with that, we're done (with classes). We graduated today, if you'd like to call it that. Truly what it was is we went in, filled out a survey on how it all went, talked with our classes for a couple hours, and then received our evaluations (not our final grades, per se, but more like how we did in the class. Our actual grades are more based on effort so as long as that's reflected, you're good) and diplomas. And free food. Which is always good. After that, a couple of us went to change money one last time so we have enough in Patagonia, then we all split up to go get our laundry done and start packing. I, as per the usual, went for a run first. Then laundry, hanging out, and dinner. ... read more

Hi, Today I woke up nice and early to walked to the bus station to book up our tickets to Montevideo, it was a 2 hour bus drive and cost about $300 peso. We had a free breakfast of bread and marmalade. It was ok, standard breakfast in SA, I can’t wait for a bacon sandwich!! Our bus was at 1100 so we just packed up, got the last of the good Wi-Fi and headed to the bus station; we also made sure that we could book up another night here in Hostel el Espanol for when we come back in a day as it was a good hostel (and the cheapest one in Colonia). The bus was no problem, just that it stops a lot and ends up with people stood close to you, this ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 26th 2015

Day 59 Lima, milestone and strange encounters with the traffic police Distance driven today: 97 miles / 156 km Cumulative distance driven: 10,705 miles / 17,228 km Today’s trip: Huacho to Lima, Peru Almost got big fine by the Lima traffic police for driving our bike on a normal road: yes, but we somehow managed to avoid it Today we had a short distance to ride, as our goal was to get to Lima. However, we were delayed significantly this morning when leaving Huacho, due to many streets at the center of the city being closed. The reason was the Independence Day of Peru coming up on Wednesday, and the numerous school parades taking place along the streets. When we finally got out of the city, over an hour later, we drove through the coastal desert ... read more
School children parading to celebrate Independence Day
Lima suburbs.
Lima waterfront

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 26th 2015

Mother nature must hate us. After a gorgeous day Friday and then horrible weather for the ranch, she gave us our best day yet (yes, better than Friday) today. Cloudless, mid-60s, and not too humid. We all took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in for a bit. I went for a run around the nature reserve again, and honestly don't comprehend how people were wearing parkas. It was hot enough that I wanted to take off my shirt. I would have even considered swimming if 1) I had anything and 2) I wasn't unsure about the water safety. In the early afternoon, we went to the San Telmo fair, where we tried to go last week and failed because we walked down a street that was also a street fair. We almost failed this week ... read more
The city from the reserve in the evening

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 26th 2015

Hello Family and Friends, Today we were leaving for Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay by ferry. We bought the ticket in the week for about £50 return as it was cheaper to come back to BA and then take a bus up to Iguassu, instead of taking the bus to Salto and then to Iguassu. Pablo and Romi kindly offered to drop us off at the ferry terminal at 7am (they are so kind!) the trains do run at this time, but as it was dark they said it would have been unsafe. As we drove through the city at 6.30am, the nightclubs were still busy with people coming out and even people still queuing to get in some places!!!!! Literally a city that never sleeps! We arrived at the terminal an hour before the ferry departed ... read more

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