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South America » Ecuador » East » Cuyabeno Reserve March 14th 2019

Today’s schedule consists of a 6.30 am birdwatching session on the observation tower (basically our bedroom roof), a jungle walk and a canoe trip which combines swimming and caiman spotting. Why anyone would want to do any of these things is beyond me. It’s going to be a long day. We go to the roof at 6.30, as scheduled to look for birds. In 90 minutes we spot 7 vultures, 6 parrots and 5 toucan. The old man is so excited, he plays bridge on his tablet while the rest of the group look for birds, then goes off in search of coffee. After breakfast it’s time for the jungle walk. I decide it’s not for me and spend the morning with my book on the balcony again. I’ve definitely made the right call; 40 minutes ... read more
Squirrel monkey outside my bedroom
Squirrel monkey
Squirrel monkey

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Mar del Plata March 14th 2019

Castellano despues del frances... Petite visite encore de Mar del Plata... c'était fait pour faire la promenade avec tél branché sur Skype afin de la partager avec ma sœur Béatrice afin qu'elle retrouve ses souvenirs en direct... mais pas au rendez-vous... Nous nous promènerons donc tous ensemble...un peu moins en direct vu que c'est depuis Ushuaia où nous sommes actuellement que je vous écris... Cependant les visites aux amis continuent !!! c'est ainsi que le dimanche matin nous prenons rendez-vous avec Annie qui nous apprend avec surprise que sa belle-sœur Nicole qui habite en Espagne et chez qui nous sommes passés en juillet dernier pour fêter nos 50 ans de mariage est là aussi avec trois de ses petites filles... Annie habite sur la route de Batan, là où nous habitions quand j'étais ici avec mes ... read more
Un petit oubli !!! la cravatte offerte par le chauffeur du bus de Bs As à Mar del Plata offerte à JJ.....
le long de la côte un grand hôtel et le casino

South America March 14th 2019

Welcome everyone, my name is Juan Jose Garcia Sanchez and I’m going to talk about my trip to Bogota with my father and brothers. This happened a few years ago and we went from Armenia to Bogota through the Height line way. It was frightening and very misty, we went in father’s car and my father always had the car’s light on. Some time later we pass the hugest tunnel through the mountain range, I felt a weird mixture of excitement and fright while we crossed the tunnel. We visited some places in the route to Zipaquira, which leads to Bogota. Zipaquira were very impressive but very cold, with some rain. In there, we took advantage and visited the cathedral of salt, a gorgeous underground construction dedicated entirely to the tourism and Catholicism, of course. Everything ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Cuyabeno Reserve March 13th 2019

Today we are going to a local village where we will pay an indigenous family to show us how they live. Inflation in the village is obviously rife, as the price has gone up 25% since we booked. After breakfast and a cold shower, we set off in our canoe again. It takes 2 hours to reach the village. On the way we see dolphins, sloths, 4 species of monkeys, bats, parrots, toucan, hawks and hummingbirds. Once in the village we are taught to make yucca bread. First we go into the jungle to dig up the tubers, then we grate them into a mini canoe, dry, sieve and cook the resulting ‘flour’ like a pancake. Our guide has brought a tuna salad to eat it with. There’s also fried yucca, plantain and a selection of ... read more
Grating yucca
Cooling bread
Stinky turkeys

South America » Ecuador » East » Cuyabeno Reserve March 12th 2019

Today we are going to the Amazon. I have a phobia of remote places, so the old man has booked a hotel only accessible by canoe. This morning we have an hour flight to Lago Agrio, followed by a 2 hour bus trip to a bridge then a 2 hour canoe ride to our ‘hotel’. I say hotel. In my world a hotel has electricity. And WiFi. And walls. All things I’m going to have do without for the next 4 days. We check in for our flight and I buy my last Diet Coke for 4 days - I’m about to go cold turkey. At $4 a bottle, it’s probably just as well. One last login to the airport WiFi – more cold turkey. The plane has propellers. I’m a firm believer that one shouldn’t ... read more
Arriving in Lago Agrio

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 11th 2019

Today we’re going sightseeing in Quito – primarily churches as most tourist attractions are shut on Mondays. The Colonial South American town centre is so formulaic I could walk it in my sleep; main plaza with cathedral and government palace. On either side, plazas containing the churches of San Francisco and Santo Domingo. And somewhere in the middle, the Jesuits, who took a vow of poverty but coated their churches liberally with gold. We try to start in the main square but there is a demonstration underway. The square is completely blocked off and circled by riot police. More and more people are arriving and most are wearing surgical masks. And I don’t think they’re doctors…. We bypass the square and head for the enormous Basilica del Voto Nacional. The old man decides to climb the ... read more
Basilica del Voto Nacional
Basilica del Voto Nacional
Basilica del Voto Nacional

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 10th 2019

Another interrupted night due to: 11 am – old man returning from his trip. 4 am – text from daughter number one. Both my daughters have A level maths but neither seem able to calculate time zones. 2.30-6.30 am – getting up to check on daughter number two’s progress on Barcelona Marathon App. Regular intervals all night – neighbours using the hairdryer. Either they have some weird hairdressing fetish or they’re holding it under the smoke detector so they can smoke in bed without evacuating the hotel (again). In the morning we head for the airport for our flight to Quito, the world’s second highest capital. We’re going 800 miles further north and 2850 metres higher in altitude. It’s been a long trip so it feels good to be flying 800 miles closer to home. Once ... read more
Plaza de Santo Domingo
La Ronda
La Casa de los Geranios

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Mar del Plata March 10th 2019

Para el castellano, por favor usar el boton "traducir" que ando a mil... -------- Nous passerons donc une dizaine de jours ici dans un appartement que nous avons loué, au bord de l'océan... Je connaissais cet appartement pour y être venus il y a 8 ans. Malheureusement les argentins on la facheuse habitude de ne pas entretenir leurs biens... par habitude ou par manque de sous... allez savoir mais la deuxième cause en est certainement la vraie réponse... Le lendemain de notre arrivée nous sommes partis prendre possession de la voiture que nous avons louée... Nous sommes donc armés pour faire quelques petits tours, proches ou plus lointains... JJ se retrouve dans le rues.. mais il y a tellement de monde qu'il faut faire très attention car comme déjà dit, ici la priorité de droite ou ... read more
La frégate Liberté
 Frégate Liberté

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 9th 2019

Como todo esto se trata de la Argentina, no creo deber que traducir mi texto... porque seguro que entenderan por si mismo el significado de las fotos... Igual si quieren pulsen el boton traducir... -------------------------------------------------- En effet... dès notre réveil une surprise se profile à notre fenêtre... Il y a des barricades partout... Allons-nous pouvoir aller nous promener dans la ville ???? On nous dit à l'hôtel de ne pas tarder car au fure et à mesure des heures qui passent, les rues seront de plus en plus bloquées.... Comme on voit des piétons derrrière ces barrières on ne se préocupe pas de trop... Macri, le président de l'Argentine a décidé d'ouvrir une séance au Palais des Congrès aujourd'hui... du coup grand branle-bas de combat... comme si cela n'avait pas été prévu... Il a fait sortir ... read more
une sélection de livres incroyable
le sous sol réservé aux enfants

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro March 9th 2019

I have an interrupted night’s sleep due to: 3 am – texts from daughter number two. 4 am – the old man leaves for an 18 hour coach/boat trip. I have spent enough time on a bus recently so opt out. 5 am – the fire alarm goes off. I go to the foyer in my pyjamas, only to be told not to worry, it’s just someone smoking in bed. It’s our last day in Peru with its stinking beaches and salty food. I can see why Paddington (a) wanted out and (b) stuck to marmalade sandwiches. After a few more hours sleep, I get up, have breakfast (jam sandwiches) and set off down the Malecon in the opposite direction to yesterday. First stop, the Lugar de la Memoria (full title – Place of Memory, Tolerance ... read more
Lugar de la Memoria
Lugar de la Memoria
Lugar de la Memoria

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