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South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia April 4th 2019

Le français après l’espagnol : Desgraciadamente un día tenemos que dejar a nuestros amigos que nos recibieron tan amablemente ... Sin embargo, estamos disfrutando de los últimos momentos y compartimoss más ... JJ tuvo el gran placer y la alegría de poder volar en la Bahía de Ushuaia gracias a nuestro amigo Angel ... Todavía disfrutamos de excelentes comidas siempre preparadas por nuestra amiga Ana María ... incluso me atreví a probar el pulpo ... llegué ... pero admito que no haré de este mi comida diaria ... Debo decir que los pedazos eran muy ricos ... puede ser que sea una idea equivocada en mi mente ... al viajar, también se debe pasar por cambios en los gustos y sabores ... y hay que probar de todo… Aqui Ana Maria las preparo a la Gallega ... read more
Ushuaia se réveille à 6h45...
Plus courageuse que moi...
Quand on se lève tôt...

South America » Peru » Cusco April 2nd 2019

The magic of Peru grows stronger every time I visit. The kindness and warmth of the people, the sublime beauty of the mountains, the depth of Incan history and Quechua culture. I love it all. It makes Peru exciting and mysterious on the one hand, but also comforting and familiar on the other hand. It’s hard to not compare my three times there: 2013 on my own traveling around to several places in southern Peru; 2017 guiding a group of 20 high school students around Cusco and on the Inca Trail, and this trip guiding another group of high school students. Each time I have fallen hard for Peru. This trip started out with a visit to the Parque de Amor in Lima, which I visited in 2013 alone, under a cloudy sky. This visit on ... read more
Milky Way

South America » Ecuador » South » Vilcabamba April 1st 2019

Hello Blog Readers - thanks for being here! Some of you have been following my blog since I first began in 2006. Thanks, Madge, for insisting that I keep folks in the loop of my life in Ecuador. Here I am, twelve and a half years later with 145 published entries. I'm still at it...and you're still reading! To explain the title of this entry I need to tell you that the past month's activities and travels were overlaid on a backdrop of recovery from cataract surgery. There were complications and it's been a journey. My experiences during recuperation had me looking at the semantic and more esoteric connotations of the words SIGHT and VISION. Allow me to start by saying that, for my part, I am eternally grateful to the visionaries who had the foresight ... read more
Jessica and family
Exploring New Roads
My Sleeping Quarters

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza March 31st 2019

As we approached ‘El Chalet’ the ferocious dog, commonly found in almost every Argentine household, came out to meet us barking loudly. Jane gripped my hand tightly, “Are you sure this is a restaurant?”. I could see the front door of the house was just open a crack so I pushed it open. “Hola”, I shouted. Inside were some laid-up tables in a plain room with no one present. “Hola, hola?”. I could hear some noise in the back so I continued on through the room to a back corridor where I could see a kitchen to the left. “Hoolla?”. This time ‘Juan’ heard me and came bustling out to greet us. Yes, he could serve lunch. We told him through google translate that we ‘eat anything’ and sat down and waited. There was no menu. ... read more
CarinaE still use an old fashion press
One of the bigger wineries - Alta Vista
Was that the Malbec or the Carbernet @ Kaiken

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 30th 2019

This has certainly been a spectacular 3 months for us. Quito, Galapagos, Selva Amazon Lodge, Cuenca, Barranco/Lima & now 12 days on the road to Nazca and beyond. The schedule is hectic. Many days start at 5.30am and involve plenty of walking, climbing and scrambling, mostly at altitude. I can’t say enough good things about Peru Tourism. We looked at their suggested tours then custom built our own 12 day trip. They looked after everything...transportation, transfers, accommodation, guides entrance fees and many of the meals. All the hotels have been top notch, way above what we would normally book. And the cost a very reasonable $5300US for the 2 of us. No, I’m not on their payroll! 3 Panoramas above, 5 second delay between each: 1. The Andes Mountains behind Arequipa. Misti is the perfectly shaped ... read more
Huacachina oasis
Nazca overflight
Overflight route

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu March 28th 2019

Our final 5 days in Peru were spent in the heart of the formerly glorious Inca Nation. At its height, when the Spanish arrived in 1523, it stretched from Chile and Argentina to Colombia. It is mind boggling that fewer than 200 Conquistadors destroyed a powerful empire of 15 million! We marvelled at their building skills, without iron, the wheel or animals that could do the hard work, in really demanding terrain. Their scientists developed strains of potato, corn and grains suited to climates from rain forest to desert. Yet they had no written language to record their accomplishments. The Spanish managed to reduce their number to less than one million through disease, wars and the Inquisition. The Inca was the king. The common people were “of the Inca” his to command. Panoramas (5 seconds between ... read more
Puccara Bulls
Palacio del Inka
Palacio del Inka

Français en dessous du texte en espagnol…. Decididamente no podemos decir que nuestra estancia aquí no fue organizada en todos sus detalles ... Todos los días habrá algo planeado en el programa ... todos los días nos llevará uno de las très parejas ... cada día será un nuevo descubrimiento ... Y si no estamos a nuestra primera visita a Ushuaia. Les puedo asegurar que faltaba algo por saber ... Hoy le toca a Luis dar un paseo. Iremos más al norte en la isla: Río Grande, donde Ana María y él vivieron antes de establecerse en Ushuaia. Río Grande es una ciudad argentina en la parte noreste de la gran isla de Tierra del Fuego . Es considerada la capital industrial de la provincia argentina de url= read more
ses magnifiques montagnes
en route vers Rio Grande
chemin faisant

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island March 24th 2019

When we first conceived this six week trip from Ushuaia to Mendoza I envisaged that we would be spending almost all our time in Argentina. As it turns out we will actually be travelling for over half our time in Chile. You see a difference as soon as you cross the border. In Chile the pavements/sidewalks are always in better shape and you can see from the infrastructure around you that its economy is stronger than Argentina’s. The prices in Chile are not far off those in the UK and apparently the distribution of wealth is far more extreme – the minimum wage is $400USD/month and the average $700USD. There is an openness and friendliness about all the people we have met. Take, for example, Gladys, our AirBnB landlady during our stay in Castro. She always ... read more
Curanto in Dalcahue
Interior of the church in Achao
On the ferry to Achao

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Zapallar March 22nd 2019

So, if you recall when you last joined us, our car was viciously attacked by some sheet metal on a Chilean highway. And so, since then we decided to jump headlong into the wild world of Chilean car insurance claims, and the car disappeared for about a month and after jumping through some hoops, actually many hoops, we got it back (not fixed of course)...and so hopefully someone got my reference to an 19 year old stoner comedy with Aston Kutcher and Stifler with the title of this blog. Ooof....although to be honest, is this at all worse than ICBC? So what has happened since my last entry...every day I think about so many little things to write about, and just wish I had the time to do so...including our current insurance situation (when we bring ... read more
Can you smell the Penguinos?
Visit from Grammy and Grampy
Upside down school year

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 20th 2019

It’s finally here, the last day of our trip. We don’t leave for the airport until 3 pm, so this morning we are visiting the Palacio de Gobierno, which I have finally managed to obtain tickets for. The tour is free but needs to be reserved by email (in Spanish) so I’m quite proud of my achievement. Time to pack one last time. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve packed and unpacked. It’s strange to think that next time I unpack it’ll be in my own bedroom, closely supervised by my cats. First, a weirdly disjointed breakfast; scrambled egg, a cheese toastie, an empanada, onion chutney, butter and jam. What are we supposed to do with the butter and jam? Dip the empanada in it? Spread it on the cheese toastie? Or maybe mix ... read more
Palacio de Gobierno
Palacio de Gobierno
Guayasamin mural

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