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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 6th 2015

Vandaag was het een zeer rustige dag. Er kwamen niet veel check-ins of check-outs. Voorts hebben Andrea en ik het hostel wat opgeknapt. De bar hebben we helemaal gekuist en ziet er nu pico bello uit. Dat hebben we goed gedaan! Voorts kwamen nog enkele mensen een tour boeken in het reisbureau.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco April 6th 2015

We flew from Santiago to Lima and Lima To Cusco. We took a taxie to our budget hotel called The Net House. The hotel room with private bath and breakfast included was $35.00 US. The hotel is in the historic part of Cusco, you should only stay in the historic center so you can walk to all the sites. We like Cusco with it cobbled streets and the people selling food on the sidewalk. You can see many women carrying babies, laundry or flowers in blankets on their backs. The people are very religious and we witnessed several religious parades where people carry statues of Jesus through the streets. One of the parades was so large it was on TV and it took six hours for it to wind through the streets. The large plazas have ... read more
Black Jesus Procession
Transporting Plants On Her Back

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro April 6th 2015

March 2 - Monday - Chiloe Island - Castro Looked very threatening today so wrapped our suitcases in shower curtains which we purchased from the supermarket. (Our luggage travels in the back of the open ute.) There was quite a bit of rain as we drove to Puerto Montt, where we caught the ferry to Chiloe Island. The trip took about half to 3/4 hour. We saw many of seals playing in the water as we crossed. We headed off, driving around a portion of the coast - quite different from the lake edges we had been seeing. We were watching out for a picnic spot, but found none, so ate lunch from the back of the ute. The countryside was very beautiful. Drove to Punihuil and did a 1/2 hour trip out to view penguins. ... read more
Chiloe Island
Chiloe Island
Chiloe Island

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz April 5th 2015

Nick: Can't....breathe.... That's right folks! We are now in La Paz, capital of Bolivia and located some 3500-ish metres above sea level in the 'altiplano' region of the Andes mountains. At this altitude, there is a good deal less oxygen in the atmosphere, and altitude sickness can be a problem for many visitors who aren't used to the conditions - especially those who have flown in and therefore not had the chance to acclimatise gradually (i.e. us). One of the first sights on arriving in the fairly rudimentary airport is an area set aside for 'medical emergencies', with a large sign offering oxygen therapy! But I exaggerate our own symptoms slightly. We've been here a few hours now and had a wander around the hilly streets, with no significant ill effects, other than a slightly light ... read more
Trying out the automatic 'Shiatsu Massage' chairs in Santiago airport...
Sarah standing by the well-camouflaged door to our bathroom!
The brass band accompanying the street parade.

As we were enjoying the wines of Mendoza our next destination, Northern Chile, was experiencing its worst flooding in decades. The Atacama desert is the driest desert in the world and areas in this region were receiving more rain in one day than the total average rainfall it receives in 4 years. As the rain continued unrelenting for several days the flooding intensified, roads were washed out, mines closed and a state of emergency declared, the Atacama was now the wettest desert in the world! After the weather subsided and normalacy returned we arrived in the little oasis town of San Pedro situated at 2,500m (8,200ft) above sea level. This is one of the oldest settlements in Chile dating back to 1547 when the Spanish established their first mission here. The single-story adobe houses and unpaved ... read more
San Pedro's mainstreet
San Pedro in the early morning
Carving up a dune!

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 5th 2015

Vandaag was het veel rustiger. Het mag dan wel Pasen zijn maar dit vieren blijkbaar de meeste toeristen liever thuis. Ik hielp net als in de volledige heilige week mee aan de receptie. Het was vrij druk omdat bijna zo goed als iedereen uitcheckte. In de namiddag was het een beetje kalmer er kwamen enkele check-ins.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu April 5th 2015

Mystical, brilliant, awe inspiring are some of the words to describe our experience at Machu Picchu. The Inkans were truly master engineers, sculptors, builders, visionaries. It started in Ollaytambo were we caught a train to Aguas Calientes. This is the small town that was built into the mountains at the base of the Urubumba River strictly because of MP's tourists, it's really not a place you would want to stay for more that 2 nights. We arrived at around 5:30pm in AC after a fabulous train ride, all of our necks hurt as we spend much of the hour and a half ride gazing at the mind blowing scenery. The hostel made a mistake on our room so we had to take a room with 3 single beds. We moved the furniture (not that there was ... read more
Aguas Caliente

Dok slušam zvuke kurulaa, muzike sa obale Tihog okeana Kolumbije, razmišljam o plažama i ljudima koje sam videla i upoznala. Zona se zova Valle de Cauca i glavni grad regiona je Kali, prestonica salse, veselih ljudi i svega onoga što zamišljate kada pomislite na Kolumbiju. Mnogi dođu u Bogotu očekujući tropsku klimu, crnce koji igraju na ulici, osmehe, salsu, salsu, salsu. Bogota je sve samo nije to. Kali svakako jeste. I sada posle dve ipo godine pitam se kako nisam otišla u Kali ili Medeljin da okušam sreću, da me sunce vidi i muzika pomiluje. Elem, sada je možda već kasno. No, vratimo se zvucima marimbe i Pacifika gde sam toliko dugo želela da odem. Osećaj je čudan, kao da ste u Africi. Obline crnkinja koje vam se podmuklo smeju i ismejavaju vaše, belkinje, koje ukoliko ... read more
Plaza Coceros
San Juan de Dios - La Loma
Nebo Buenaventure

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón April 4th 2015

Sarah: We are currently sat killing some time at our hostel in Pucon before our bus by watching Everton vs Saints (with English commentary no less). Saints are currently 1 - 0 down, so a bit tense at the moment, but hopefully by the time I finish this there'll be better news! To pick up from where I left off on Wednesday, we did brave the rain and finally get our postcards posted with a stop for some coffee and cake to reward ourselves. My saddle was still sore until Friday after our bumpy bike ride, but I'm now able to sit down without grimacing! The rain didn't let up for the rest of the day and so after our short trip in to town we cooked up some pasta and had a cosy evening in. ... read more
"At least the rain means more opportunities for cake"
Being good travellers and putting away the drying up at Hostal El Nogal, Pucon!
Field of cows that we passed on our Friday walk.

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 4th 2015

Vandaag was het ook een drukke dag. Net als de voorbije dagen is het hostel volzet. In de voormiddag en de namiddag en avond werkte ik in het hostel. Deed de reservaties, check-out, en info verlenen voor tours. Helaas boekte niemand voor de tours. Maar net als de vorige avond werd er goed geconsumeerd door de gasten op de avond aan de bar. We sloten de avond met een goed feest af.... read more

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