Marty McBride


Marty McBride

M n' M stands for Monica and Marty. LK 02 56 is the plate insignia on our truck. Unique in a way I will soon explain. Monica is a semi-retired restaurant consultant. I am a retired high school teacher. We met nine years ago and agreed to a ten year contract together. A sort of Mexican marriage so to speak. We will see what awaits us next year.?? One of the main chapters in the so-called contract entitled 'getting together', was an agreement to give up our homes, live in a trailer for half the year, and travel the world the other half, seeking adventure and knowledge and, maybe, finding that new home - that paradise - together. In short, we succeeded. We have backpacked throughout Central and South America, and made four separate excursions to Asia. And we have found that paradise home on tiny Gabriola Island off the coast of British Columbia which brings me back to our plates. Monica wondered how we would ever remember our new B.C. plates. Easy. 'LK' is for 'lucky' which, to have each other, we definitely are. The pair of us is a simple enough explanation for '02'. And the '56'? Well, Monica is in her fifties and was born in the sixties, while I was born in the fifties and am now in my sixties.

Europe » Italy February 10th 2020

Hail Caesar!! A quick outline to start our trip. It will begin with a few days in Rome followed by three weeks on a cruise ship and ending with a few days in Dubai. We left Gabriola early Wednesday, taking a ferry to Nanaimo, followed by a half hour cab ride to Duke Point. From there we boarded the larger ferry for a two hour ride to Vancouver followed by a bus ride and sky train to the airport. After all this, hauling two suit cases and a backpack, we awaited for our shuttle to La Quinta hotel. It never arrived. The weather was dark and grey and wet and the people at the airport seemed depressed and subdued. Monica finally phoned the hotel and we were told the shuttle had broken down and to just ... read more
Beautiful Statues
confession booth
San Paulo

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjav√≠k September 9th 2018

THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT IN SEEKING NEW LANDSCAPES, BUT IN HAVING NEW EYES. PROVOST The summer has been hot and sweltering in Southern Ontario so it seemed symbolic that our last day before leaving for Iceland was cool, dark and rainy. We even had our first bonfire in the morning before spending the afternoon packing and preparing. This trip will be different from our other excursions. First of all, this will a short trip - only ten days - as Iceland is just too expensive and Monica and I have family commitments in October. Secondly, Monica has arranged and planned our entire trip ahead of time. Usually we simply fly to a new land and then wing it in a spontaneous manner. However, Iceland is just too expensive and lodging is too limited. ... read more
The lagoon itself is all that remains of a chemical factory
White robes and lunch

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City February 24th 2018

One could foresee that our journey was coming to its conclusion. On our last day in Nungwi, at Makofi's, I actually shaved. I had not shaved since mid November, a week or so before we embarked. Oh I had trimmed my beard once every couple of weeks, but standing outside the shower area, ankle deep in white sand with the temperature hovering in the mid to high thirties, I pulled out my trusty Mac 3 and proceeded to prepare myself for a return to... what? I do not want to call it 'civilization' as Africa has its own form of civilization that, in just as many ways that we perceive it as behind us, it has also leapt far ahead of us as well. It was simply a sign that change was in the offing.... we ... read more
Bar, restaurant, reception at Kae Funk
Eulogy for my sandals?
Bar signs - Kae Funk

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi February 18th 2018

We travelled by taxi to the north tip of Zanzibar - an area known as Nungwi. This is a section of Zanzibar known for its fantastic beaches and expensive hotels. Places such as the Coco Cabana and the 'Z' charge anywhere from $400 to $550 a night. We are coming to the end of the tourist season in February - the rains arrive in March - so weekend rates run from $1500 to $1700 for three nights!! Monica and I had booked eight nights in a guest house resort called Makofi's. We were paying $216 for eight nights - or $27 a night. Obviously, we were not expecting much for the price, however we were pleasantly surprised. Makofi's is located only minutes from the beach, about a hundred yards down an alley. It has a large ... read more
Endless beach - bluest water
turtle attack
beach bar in Nungwi

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa February 10th 2018

On the first of February, we packed up and left Diani beach, taking a short cab ride down the coast. Thirteen km. south and the topography had changed dramatically. The modern paved road had degenerated into a pot holed trail of dirt and dust. Every few minutes we would pass a gated entry to some large resort, but the hustle and bustle of Diani beach had disappeared into a quiet remoteness. We pulled into our resort, the Kinondo Poa, and were greeted by a manager in pressed black pants and a formal, buttoned white shirt. The resort consisted of seven structures - a bar/restaurant sitting beside the pool, a cookhouse, a large mansion like building where the owner lived and the manager had his office, and four guest houses. Each guest house was split - like ... read more
Beautiful flowers all on our bed
Beach sitting at Poa
Our Bungalow

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 31st 2018

Our final safari day began with another six hour drive from the Masai Mara Reserve to Nairobi. The most telling event that can best describe the quality of the ride occurred about an hour outside of Nairobi when our truck finally pulled onto an actual paved highway - at this point, the entire group broke into one long applause. Later, we told our driver David, that the clapping and shouting was for him and the wonderful job he had done navigating the rough, dusty road. In reality, it was a sign of relief from all of us, that we had actually survived the ordeal. We arrived at the Karen Camp and without a second thought, Monica and I paid an extra $36 for an upgrade. We needed hot showers and a chance to clean out our ... read more
Diani beach
Sunning/drinking at the the Nomad
Endless view along the beach

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP January 24th 2018

We left Nakuru on the morning of the 21st and continued our southeasterly trek towards Nairobi. It was less than a hundred miles to Lake Naivasha, however the highway suddenly vanished and we spent most of the journey bumping along on a rough, dirt road. Chris informed us that the roads were all under construction from here to just outside of Nairobi and to prepare ourselves. We.arrived at Marina Camp on the banks of Lake Naivasha and immediately concluded that 'tenting it' was again our only option - the upgrade price was way too high. This is the weekend holiday spot for most of Nairobi's residents. With its shores fringed in papyrus and yellow barked acacias, snorting hippos rolling in the shallow waters, a symphony of twittering and screeching birds and a favourable climate, it is ... read more
Break time
Deep in the gorge
Trekking in the Gorge

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP January 19th 2018

We left Jinja on the morning of the 17th, and crossed the border into Kenya at Malala. It took four hours to reach the border crossing and the only incident was the refusal to let us use their bathrooms. According to one stocky female security person, all the facilities were for staff only. Eventually we were herded across the dusty lanes of traffic, side stepping the many convoys of petrol trucks, to a public toilet located behind the animal holding cages. One had to take a deep breath before entering - sucking in any of the fumes from inside made the animal cages seem aromatic. One hour at the border - lining up first to leave Uganda and then again to enter Kenya - followed by another hour, heading due east, on the road before we ... read more
pathways to bar and pool
take off
Rothschild giraffes

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala January 16th 2018

We had a very pleasant evening sitting around the pool and sipping cold beers after our day with the gorillas. Cepha's Inn was a very nice spot and Monica and I would probably have upgraded from our tent to a room, however, we were only staying one night. I had showered (cold but not freezing) after the gorilla trek and had folded my sweaty clothes into a bag to be dealt with later. We left early the next morning heading towards Kampala. It was a 400km. drive on so-so roads to Kampala and we had another hour driving through the city core and out the other side to our new camp site. Earlier on the safari, we had driven west through Tanzania towards Rwanda and cut under Lake Victoria on the south side. Now in Uganda, ... read more
cold beer above the Nile
looking north on the Nile
our crow's nest retreat

We stayed in the Rafiki Guesthouse for three nights, Jan. 10-11-12. Eleven members of our group went gorilla trekking on the 11th. Our group of seven would go on the 13th. So we had two days to ourselves to prepare for the trek and recharge our batteries. The owner of the guesthouse had a number of tours planned for us - coffee plantations and the like, however Monica and I were quite content to clean our laundry and explore the town on our own. We had lunch a couple of times at a wonderful little place called the Coffee Pot. African coffee certainly is wonderful. So dark and rich. We also had lunch at a kind of guesthouse called the Traveler's Lodge. Very nice indeed. The food was great and the history of this place says ... read more
One of our wonderful gorilla guides
A list of the gorilla families
still fresh and smiling.... we have not started yet

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