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14th February 2020

We were wondering what you two were doing....
A Mediterranean cruise! Wonderful. We did a similar cruise out of Rome, over 10 years ago. I didn't know about the Mona Lisa story. We just finished a Panama Canal cruise. Love your blogs. Have fun!!
12th February 2020

just checking
Hey M&M...left a comment but not sure whether it was in tandem with one of your excellent photos. If you got it, then ignore this message. Keep the blog going Marty!
12th February 2020
San Giovanni

Hi M&M---great intro! Love the wine and food in Rome, too! Imagine confessing your sins in that mighty impressive looking confession booth. Maybe your postponement for departure is meant to be. Now you have to take a separate trip to Greece. That country deserves your time. Living vicariously through you both. Keep the blogs coming!
11th February 2020

thank you, how fabulous, huge doors!! wow
20th September 2018

Amazing Place
Finally had time to read your post... What an amazing place this must be to visit! Your photos have been so beautiful! I have spoken to a few people who have also been to Iceland, and they loved it too! Sorry to hear this is your last year in Essex County. Had I known you were taking your gardens down Marty, I would've given some of those beautiful flowers a new home! :)
16th September 2018

Drive Toronto to Vancouver in one day?
Would love to have heard your answer! Looks amazing. Fabulous sunset
14th September 2018

What a far cry from Africa! love the photos. Sunset gorgeous. Most important question: did you renew your together contract and for how long?
19th March 2018

What an amazing trip!! I'm finally getting caught up on your adventures and looking through all the pictures, thanks so much for sharing :) all the best, Sue
12th March 2018

auld lang syne
Great record of your travels, Marty and Monica! Enjoyed them all. Freddy Mercury...yep...tragic ending..and there is also Ali Farka Toure from Mali...a favourite of ours. If you go back, Marty, will you look for your sandals? You must be home now and savouring each moment of your African adventure....
23rd February 2018

yes, life is good
you've had a great adventure, Monica and Marty. Consider yourselves lucky you were healthy enough to do matter how uncomfortable or difficult it was at times. Wonder what your highlight is? Dian Fossey's gorillas? Enjoy what's left and embrace each new day as if it's your last. But you two know that anyway! Safe journey home!
13th February 2018

More amazing facts
enjoyed these writings and photos, guys. Funny you should mention kite surfing. That's exactly what we're seeing here on the Gulf of Thailand. It does look hard and yes, you must need great upper body strength. Great adventure...continue to enjoy.
6th February 2018

Well, you two deserve a big pat on the back (and a few rounds of beer and red wine). That was one fantastic adventure and your photos, Monica, and your writing, Marty, put it all in perspective. We offer you our congratulations and best wishes. Enjoy your lavish beach destinations and we toast you here from Thailand for an amazing life changing journey. Hugs, Heather and Norm
3rd February 2018

Double wows!!
Love the elephant story about protecting the babies! Your bike ride sounds like a challenge! You two will never be the same...what an enriching experience!
1st February 2018

wait! all is not lost!
I DO see you....and the other figure is....? Certainly gives a perspective to the waterfall.
1st February 2018

Now I'm in trouble!
Marty---Now the 'squint and I appear' photo refuses to manifest itself! Suspect it's because our internet here in Thailand is very slow (and yet you guys were able to upload photos while in Africa!) Someday, when we meet again, bring the squint photo with you please!!!
31st January 2018

learning a lot
Your trip is opening up eyes about Africa. Whoever researched this trip did a great job. Although I squinted when looking at that photo, Marty, you did not appear. And Monica, I'd be wanting upgrades by this time, too. What was that old ad line...."take me to the Hilton...?"
1st February 2018

I do exist!!! Just to the left of the waterfall.
28th January 2018
Tent upgrade

Good read!
Almost feel like I'm there with you!
28th January 2018

just a comment
Seems to me I saw a FedEx truck in one of your photos in Kampala--they actually are world-wide. Also seems to me you two are being adopted as a mama and a papa wherever you go. That's crazy, man! Continue your adventure. We wait for the next installment.
18th January 2018

How amazing!
18th January 2018

Sobering histoty
The Poisonwood Bible is such a good read - by sheer coincidence I recommended it to our book group this evening. The film Hotel Rwanda gives some insight into that terrible and recent genocide. The Westvhas a lot to answer for
17th January 2018

only one word
12th January 2018 Stanley cranes?!
...And we had to look up dik-diks! Sounds fabulous guys!
12th January 2018

seize the toilet!
Thanks to you both for your great photos and tell-all writing. Enjoying your Safari from afar. Would not be thrilled with your Carpe Piem! Keep on recording your experiences and never leave the truck. (Despite your reluctance, Marty, the orphanage kids must have embraced you as warmly as Monica!)
4th January 2018

Until Africa cleans up its corruption act, it cannot be a main player in the global field. Of course its not the only country .... by any means, just so much more visible & accepted :-( Hope you have a wonderful safari. Stay safe

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