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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road February 17th 2015

La Paz is still in fiesta. Children are still racing around with water pistols and firecrackers line the streets as a way of celebrating. They are so noisy, you never know where the explosives are and when they do go off everybody crouches down with their hands over their ears. If this is a party, I’d hate to see what Bolivia is like during a revolution, or a period of political instability. I was also surprised today to see a young girl of 10 years old working in the trufe /minibus and taking our fare. Often trufes have a driver and a person who collects the fare from the passengers. It is common here to see young children working to make money for the family. Poorer people tend to sell hand-made products and richer people own ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 17th 2015

After the lost city trek I went to Carnaval de Barranquilla which is the second biggest carnival in South America, only behnd Rio. I went there with a couple of the girls from the lost city trek, we had a great time partying with all the locals but I didn't take any photos there unfortunately as I didn't take my camera out. For that reason I'm skipping to my next stop, Medellin. Medellin is the most modern city in Colombia and it is a really cool city, I went on a walking tour where we saw some places around the city with a guide who told us all about the history of the place. The city has an incredible story as it has recovered from times of extreme violence in the time of Pablo Escobar to ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu February 17th 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 We were up and at them starting at 6:30 am. There was a light rain and cool temperatures this morning. It was warm clothing day. Our luggage needed to be outside our room by 7:00 am. The luggage situation was a little tricky today. We were not allowed to bring our large luggage with us for the next few days; rather this luggage was being shipped to our Cuzco hotel for our arrival in two days. The only items were allowed to bring with us for the next few days was small carryon items. This was tricky initially trying to figure this out, however we did. We ended up bringing our two back packs and three Trafaglar bags we received when we started our tour. Basically we packed an overnight bag(s). We ... read more
Urubamba Village
Urubamba Village Mountain side
Urubamba Village - Home Visit

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 16th 2015

Music and Flowers Last night we had the pleasure of hearing the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in live performance just a few blocks from our house in Detroit. They are doing a Tchaikovsky Festival, with our own great music director Leonard Slatkin conducting. We heard it in Medellín through the magic of the internet; they are now broadcasting their performances electronically for the whole world. You yourself could connect, at . I take e-mail and blogging all for granted now, but the live performance of our own home boys somehow seemed extraordinary. Actually, it is all extraordinary. We are the first people in the history of civilization to experience this. Medellín is a wonderful place in many ways, but there is no orchestra or theater that we have been able to find. In all our travels, ... read more
11. Carol and our driver Diego
12. Water jets
13. Stepping columns

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Santos February 16th 2015

What a sight coming into Santos at 6.30 this morning, highrise as long as the eye could see! It took an hour and a half to come in the river, there is 50miles of port, the largest port in South America. Walked from the port to the old town about 4kms - very dodgy - seedy areas, unsmiling faces and falling down buildings etc etc probably the most apprehensive we have felt but walked into the old town with 6 others - so felt a little safer with numbers! The grand old buildings of the past are just gorgeous, the coffee museum, just beautiful - and boy was the coffee good too! Coffee and oranges are the largest exports from here, but Brazil is the largest beef exporter in the world. Pele (the soccer player) is ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos February 16th 2015

Hi all The past week, was our grand finale,a 7 day trip to the Galapagos. I've been most excited about this part, as I've been wanting to go ever since I heard that such a place existed. And it didn't disappoint! We covered 4 islands during our trip. We arrived first to San Cristobal island, getting there by flight. Fortunately this flight was uneventful, unlike our arrival to Quito. The flight itself took 3 hrs, and when we arrived at the island, a bus took us to our first activity, biking down from the highlands, approximately 12km to a beach to do some wildlife spotting.I have to say, having not ridden a bike in over 12 years, I was a bit anxious about this. But after a few minutes, and setting my own pace (right at ... read more
galapagos shark
blue footed boobies
green pacific turtle

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana February 16th 2015

Beautiful sunrise as we entered the harbour of Rio, Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer hit you in the face, a spectacular site from the water, Christ the Redeemer just sitting above the cloud, like it is floating! Breaky early and head out into the thousands for the last day of carnivale, 3 street parties to go to!! First one on Ipanema Beachfront, fantastic costumes and music and dancing, then onto a more suburban one, could hardy move! Last one was the best - Brazilians sure know how to party - doesn't matter how big! - those bodies just shake and dance! Millions of litres of beer consumed in Rio today!! Then headed out to Copacabana beach for dinner at a Churasscaria restaurant, absolutely stuffed full of lovely meats bought to our table and carved in ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 16th 2015

I’d asked Ronald to go on to the next place so I could finish a few things off in La Paz and we could then meet up tomorrow, which he agreed to. As well as getting a few things done (things that can only be done when I have access to wifi – most of my planning requires wifi) whilst I really enjoy travelling with Ronald and enjoy his company I wanted to be alone for one day and night in this capital city to be sure I could be independent and look out for myself as I had been able to do during my trip up to now. I would be horrified to find that I had to rely solely on anybody but myself to carry out my plans and therefore even when I have ... read more

South America » Argentina » Tucumán » Tafí del Valle February 16th 2015

Partimos de Tucumán en el bus que nos llevaría en 2 horas a Tafi del Valle, al llegar el impacto del cambio de los años, lo que era un remoto pueblito sin mucho desarrollo y turismo, ahora es un centro turístico de gran importancia en el norte de la Argentina, alojamientos de todo tipo, restaurantes, sitios de ventas de productos locales y artesanías, todo lo tiene el hermoso pueblo de Tafi... Encontramos un pequeño y sencillo hostal administrado por Antonio 'Quiqui', un español que a los 12 años llegó a Argentina y se caso prontamente con su primera esposa, quien murió rápidamente dejando atrás a su joven viudo con 3 hijos, lo que el destino le pinto a Quiqui fue casarse con la hermana de su difunta esposa y con ella criaron los hijos y hasta ... read more
Una de las esculturas que reflejan un grabado nítido

South America » Peru » Cusco » Urubamba February 16th 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015 Today the fun starts. We are off to Cuzco to start our Machu Pichu trek. We woke up at 445 am, official wake up time was 500am, however we wanted to get up a little earlier. Our luggage needed to be outside our room by 530am. The bellman were picking up our luggage and delivering them to the lobby and keeping in one place until our departure. We ate breakfast, hot breakfast, one more time before departing our nice hotel, Novotel. Breakfast was at 530am sharp. As in the past couple of days, the breakfast was super good. Our tour group needed to meet in the lobby at 610am, departure to the airport is at 615am. We departed the hotel at 615am sharp and off to the airport. We left early enough ... read more
View of Cuzco from Saqsaywaman
Awanakancha Living Museum
Awanakancha Living Museum - Alpace Suri

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