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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 7th 2004

Hola, I arrived in Santiago 4 days ago. When I got to my host families house I quickly realized that the lady did not speak ANY English. I had no idea what she was saying. Later I found out that they weren't expecting me until the 6th of January! The lady seemed Ok with it though. The house is small, but fairly modern. All the houses are gated and locked. The windows all have bars on them, and every house has a security system. The area I am in (Vitacura) is very nice and appears to be safe. I have been told it is one of the wealthiest communities in Santiago. The language barrier is a problem, but i am finding that my Spanish is quickly improving, and I can now sometimes understand the lady. Its ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema December 16th 2003

...... Sao Paulo Brasilia Rio Curitiba... read more

South America » Ecuador November 29th 2003

Ecuador - 5 Weeks I spent about 5 weeks in Ecuador stopping at Guayaquil which was a dump, then Monteverde for a week in a hammock in this nice beach town. From Monteverde I went to Quito, which has some nice areas to visit. I spent several weeks in Quito as I lost my passport and had to wait for another one, during my stay here I saw some students protesting and I got too close and experienced tear gas although quite diluted. I travelled, via Ambato, to Banos another cute little town situated at the foot of the active volcano, Tungurahua, I climbed the volcano on foot but didn't make it to the top as the ash was quite intense, there were farmers brushing ash from the grass so the cattle could eat and one ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 28th 2003

South America » Peru November 20th 2003

There had not been much excavation but there was still some interesting art work and some interesting shaped hills, hiding in the desert. Please click below for more details about my trip around Peru or around South America read more
Chan Chan Ruins
Chan Chan Ruins
Chan Chan Ruins

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 10th 2003

Arriving just after noon time at San Pedro de Atacama in the north of Chile, went through customs and immigration at the town itself, the customs guy upon seeing my passport told me he has lots of Filipino friends and that there are many Pinoys in Chile, did not really meet anyone my whole time there but it's a long country(geographically speaking). we were all put into a room, lined us up and have us put our backpacks on the table and they did a quick search, asking questions if we brought drugs, meat, fruits etc. It was done in 3 mins. we were dropped off in the center of town, it was unpaved roads and it's very dusty and dry, we decided to leave our packs at the bus company office while we search for ... read more

If you cast yours eyes across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires the coastline of Uruguay beckons. The ferry trip across the river provides a marvelous opportunity to experience life in this beautiful country of three million people; which in world terms is famous for the obvious ... Uruguay is a two time winner of the World Cup! The country triumphed at the inaugural 1930 World Cup final played in Montevideo, and managed to double the dose with a second euphoric victory in the 1950 world championship of football staged in Brazil. Oh yes, and as an Australian it's hard to forget the final qualifier for the 2002 World Cup finals when Uruguay knocked the Socceroos out of contention, again in Montevideo. Let's briefly recap, constant reader, to bring you up to speed on ... read more
Tree lined cobblestone street, Colonia
Heart of the city, Montevideo
 Down by the water, Colonia

South America » Peru October 31st 2003

Some of the less significant ruins I saw while travelling around South America, for more details of my trip please click below. read more
Ruins Near Huaraz
Ruins Near Huaraz
Surrounded by Beautiful Scenery

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro October 28th 2003

We were having a good old chat, albeit somewhat one sided. While waiting at the bus terminal in Foz do Iguazu a local approached and started speaking in an animated fashion. Man could he talk, and clearly it was an important message he had to share except for one small problem, I didn't understand a word he was saying! Not to worry, he just kept talking away while my facial expression changed from a look of non comprehension to positively idiotic. Finally a woman chimed in to remind him I didn't speak Portugese, and at least I understood those words. That's right bro, no fala portugese! Yet I was in great spirits as I prepared to board the bus to Rio de Janeiro. In fact I nearly burst into song "Woh ooh woh oh when my ... read more
Cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio
Christo the redeemer, Rio
Ipanema beach, Rio

South America » Peru October 24th 2003

Peru - 3 Months I flew from San Jose back to the Uk for 2 weeks and then straight to Lima, Peru. A night in Lima then a 23 hour bus ride to arrive in Cuzco. We spent a few days here visiting the local ruins and enjoying the facilities in Cuzco to acclimatize to the altitude, the Sacsayhuamán ruins were particularly impressive. We left Cuzco, for the Inca trail start, at midnight due to the affect of transport strikes and a few kilometres from the start we encountered a road block and were surrounded by protesters, who knifed/slashed our tyres. The guides set up camp on the road-side and we had to walk to the beginning of the inca trail next morning, an extra 6 km walk to the beginning of the tour. The ... read more
Sacsayhuamán Ruins
The Inca trail

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