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South America » Peru » Lima November 13th 2004

Hi all, this is the first propper entry that I´ve made, so it may not go that smoothly, but bear with me, it´ll get better. The flight over from Aus was pretty good. Long, but good. I think it was about 35hrs all up, and we were glad to see the hotel in Miraflores, Lima for more than just one reason. Once we had cleared immigration and customs,(customs by the way consisted of handing a form to guy who obviously had no intention of searching anyone´s bags and looked like he just wanted to get everyone through so he could go home, a little diferent from Australia!) we headed out the departure gate and all of a sudden felt like rock stars. There was a mass of people yelling and holding signs, offering us taxis to ... read more

South America » Brazil November 11th 2004

And so, to Brazil.. the fifth biggest country on Earth. Due to the constaints of time, we were only briefly heading across the South East of the country... but it at least gave us a flavour for it.. Our first stop, from Argentina, was the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls. Equally spectacular to the Argy side, but still worth a visit to get a different perspective on this incredible place.. We then had a quick, ie 2 minute detour into Paraguay.. this was because we hadnt stopped to get a Brazilian entry stamp on our way in from Argentina. The Paraguayan border is a real zoo... hoards of people heading in and out with bootlegged booze, cigarettes, and probably a lot of cocaine that has come in from Bolivia.. As we got our stamps for ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon November 11th 2004

The Trial of Colca began at 6am with a gruelling 6-hour bus journey with our guide to the town of Cabanaconde at the edge of the canyon. The journey went across the Altiplano (high plains) and peaked at about 4800m - the landscape is amazing, with hills and mountains and almost no vegetation higher than your knees. We had lunch and then began the descent of 1300m into the canyon itself. I was feeling a bit ill from something-or-other all the journey there and all the way down the canyon so didn't enjoy it as much as I could have done. At the bottom when I had to exert myself going uphill a bit the dodgyness of the tummy became a bit too much and I was sick a bit. Feeling rough, I went to bed ... read more
The Colca Canyon
Bridge over the Colca river
Rustic accomodation

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 10th 2004

"Sao Salvador, Bahia de Sao Salvador A terra do branco mulato A terra do preto doutor..." Magica terra do Senhor do Bonfim! Salvador tem uma energia vibrante no ar, é fisica, quase se pode pegar com as maos. Nao pare na superficie, continue nos bastidores profundos desta cidade misteriosa e enriqueça sua alma! O que dizer de Salvador? Reserve sua passagem! A cultura desenvolvida em Salvador, primeira capital do Brasil, e no Recôncavo baiano, exerceu influência decisiva em outras regiões do país, e na própria imagem que se tem do Brasil no exterior. Já no século passado firmou-se o gosto do baiano - tanto o do rico quanto o do pobre - pelo epigrama (tipo de poesia satírica); pelas modinhas (poesia lírica musicada); e, também, pelos sermões religiosos, praticados desde Frei Vicente. A chegada dos africanos ... read more
Café do Farol
Forte do Farol da Barra
"Azuleijux purtuguezis"

South America » Peru » Arequipa November 9th 2004

So, tuesday 9th we got to Arequipa at 5am and found a hostal then went to sleep for 2 hours. If you're ever tempted to get a night bus from Cusco to Arequipa, go via Juliaca - the road between the Cusco and Arequipa is the Worst Road In The World (Guinness book of records page 262). So, we needed to sleep for a couple of hours so did so and then went for breakfast in the main square and had a bit of a look around. As you can see from the pictures, the main square is really beautiful - a fairly busy place but not too busy (like the pretty but horrible Plaza de Armas in Cusco). Breakast was the best breakfast we'd had so far - for 12 Soles you get a really ... read more
Cathedral on the Plaza
Look, a foreigner!
La Iglesia de la Merced

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos November 7th 2004

This diary is dedicated to all my fellow animal lovers and tree-huggers out there, I've just spent almost the last two weeks admiring Gods handywork out in the Galapagos Islands... that place is amazing! Snorkling with the friendliest most playfull sealions just about everyday, with the ocasional tortoise, shark, pinguin or manta-ray glyding past for a look, then exploring endless islands with differant colored beaches, cactuses, volcanoes loaded up with wierd birds and Iguanas - and eating fresh seafood for pretty much every meal... I had a fantastic time, and as per usual I was blessed with fantastic company for the whole time I was there. Maria-rosita inparticular, la pasé spectacular mientras estaba contigo y te extraño un monton, besos :) I did a 4day cruise because it was all I could find at short notice, ... read more
A lost Sealion
The main beach on Isabel Island
Blue-footed Boobies

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo November 6th 2004

Depois de uma viagem extremamente cansativa e estressante, aterrizei em Sampa pela primeira vez depois da minha mudança para a Ogrolandia......em férias.... muito estranho. Mas devo dizer que curti a minha cidade em um modo completamente diverso, como "guia turistico". Sempre amei São Paulo e a vida que levava ali, mas me surpreendi ao constatar o quanto. Pensei na paranoia em que vivia, o medo da "violencia"... Mas se eu nunca nem fui assaltada!!! Os problemas de segurança de São Paulo não são diferentes de Paris, Roma, Londres... bah!!!!! Não so' me senti mais segura, como so' vi sorrisos. Tive a mesma sensação de qualquer turista depois do primeiro dia no Brasil, quando passa o terrorismo psicologico que os proprios brasileiros fazem sobre o assunto: livre, leve e solta! Somos muuuuito exagerados e paranoicos com essa ... read more
Feijoada no Dinho's
Bienal Internacional de Arte
Bienal Internacional de Arte

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail November 3rd 2004

Day 1 - Getting going A 5.30 pickup took us by minibus with the group to KM82, the point on the railway where the 4-day Inca Trail started for us. We got aquainted with the group: Laura, 21. Cambridge girl, full of energy. Seems to have been everywhere. Dave, late twenties ;) Scotsman with a bit of Irish. Full of knowledge, a chatty world traveler. Author of "Poland under the Comunists". Seems to have been everywhere, literally. Stephanie, 26. Canadian, relaxed and well balanced holidaymaker. Obviously the more adventurous kind. Pete and Sarah, 25 and 26. English and Irish explorer types with all the gadgets. Aly, 26. Our guide, a Peruano. Very knowledgeable and interesting fella. After being surrounded by a mad mob selling walking sticks and bottle holders (they surrounded and followed the jeep until ... read more
Welcome to the Inca Trail
Pete gets in to Coca
Your flexible friend

South America » Argentina November 2nd 2004

A 46 hour bus journey took us from Potosi, in southern Bolivia, to Puerto Iguazu, in North Eastern Argentina. This involved 5 different bus journeys, and conditions noticeably improved once we crossed the border into Argentina.... The roads were paved, the buses were luxurious sleeper affairs, with free coffee and Hollywood films shown in English, and the food became noticeably more appetising... Eventually, after our gruelling journey, and in desperate need of a shower, we arrived at Puerto Iguazu, a pleasant, low rise town that sits on the junction of the Iguazu and Parana rivers, and is therefore bordered by both Paraguay and Brazil. But the main draw of the town are the waterfalls that decend the Iguazu river, 20 km away... Put quite simply, these falls are as an amazing sight I have ever witnessed... ... read more

South America » Argentina October 31st 2004

Now, having purchased tickets for Easter Island, that weren´t due to leave Santiago for a week, we decided to take a little trip to Argentina, and see what all the fuss was about. From Santiago, it´s about a 7 hour bus ride, through the Andes! On our way to Mendoza we went at night, though, and didn´t see to much. Found a hotel fairly easily, it´s a small city with lots of touristy things going on, like wine tours and outdoorsy stuff, so lodging in all price ranges are available. After getting settled, the first thing on our agenda was to have a famous Argentine steak for lunch...score! Ok, this is what all the fuss is about. Super cheap, expertly prepared, and the best tasting steaks, ever. Suzy even liked it a lot. The best meal ... read more

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